Saturday, January 31, 2009

JS Member List

Yep, I did it again.... spent too much time trying to help all my JS friends.

Some weeks ago, I started trying to add everyone into an excel spread sheet... not just for your sake, but my own as well. I couldn't keep track of where everyone went to!

Now I'm sharing the sheet with all of you.... JS Membership New Blog List

It's in no way complete. Some new blog url's may already be obsolete, some people I didn't know and they may now have completely diffent names so it was hard to match. It was also TOO time consuming to go through all the threads of my forum. So PLEASE notify me of any changes to make.

Notify me preferably via pm in my JS Forum, if necessary as a comment here, or as pm at the new JS site.
Sometimes I ask myself why I bother .... it's not like I don't have a "real" life!

So, go check it out!


EDIT: P.S. my class went GREAT! There were 50 people there and I got big applaus at the end.... I needed that *wink*

Friday, January 30, 2009

Sometimes TV is good

Yep, sometimes there are some good shows on TV. Right now I'm watching a musical show called "The Ultimative Chart Show". Each time it comes on, they have a different theme and then a count down of the top 50 on that theme.

Today it's FLOWER POWER!!

That wa my time.... the late 60's! I graduated high school in 1968!!

Most of the songs are just short clips from "back then" with German VIP's/stars making comments about their memories of the particular song. The studio is also decorated for the time and they show products from then... fun stuff.

And.... they have some live guests.... singers that were popular then and are still active. No, not all 50, but an occassional surprise.

So far tonight, they had live, and on stage, the following performers singing their hits from the Flower Power era (1964-1976):

Albert Hammond



The Troggs

Wow! I love this show! What memories it brings back. Those old clips are sometimes so funny to watch.

And it's always amazing to see, and hear, how those stars from back then are today.


Finally a JS Tag game

Thanks to Wizardress!!

The first six people to respond to this post will get something made by me.

This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:

- What I create will be personalized and intended for you.

- It’ll be done this year (2009).

- You will have no idea what it’s going to be. It may be a poem, a story or article collection, a food item, an herbal mix or tea or incense, a recipe collection, a piece of jewelry, or anything in between! Who knows? Not you, that’s for sure!

The catch? You have to put this offer in your journal or blog as well, and make six things for your friends!

OK everyone... who will be the six? In the old JS I would offer doing a layout, but here it's just not the same. You can get so many nice ready-made ones, mine are boring in comparison (though more personal, I admit). So I have no idea what I'll do... but I'll come up with something.


Hurray for Friday!

Dance class went well yesterday. Eight people showed making it possible for us to practice a Russion square dance! And they finally got it right! hah!

I had a meeting yesterday with my boss and a co-worker, a pre briefing for a meeting today. He kept asking why the file hadn't been worked on since last spring... I kept my mouth shut, but the reason was that this co-worker (the newer jerk) let it lie around untouched. Now the "customer" is coming today to ask the same question. I have to check some numbers and then maybe we can get it wrapped up. I haven't seen the file since I turned it over to the co-worker. Me to the rescue again? maybe.... *sigh* I have so much to do at the moment, my head spins....

And the class this coming Sunday has 47 sign-ups!! uff I just hope the room it's in is large enough. I'll probably spend tomorrow, at home, working on my power point stuff!

I guess I'll be trying to avoid the word "duty" in the future.... you guys seem to "interpret" it wrong! LOL

And sorry for not adding any/many smilies... when I write an entry in the morning, like now, I'm rushing things..... picture me sitting here, still in my (non-sexy) nighty, typing away while the clock ticks away.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's Wednesday... time to dance again

Yup, it's Wednesday once again and in a few minutes I leave for my dance class. This is the big group... 18 people! That makes the class not only fun, but I can do some dances that don't work with my small Thursday class (10 people).

I've had a pretty busy week so far, with an important meeting on Monday and another one today.... not to forget my "duty" class last Sunday with 25 people. And this coming Sunday is another class... this time 40 people have signed up! uff These classes are on the weekend because the people taking part work during the week... and the reason for the classes has to do with their hobbies... FLYING!

Timbook2 asked what a "duty" class means.....let metry to explain. I work as an airfield inspector. Yep, I work for the German FAA (shhhh, don't tattle!). I have 24 airfields in my jurisdiction that I'm supposed to visit regularly, depending on weather, of course. These are all general aviation airfields, not the big kind like Frankfurt! phew...

