Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hijacking Juanderlust

There's a spot east of where my folks live that I just love. It's a place called "the Badlands" and I knew it was the perfect place to drag John, alias Juanderlust. He didn't know what he was getting into.

After successfully surpassing the Laguna mountains, which range up to about 4000 ft. and displayed remnants of snow, we reached Borrego and searched for the exit to our destination. John was sure I was crazy when he saw the exit.... a sandy, hard to recognise, wash.

His little Suzuki mastered soft underground, and John was even more unsure about my state of mind. Until we reached our goal.... Font's Point. The view amazes me every time I visit that spot.

He was sure I brought him there just to toss him over the edge. Now would I be so cruel? Don't answer that!

The whole landscape reminds me a lot of Egypt and my tour there last January. Perhaps that's the reason why I like Egypt so much... it's so much like this place.

There were some folk out there camping and painting and one gentleman was kind enough to catch the two of us together.

Well, John survived the cliffs and on our way back to Borrego for lunch we stopped by Peg Leg Smith's monument. Now, you're supposed to bring 10 rocks and add them to the pile in order to find the goldmine. Well, we didn't bring any with us, but there were enough lose ones around so John just picked up 10 of them and added them to the pile... needless to say, we didn't find the goldmine. If you look close, you can see the rocks flying through the air......

We then drove back home, this time over a less winding road. I think John enjoyed the curvy, winding roads more then the view at Font's Point!

So, after showing this spot to Fitzgerald a few years ago, another Journalspacer has been introduced to the wonders of Southern California from a gal living in Europe.

Today I met up with Fitzgerald down at the beach and we did a lot of JS discussion. He's turned out to be a good moderator at my JS Fun Forum... thanks for that Fitz!

And tomorrow I meet up with Kashew...

So, as y'all can tell, I'm keeping busy as usual!



  1. Oh I remember the first time a high school boyfriend of mine took me there, I was quite concerned going up about where in the hell we were going?! It is gorgeous there, isn't it?! I wish I went back on my last trip home. I'm sad now that I didn't.

    Ill have to go in when im back in the Spring.

  2. I left a comment and it vanished. My Subaru may not like being called a suzuki although I'm sure it is not altogether anti-suzuki.
    Thanks for showing me the badlands. There are more cool places within daytrip driving distance around here than I ever imagined.

  3. That looked amazing Dorrie, such beauty!! Glad you are managing to meet up with some JS,ers.

  4. I was wondering...if Juan was on a "Suzuki", what were YOU riding? Now I understand..."Subaru". That is almost a surreal view from the top. :)


  5. Amazing, amazing view. I've been to Borrego and never saw that view. Now I'm wondering what I was doing there.

    Westy, How many JS'er have you met now? I mean this is twice now I've read that you've made it to the states and met up with folks. How many have you met while in Europe? I commend you on your hobby. :)

    Pretty cool.

  6. I can't believe how similar this looks to the Badlands in the Dakotas. Beautiful! Glad you're getting together with some JS peeps.

    Off the subect here, but Fin asked me if I had heard from KauaiFinn. I haven't, for months. Have you? Can't PM here, so I'll just ask. Hugs.

  7. Westy, that is just breathtaking. What a nice place to take John.

  8. oooops, sorry for insulting your Subaru, John... I knew it started with a "S" LOL

    yes, breathtaking is an understatement.

    About the number of JS'ers I've met... I'll have to back and count... it might be worth an entry of it's own *wink*

  9. At first I thought you were talking about the Badlands in the Dakota's. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  10. beautiful! You are so lucky to get to meet so many people. If you ever wanna come out this way and visit places you haven't been in while let me know:)

  11. So I wasn't the only one to make the association with the park in South Dakota.

    Let the record show I made the comment without knowing it was called the Badlands. The top pic particularly looks exactly like SD.

    When you go to add up the JSers you have met, throw in pprune and pinky forum too just for fun. When I do that, it brings me up to sixty on six continents.

  12. Wow! I'd love to visit there one day. Just gorgeous!

  13. First of all: Wow! Just WOW! What an absolutely breathtaking sight. Special props go out to anyone who climbs all the way to the top!

    Just WOW!

    And I hope you & Fitz had fun hanging out. Nice that you're touching base w/ the former JS tribe. At this point you've prolly met more of them than I have, but I've a more meetings planned in 09.

    Keep snatchin JOY, Westy-Woman!



  14. Sounds like you are busy. That is some place.

  15. Sioux beat me to it - those mountains look strikingly similar. And indeed amazing. Sounds like your trip is getting a little better.

  16. What a place! I'd love to visit there..maybe someday but I doubt it, lol. Glad you're having a good time, Westy. Meeting with 2 of my favorite JS guys. :) Say hi to Kashew. {hugs}

  17. That just looks so awesome!!!!!


  18. Ooohhhhh! What an amazing view, and it looks like something from out of a TV or movie scene.

    Your pictures are really great too. Thanks for sharing them!

    What a wonderful place to "hijack" John and yup, I bet he loved the winding roads.

    I was reading (and posting ) in your forum last night before I got so tired I had to go to bed. Some very interesting news there!

    Glad you are enjoying your vacation! Sounds like so much fun. :)

    Well, now I'm off to read some more blogs.



  19. Beautiful pics and sounds like a perfect day :)

  20. Got a question. How do you get the posts to show up on the side where you can see when people update? I sure miss the homepage of JS. BUT I love that I can download layouts!!! xoxo

  21. Sounds like a wonderful day. I'm glad you're getting some time with some JSers.

    Keeping your family in my prayers and sending big hugs to you!

  22. I would definitely like to see this place - it's good to be in the same time zone as you!