Friday, January 23, 2009

Is it the weekend already?

Well, since today is Friday, I guess it is the weekend. Only problem is, I teach a duty class on Sunday! About 25 people have signed up for it. It means getting some overtime, of course, which is nice.

I'm carefully watching the weather. We have STRONG winds at the moment, especially in the higher elevations (which in my area reach only about 3000 ft. MSL) and ice-rain. The predicted ice-rain for yesterday never came... we had clear blue skies! ... goes to show how lousy the weather guessers work. The claim there will be sunshine on Sunday... we shall see.

Tomorrow morning I'm planning to finally visit my son and his family. I've been home a whole week already and haven't seen them! And tomorrow afternoon my daughter may stop by with her gang.

I haven't been having the urge to write much lately, and I haven't even felt like reading journals too much. I just somehow can't get used to not writing on our beloved journalspace. This place without pm and homepage, the new journalspace lots of spam members, comments, and what have you and just not user friendly.

OK, enough whining... outside it's pouring rain and together with the stormy winds I'm sure glad I can stay home. TV program is boring so maybe I'll put in a DVD.... or maybe read a book?



  1. Sometimes boring TV enables us to do something more fun/productive. Hope your weather doesn't get any nastier than it is. Hugs.

  2. I commented at your fun forum. I'm sure I'll catch hell for it, but oh well ;)

  3. Lunamor, I just caught hell from it myself... go check out the comments at

    I wasn't feeling much like blogging anymore, and now I'm feeling less about it. I'm so sad.... and I miss so many of you.

  4. I keep a journal open and think to myself that dylan may have some mercy and release his old version of Jayess to the website owner. I suspect that would make all of us happy.

  5. I wish it would pour rain here

  6. I hope the weather is good for your duty class.

    You know what?! I was just thinking (right before I hopped over here) that with our little group of the Old JS Refugees, it's getting to seem quite nice...almost as good as before.

    That's why I'm staying here, and even will and have made some new friends, too!

    I just added a "bookcase with my books in it" to my widgets on my blog, and now today I added another neat widget....

    The reading level of my blog,lol. It's college level, but not a genius! That's great, haha, I would'nt want to be a genius anything!

    I hope you don't get that terrible ice-rain.

    ((hugs)) and enjoy your time at your son's home!


  7. I haven't felt much like reading journals or posting, but that's because I've been overwhelmed by "real" life. Hope you have a relaxing evening.


  8. I know what you mean Westy. My heart just hasn't been in it either. I think it's just hit me that so much of my history is lost and I'm a little heartbroken. Love you :) You are not a bad guy.

  9. good morning all!

    With "luck" I may have new grandkids pictures to post later... heehee

  10. I'll have to go read that person's blog.

    After I eat breakfast!

    I hope you have fun with your son and his family today!! Looking forward to seeing the pictures! Yay!!!

    We love you and don't let that person(s) affect you in any way!

    {Big Hugs}

  11. Oh my gosh. I just read that blog. My mood has gone from happy to disappointed and something I cannot explain. :(