Anyway, these small fields don't have air traffic controllers, but they do have "traffic advisors", people who sit in small towers or even customized VW buses, and give pilots info over the radio about other air traffic at the field and conditions.

The class I teach is a training class for these people. They learn from me all the regulations and anything else relevant. Being from the "authority" it is not usual to get applaus, but I do! LOL OK, some classes don't go so well... there are some times real pills out there who spoil things for everyone, but in general I can handle them pretty well.

Oooops, gotta get going! See ya later!


Monday, January 26, 2009

The Kiddies... promised pictures

It's amazing that my picture taking madness has died down almost as much as my blogging. Sorry 'bout that!

Last Saturday I finally got to visit my son and finally see Shiana again! She often looks so serious and "grown up"!

After the visit there I returned home and Regina stopped by with Tamara and Emely in tow. We had a fun time. I prepared a simple meal and the girl claimed they loved it. The rest of the time they spent drawing pictures...

We are awaiting news of the arrival of Shiana's sister any day now... Karen is anxious to get the pregnancy over with.

This week won't bring much news worthy... not even the weather is worth writing about... so don't expect much from me in the way of entries. But I WILL try to continue visiting everyone!


Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Sunday I'll consider good...

Yes, the class I had to teach went good. About 25 people (all men! lol) showed up. The first 2 hours I had another instructor presenting stuff, then a break, then it was my turn. We finsihed around 2:00 pm. I think everyone enjoyed it. Luckily these classes are pretty much routine.

By the time I got home it was 4:00 pm. I spent the rest of the day being lazy. Now it's already time for bed once again! Tomorrow I have a meeting together with my boss and another co-worker.

I've noticed fewer people showing up or up-dating not only at the new JS but also here. That's a pity, but I can understand it... my motivation isn't what it once was either. I miss a few special people VERY MUCH (Betty!! just to name one).

I wish you all a great new week... the last week of January! Times is sure flying!


Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Legend of the Furies; The Jayesse Saga

Once upon a time there was a well loved land called Jayesse. It was a happy place where people enjoyed sharing each other's tales.

But then, as often happens, problems and woes arose. The Furies were called upon to save Jayesse, but to no avail... Jayesse as it was no longer exists. They lost to the Peanuts, then they lost to a major desaster..... and the Furies separated to various other lands.

Read about the Tale of the Furies and the Legend of Jayesse....

Once upon a time......

Friday, January 23, 2009

Is it the weekend already?

Well, since today is Friday, I guess it is the weekend. Only problem is, I teach a duty class on Sunday! About 25 people have signed up for it. It means getting some overtime, of course, which is nice.

I'm carefully watching the weather. We have STRONG winds at the moment, especially in the higher elevations (which in my area reach only about 3000 ft. MSL) and ice-rain. The predicted ice-rain for yesterday never came... we had clear blue skies! ... goes to show how lousy the weather guessers work. The claim there will be sunshine on Sunday... we shall see.

Tomorrow morning I'm planning to finally visit my son and his family. I've been home a whole week already and haven't seen them! And tomorrow afternoon my daughter may stop by with her gang.

I haven't been having the urge to write much lately, and I haven't even felt like reading journals too much. I just somehow can't get used to not writing on our beloved journalspace. This place without pm and homepage, the new journalspace lots of spam members, comments, and what have you and just not user friendly.

OK, enough whining... outside it's pouring rain and together with the stormy winds I'm sure glad I can stay home. TV program is boring so maybe I'll put in a DVD.... or maybe read a book?


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Busy day ahead

AS always on Thursdays, I'm going to have a busy day. First of all I have telephone duty, which means I have to stay at the office until 4:30 pm. Since I begin at 07:00, that makes a 9 hour day, with a half-hour lunch break.

After that it's off to my other dance class. I have to drive about 45 minutes to get there, and afterwards 45 minutes home again, and that in possible forcasted ice-rain! Hopefully not! Last night's dance class went great... 18 people, with 2 new ones.

Anyway, I won't be online much until late tonight.

Oooops, time to get going... streets are possibly already slick (it's -1°C outside).

Don't forget to go vote in my forum (in the JS chat section).


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The new JS... love or leave it?

Over at my Fun Forum I have written an entry about the "new" I would like to read your opinions on it. More members have deleted today so I think it's time to see what the general concensus is.

I have also set up a poll about it.

If you're not a member yet, it's easy to become one. It may take a while before I can do the manual activation so don't worry, I'll get around to it eventually.

