Friday, January 28, 2011

Flying around...

Last Saturday, after dropping Tamara off, I decided to stop by the local flying club. It's the same club that I'm a member of since 1983 and where I first learned to fly. One of my buddies, Michael, was there and invited me along for a local roundtrip together with one of his friends. Since the weather was fantastic, I jumped at the opportunity.

This is a view just after take-off of the now empty American army base... it has been deserted for around 2 years now.

More and more wind farms are being set up everywhere, destroying the looks of our beautiful landscapes...(can you catch that I don't like them? lol)

We flew over the Main and Neckar rivers, wanting to see how the flooding was. In the mean time the rivers are pretty much back to normal, as you can tell (this is the Main River near Miltenberg).

A view of one of the many castles/fortresses that are found all over the place....

The balloonists were taking advantage of the weather as well...

Today I won't go to work until noon because I have a job thing to do during night time, which includes a flight (checking the night lighting at an airfield). The past days the weather was cloudy with some now melted snow, today looks promising.

On the weekend I think I finally get some much needed housework done...


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tamara's visit

In my apartment there's a "hiding place".... a space behind a smaill door behind the living room couch. It was already carpeted when I moved in and also has a light. I've made it into a play space for the kids, complete with books, writing and drawing utensils, and puzzles. The kids love it!

As promised, I made a little dress for Tamara's Monchichi doll. While sitting at the sewing machine, Tamara played with her doll as well as other various stuffed animals. It was VERY interesting to hear her "conversations" with them.... I wished I had a tape recorder! It was very imaginative and perhaps an insight into her daily life, for example; her doll asking another doll to play, the other doll not having any time. Then her Monchichi was invited by a pilot doll..."the best pilot in the whole world"... to join him on a flight, complete with loopings. Afterwards, the Monchichi "reported" about it at "school".

Tamara loves to read! She found a little book in my bookcase and started reading it.... and finished it before she had to leave! At school (first grade) her teach says she reads at at 11 year old's level!

After I dropped her off at her dad's, I stopped by the local flying club and a pilot friend invited me on a flight. Since the weather was fantastic (but coooold), I decided to go along.

But that's for a different entry.



Saturday, January 15, 2011

Vote for me!!

Some of you may remember that in December 2009 I went on my first cruise. It was to the Canary Islands and it was fantastic!

Last May I took a cruise to Greece with a different cruise line, but it wasn't half as good as with AIDA! They now have a new ship to be christened/baptised in April and they are looking for the person to do the honors. Starting today, applications can be sent in. Well, mine is sent in and now I need YOUR help.

If you have a facebook account, sign-in and follow the link below:

AIDA search:

It will take you to my AIDA profile. Under the picture there's a button that says "Abstimmen".... CLICK ON IT! No, you don't have to pay for anything or get sign-up for something, this is an honest deal (I normally don't play ANY games or such... but I would LOVE to win this!.... who wouldn't? Prizes include not only the party to introduce the ship, but also a free cruise on it!). Sorry about it being in German, but it IS a German company...

If you want to see more pictures of my trip with the AIDA, follow this link.

So start voting!!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

As the new year continues....

Things have been quite hectic the past days.... ok, when is it NOT hectic in my world???

Last Saturday my daughter-in-law, Karen's, mom died. She had been sick for some time, and when my son, Carsten, arrived in Mumbai with his family on New Year's day she was in intensive care. She no longer is suffering.... those of you who pray, could you pass on a few her way? Thanks....

Last night I picked up Carsten and his youngest daughter, Priyasha, from the airport. Karen will stay another 4 weeks in Mumbai with the older girl, Shiana. Carsten had to return to work and they have a day-care mom to take care of Priyasha during the day. I have to work myself but will help when needed. Another 18 months, then I could help full time (retirement! lol).

Here's a recent picture of me with Priyasha...

Last Sunday I finally invited two of my long time dance students, who happen to live in my new town, over for coffee. Annemarie has been dancing with me since 1978! I'm not sure when Kornelia started dancing with me, but it's been around 25 years for sure. Last May Kornelia joined me on that cruise to the Greek islands. It was soooo much fun and we got along quite well, like sisters.

After wonderful weeks of white snow, and lots of it, the temps have risen, the snow has completely melted, and there's lots of flooding (though not like in Australia). What weird weather there has been all over the world!

OK, that's all for today...


Monday, January 3, 2011

More memories

I scanned some more slides and enjoying the memories.

Here's Regina learning to walk....

and Carsten meeting some furry friends (yes, that's me in the background)

and both playing mommy and daddy....

I'm glad that the internet helps me share and preserve these moments.....


Saturday, January 1, 2011

A new year, remembering days gone past....

Some weeks ago my ex (finally) gave me some cartridges of slides. He prefered slides over paper film but we rarily got to see them... such a hassle to set up a projector and screen! (P.S. I assume you all heard that Kodacrome film is no longer being made and/or developed? Go google it....). Anyway, since the older madel slide scanner he gave me wouldn't work on my comp, I went and bought a newer one and finally started scanning the slides.

The quality is not as good as vieweing them on a screen, but at least I have managed to digitalize some of them finally. Among them are some awesomely cute pictures of my kids!

I think this is one of my new favs... me with my daughter, Regina, on Christmas 1977...

and my son, Carsten....

and Regina practicing to become a good mommy...


It's almost hard to believe that they both now each have two children of their own!

Last night I attended an Irish Dance performance with my friend Kornelia, one of my dancers and now good friend. The two of us went on the Greek Island Cruise last May together and had a great time! We then went to her home, which is only a 3 minute drive from mine, to talk and watch fireworks (which are legal for private use only on New Years). So I got off to a very nice start in the New Year!

Welcome 2011! May you bring joy and HAPPY surprises!