Friday, September 25, 2009

Last lazy day.....

Well, almost.... I still have the weekend. But on Monday, it's back to the office.

I stopped at my doc's office yesterday and he was very pleased with how I looked! Yes ladies, he is also eye candy.

After 4 weeks, I'm sure there will be so many files on my desk, that I won't find my keyboard! My co-workers tend to just pile them on top of the keys with no consideration to the damage they could cause.

The past days I've been feeling normal once more, still not well enough to dance up a storm, but I am doing housework and stuff without getting short of breath. Of course, I still will have to watch myself, perhaps even leave the office early when necessary and be careful with business trips.

I spent the weeks doing lots of reading. I didn't watch a single DVD, and I have so many waiting to be watched. But somehow I didn't feel like watching any. Ok, it's more fun to watch them in company with someone.

I managed to record most of my dance music. There's still lots of that to do, but my motivation wasn't too great the past weeks. I assume that'll get better as soon as I feel 100% again.

I did spend too much time online, usually checking into KCL, blogspot, facebook, Wordpress regularly (I think I'm addicted). Of course, when it's daytime here, most of you are sleeping so nothing much was going on. And when you guys start getting really active, it's time for me to retire.

Well, I guess that's all for from me today. Here's wishing you all a great weekend!!


P.S. Since I haven't been posting here lately, most of you won't know that my flight home to visit my parents was canceled because I ended up having a bout of pneumonia and spent a week in the hospital. Yeh, scary... but here I am, still kicking.