I know, I know... I shouldn't bother with it and I should give them more time, but I see too many of you getting frustrated (like I am).

I'm off to my dance classes now... no time to catch up to all of you, but perhaps later.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Back to normal

Back to journal here.
The comments now work and I know the trick for fixing it in case it happens again to me or anyone else (thanks Alaskanwarrior!). As you can see, I've played around with the layout a bit. Not much.... yet. But you guys know me, soon I'll be busy being creative.

Back to normal... my work week.
So far it has been without any big problems, but Jerk T. was a jerk once again. If he keeps it up, he's going to be in for some big trouble. Luckily the big jerk, Jerk D., is retireing in less then 2 months!! yay!

Back to normal... my dance classes.
They start up tomorrow again. I really don't feel like doing them, but I know they will be fun (great people in them) and they are good excercise for me.

Back to normal... my cat.
She wasn't mad at me for leaving her for two weeks.

Back to normal... the weather.
It's been less cold the past days, and today the sun actually was shining, like in Washington, D.C., which I'm watching on German TV while I type.

Back to normal... my blogging.
Hopefully I'll start up-dating more regularly again. I'll try to do my best. I'm still jumping around between this one and the one in the "new" JS.

Back to normal... my time schedule.
I'm hungry. I had absolutely NO problem with jet lag! So I better go fix something. It's almost 06:00 pm my time... inauguration time USA. Poor time to be writing... you are ALL glued to the TV's, right?

Back to normal.... yep, everything's back to normal!


Monday, January 19, 2009

Back to Work

*sigh* In an hour I drive off for my first day back at work since my vacation.

Obviously, I am NOT looking forward to it. I have no idea what will be awaiting me. Those that were on my fav list in the old JS may have read about the problems I have had there with a certain jerk. On Wednesday and Thursday I also have my dance classes.

It seems I woke up this morning with some sniffles! There was not a hint of it yesterday... oh, dear.

At least the temps outside are above freezing (3°C / 37°F).

So, this was just a short entry to say "hi" with. I may report more later on how my work day went... or maybe not.

I don't even have an interesting picture to share with y'all! LOL


First day went well... the "Jerk" wasn't there most of the time and there was nothing serious going on or to do. The boss was out sick as well as two other collegues.

The weather is mild, about 8°C/ 46°F, but VERY windy!

I hope all of you are having a good start to your week. I've noticed a big drop in new entries, no matter whether here or at the new JS, not to forget my forum which is now collecting dust. boohoo I started putting an excel spread sheet of old names of everyone and matching that to your new blogging homes, but I need some help with it. Anyone able? Send me a pm via my forum.

Btw., since blogspot doesn't have a pm system, you can still use the one in the forum....

OK, have things to do. See y'all around!



I just realised the comments don't work.... this is an imported layout and it has that bug that many others have been having. grrrrrrrrrrrrr

EDIT AGAIN! I went back to one of the original blogger layouts, it still won't work! As if I wasn't frustrated enough.... *sigh*

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Baby it's COLD outside!

good morning everyone!! Thank you for the comments in my last entry. I actually slept through the night, though the 3rd night is usually the worst for jetlag. I was surprised when I woke up it was 07:30 am.

I have lots to do here, like go out shopping... but it's all ICE outside! Wheelie just warned me NOT to go out... there's ice-rain. Luckily there's a small grocery store walking distance from my apartment where I can pick up some necessities.

Regina brought my cat, Shila, back to me last night. I think Shila missed me pretty much, lol.

I have loads of wash to get started and also finish unpacking my suitcase.

I posted the last entry also in my new journalspace journal and added a picture. I still don't care for the Wordpress format and it's difficult to find MY favorite people without trying to find them in the memberlist.

This photo was taken after take-off in San Diego and shows Mission Bay, where I was able to meet up with Fitzgerald .

Somewhere in this mass of buildings, about in the middle of the picture below, my parents live. I tried to add an arrow but it was too small to see so I left it out... besides, I was too tired to mess around with it last night, heehee. Also, Kashew's home is also there somewhere. I also flew past John's town but the plane was already too high to pick it out.

I did try waving at a few of you on my way East.... did y'all see me? LOL

Well, this is NOT getting anything accomplished. Most of you are sleeping while I write this and will hopefully stop by when you wake up. Gosh I miss the old JS format!!


Friday, January 16, 2009

Back to the cold.....

Yes, I arrived safe and sound. Both flights were uneventful, unlike the one that hit the Hudson. I heard about that crash just as we were boarding in San Diego. In spite of 10 minute delay for "mechanical reasons" (the pilot needed to run the engine because of something he noticed during his outside check), no one decided NOT to fly and we arrived in Washington, on time! That was good, because I had a very short transfer time. No up-grading to business class this trip *snif*

Now I'm back in Germany, one hour EARLIER then planned because of strong tail winds.... according to the pilot, stronger then he's ever experienced in his career.

Now I'm back to the snow and around 0°C (32°F) My suitcase is half unpacked, the rest will be done tomorrow. My daughter, Regina, has already brought the cat back. And on Monday it's back to work again!

Now I'll see how much catching up I can do.... probably not much.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

My last day home..... final visits

Today, my last day, I took another trip. If the mountain can't come to you, go to the mountain! Or, in this case, where the Ghetto meets the sea.

For those of you familiar with his entries... I went to visit our own MrScribbler!

NO, he's not behind bars, but the cliffs are now fenced in, keeping us from getting closer. The weather was perfect, the place interesting. Unfortunately, there were no cats around begging for their pictures to be taken. Well, Scribby caught me...

Yep, today's my last day. Tomorrow I leave this summer weather for the dread cold of Germany.

I didn't take that many pictures this trip, so it's been only a small selection I'm sharing with you. Here's me and my dad taken the other night.

Tomorrow Kashew will pick me up and drive me to the airport. I really don't want to go....


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More San Diego impressions....

Now that all the hype of journalspace returning in a somewhat acceptible form (we hope), I can now post some more pictures.

On every trip here to California I try to go to Balboa Park on a Sunday afternoon. I learned all my folk dancing up there and besides, it's a beautiful park, made in a quaint Spanish style. The buildings were originally built for the 1915 Exposition. Some have been long removed, others still exist.

In past years I have taken so many photos of the park. But I still can't resist. LOL

Yes, I did stop by the dancers, but so many I knew are no longer there or alive.... and it feels odd when of all the dancers, I'm one of the youngest! :-(

So I didn't stay long but walked through the park instead. As you can see from my past entries (before the JS ones), San Diego has so much to offer.... I dread having to leave it once again, back to the cold (temps were around -5°F the past days brrrrrr).

I again found some flowers that were begging to be photographed! I almost caught a hummingbird that was flying around those in the first picture, in fact, one bird made a low fly direct over my head!

These orchids were in the botanical garden house....

I almost went to visit the famous San Diego zoo, which is located in this park. I was already thinking about the cool picture motives I would find. Well, I walked over there, took one look at the entry fee.... and left in shock! $35 for a one-day pass!! You poor dear animals, no visit from me. *snif* I would have gone with $20, but not $35!

It's hard to believe I'll be leaving here in 4 days....


Monday, January 12, 2009

I lied!! JS is back... well, almost....

Yep, if you go to you'll find a new blogging site there. It is pretty much a copy of Wordpress so far. Some of us have already joined up there so we can play around with it and maybe add our 2-cents worth.

Anyway, we just have to wait and see. Most of us have gotten pretty comfy here at blogspot. But, lessons learned, it's always good to have a back-up home, right?

Any new up-dates can be found at my forum, as usual.


NO MORE Journalspace!!

Our beloved "home",, has been SOLD... for $5600. And now, when you click on that address, you end up to a site full of advertisements!

Lucky to those of us who got the news and found my forum .. (a bit of self pimping here, ahem). Anyone now stopping by will be lost!

The demise of JS sorrowed me more then I ever expected it would. Most of us are finding new "homes", but it's just not the same.

I miss the JS homepage!!

I miss the recent comments!!

I miss the JS top ten! Blogger and Wordpress are just too big for any of us "normal bloggers" to ever hope to get on the "top blogs".

Many of you miss the possibility to pm... feel free to continue using my forum for that.

Speaking of my forum..... if you go to visit it you will notice some changes. Wheelie was finally able to set up an up-dated version, without losing ANY data (which he backs-up regularly... we also learned through past experience...ahem). We now hope that the security is better and I won't have to watch out for fakes.

The color scheme will be changing... the present one doesn't display different functions as nicely. But that's Wheelie's job and he does have a real-life day job.

Anyway.... I guess we can put journalspace forever in it's grave...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Stopping to smell the flowers.... literally

The weather has turned so fantastic, I had to take advantage of it. I decided to drive to another favorite spot of mine, Coronado. On the beach there is this old hotel, all made of wood, which is an historic site.... and the place where "Some Like it Hot" with Marylin Monroe was filmed.

I don't go anywhere without my camera, and following the inspirations I have gotten from many (former) journalspacers like Doug, I looked for motives... and found some.

I took a walk along the boardwalk, breathed in the sea air, and did some people watching. Then I found this bunch of "Birds of Paradise"....

My days here in San Diego are getting short. Next Thursday I again board a jet plane to head back to Germany. It'll be quite a climate shoch... temps here expected to reach up to 86°F while in Germany we are having the worst cold spell since over 20 years, in my area around -5°F!!

Like most of you, I'm still fighting my way through this blogging site. I guess I'll get used to it, though there are still hopes that someone may revive the old JS!! Now wouldn't that be GREAT?


Friday, January 9, 2009


Yesterday I was able to meet up with Kashew as planned. We decided to go down to the shore and it was just beautiful!! The wind was a bit chilly, as you can tell, and soon the fog started coming in, but it was still beautiful. I love the shore... and the desert... and the mountains... and ........

Janet is still suffering from her foot injury so we couldn't walk much. So we spent most of our time at a restaurant and later at Starbucks and did LOTS of girl talk!

These cliffs are slowly but surely disappearing into the ocean. I love the wildness of the waves crashing against the rocks...

My brother, Carl, and his wife, Alice, invited me out to dinner tonight. It's hard to believe I've been here a week already and less then one week to go.

I'm slowly finding my way through this blog site. It'll still never compare to JS, but it's better then nothing. To make it easier for everyone to find people, if you're in my Fun Forum, just put the new blog address in your profile, preferably in the signiture. You can sort that list alphabetically to make it easier to find people. Oh, the signiture doesn't seem to show up unless you are signed in, that means only signed in members see it!!

I just got back from shopping for all sorts of goodies for my grandkids. I might get overweight just with their stuff! lol


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hijacking Juanderlust

There's a spot east of where my folks live that I just love. It's a place called "the Badlands" and I knew it was the perfect place to drag John, alias Juanderlust. He didn't know what he was getting into.

After successfully surpassing the Laguna mountains, which range up to about 4000 ft. and displayed remnants of snow, we reached Borrego and searched for the exit to our destination. John was sure I was crazy when he saw the exit.... a sandy, hard to recognise, wash.

His little Suzuki mastered soft underground, and John was even more unsure about my state of mind. Until we reached our goal.... Font's Point. The view amazes me every time I visit that spot.

He was sure I brought him there just to toss him over the edge. Now would I be so cruel? Don't answer that!

The whole landscape reminds me a lot of Egypt and my tour there last January. Perhaps that's the reason why I like Egypt so much... it's so much like this place.

There were some folk out there camping and painting and one gentleman was kind enough to catch the two of us together.

Well, John survived the cliffs and on our way back to Borrego for lunch we stopped by Peg Leg Smith's monument. Now, you're supposed to bring 10 rocks and add them to the pile in order to find the goldmine. Well, we didn't bring any with us, but there were enough lose ones around so John just picked up 10 of them and added them to the pile... needless to say, we didn't find the goldmine. If you look close, you can see the rocks flying through the air......

We then drove back home, this time over a less winding road. I think John enjoyed the curvy, winding roads more then the view at Font's Point!

So, after showing this spot to Fitzgerald a few years ago, another Journalspacer has been introduced to the wonders of Southern California from a gal living in Europe.

Today I met up with Fitzgerald down at the beach and we did a lot of JS discussion. He's turned out to be a good moderator at my JS Fun Forum... thanks for that Fitz!

And tomorrow I meet up with Kashew...

So, as y'all can tell, I'm keeping busy as usual!


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

About time for an update

As most of you can imagine, keeping tabs on everyone and especially keeping my JS forum running and "properly" moderated is taking up quite a lot of my time. On top of that I am visiting my folks.

Those of you who know my wordpress blog, I wrote a bit about the situation. I won't write about it here since my folks might read here and they do not want to read about their situation. My dad often copies all my posts for my mom to read. So far he hasn't been here. To explain: my mom is suffering late stages of Alzheimers. At times it's like she is living in the past and we are characters from her past. Yesterday she mistook my younger brother as one of her brothers. So, the whole thing is quite emotionally stressful to say the least. Both are not of the best health either. My mom is 89 and my dad 85 so it's expected.

There isn't much I can do for them except be here. I can't do any cleaning without both of them getting upset.... they hate changes. So I sit here on my comp and mess around with the forum and reading journals (unfortunately rarily getting to do that, sorry).

Occassionally I get out of the house to go shopping. Today I'll be meeting up with a JS'er (Juanderlust) once again. I talked to Kashew on the phone and we'll be meeting up soon, too. And of course I'll be meeting with Fitzgerald. I can't thank him enough for all the help he has done on moderating my forum!

I'm not comfy here yet, that's why no smilies or photos yet. For that I haven't had any time at all. But just wait until I'm back home! hah! Then the old Westy will be back up and running! LOL

Well, dad just called me for breakfast. Be sure to continue visiting my forum... I'd really appreciate it. I'm compiling a list of all users and their new journal addresses which I'll be posting soon. And I have made a section, "JS Secrets", which can only be seen by signed-in members.

So, see y'all there!


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Finally, my blogging life gets back to normal....

My laptop is finally connected to the cyber world again. The past days I had lots of problems checking on my forum, let alone visiting journals or posting on my own. I was dependent on my mom's or my dad's computers and both were very inconvenient. My laptop, which I normally would use on a wireless connection, kept re-booting! If I left the wireless shut off, it was fine. But as soon as I turned on the wirless, it would re-boot, over and over.

Well, now we fixed it to a normal cable... and it WORKS!!! So now I can more easily do some catching up and posting.

I looks like this will be my primary journal. Most of my dearest JS'ers found their way here, and it seems easy enough to navigate. I may even get into doing layouts again and perhaps use my birdie journal for practice.

As already mentioned, my flight over was uneventful. Both flights were FULL, which really surprised me, being that it was January 1st. Before leaving Frankfurt the plane had to be de-iced, which shows how cold it was there.

When I got aboard the Lufthansa plane, a 747-400, I went to my allocated seat waaay in the back only to find a man sitting there already. His young son was in the seat next to his and his ticket showed that he did indeed belong there. So I informed the flight attendent and she gave a call to the gate to find out where I had been moved to. It took a while before the answer came back. Instead of row 55, I was now seated in row 14! The reason, the father wanted to sit next to his son, obviously. I had already checked in so they couldn't notify me of the change. They saw that I was a single person flying, and perhaps being a collector of flight miles didn't harm. Because row 14 was in business class!! Now, how cool is THAT?

So I obviously had a marvelous flight to Washington, Dulles. This was my first time there since the 1970's ... and it seems that nothing has changed since then! I found the Washington terminal old fashioned, dirty, crowded, and not a good representation for out countries capital. Those funny transfer buses reminden me a prisoner transports and that's almost how I felt! heehee

I caught my flight out ok and actually arrived early in San Diego.... I even had to wait for my brother to pick me up.

Btw... as is my habit when flying home, I waved to the various journalspacers that I know as I flew over their countries/states. LoupyLou, NiceFlyer, JustFly, Periwinkle, EvilFury, and the many others that I knew were below me. We had a fantastic view of New York city as we flew by there and I took some pictures. Due to my above mentioned lappy problems I haven't checked them yet. If they turned out, I'll post one for sure.

Enough rambling for now. I will write more as I get the chance.

Dorrie aka Westy

Friday, January 2, 2009

poor timing....

Thank you everyone for the comments on my last entry. As you can tell, I have arrived safe and sound at my parents home.

My flight over went well. On the Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt to Washington Dulles I even got upgraded to Business class!

Maybe I'll write a proper report later, at the moment I'm being extremely frustrated. My laptop decided to give me problems, now, when I need it most! Every time I turn on the wireless to go online, it reboots. The other day at home it worked fine, now it decides to cause problems. So I'm dependent on my mom's computer, which is toooo old and slow, or my dad's computer. I'm using his now, but normally he's busy on it. Besides, I'm not used to the American keyboard! Oh, this is all so frustrating!

And I'm not sure if it's our internet problem here, but my forum, our JS lifeline, seems to load extremely slow or not at all!! Wheelie will check into it and we're hoping we didn't get a hacker into it.

I don't have the peace of mind to have to have all this other issues to mess with. I hope that no one at my forum gets upset... if something is in the system, we may not be able to repair it right away, if at all. I will keep you all informed of any problems. It's just all happening at the worst time!

At least my mom recognised me, though she does get a few things messed up. I won't go into all that now.

I'll report back when I get the chance.

Thanks again for all the support! {hugs}