Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More San Diego impressions....

Now that all the hype of journalspace returning in a somewhat acceptible form (we hope), I can now post some more pictures.

On every trip here to California I try to go to Balboa Park on a Sunday afternoon. I learned all my folk dancing up there and besides, it's a beautiful park, made in a quaint Spanish style. The buildings were originally built for the 1915 Exposition. Some have been long removed, others still exist.

In past years I have taken so many photos of the park. But I still can't resist. LOL

Yes, I did stop by the dancers, but so many I knew are no longer there or alive.... and it feels odd when of all the dancers, I'm one of the youngest! :-(

So I didn't stay long but walked through the park instead. As you can see from my past entries (before the JS ones), San Diego has so much to offer.... I dread having to leave it once again, back to the cold (temps were around -5°F the past days brrrrrr).

I again found some flowers that were begging to be photographed! I almost caught a hummingbird that was flying around those in the first picture, in fact, one bird made a low fly direct over my head!

These orchids were in the botanical garden house....

I almost went to visit the famous San Diego zoo, which is located in this park. I was already thinking about the cool picture motives I would find. Well, I walked over there, took one look at the entry fee.... and left in shock! $35 for a one-day pass!! You poor dear animals, no visit from me. *snif* I would have gone with $20, but not $35!

It's hard to believe I'll be leaving here in 4 days....



  1. I can't believe it is $35 dollars either! WOW! I am getting ready to post some pictures at JS. I'm staying there. I'll post here for awhile though. I like it there. I think it's going to be great. Have a good night Dorrie. It's hard to believe you are going home in 4 days!! That's REALLY cold!!!

  2. Woweee....-5 below zero?! That's below cold! That's below freezin' even!

    Pretty flowers, love the orchids! Neat old buildings, too. :)

  3. Those orchids are absolutely beautiful. I love San Diego, and would love to go back there sometime. When we were there (about 9 or 10 years ago), I think it cost $12.00 (maybe $15.00) to get in the zoo. Yikes, what a price hike. Enjoy the warmth while you can. It's cold here, too. The high for tomorrow is 2 degrees. ACK! lol. Hugs.

  4. Westy, why is it, when I try to retrieve CACHE files of my old JS blog, do I receive a message about journalspace not allowing the license to release such? How can I find old recorded versions of my JS blog?

  5. I expect that back in the sixties the zoo was free to servicemen in uniform, which I was.


  6. thank y'all... at least a few peeps are still reading here LOL

    suntiger, go to my forum, sign up there, and send me a pm, ok?

  7. Beautiful photos, Westy. I guess I'll post here too..at least my journal's prettier. :) But I will stay at JS and see what happens.

  8. You didn't mention the San Diego Air and Space Museum (or whatever its called). ;)

    Enjoy your remaining time with the family. :)


  9. Hi Dorrie, since there's no PM feature here and I can't get into your forum (it keeps asking me over and over to log in...I do, then it asks me again, and again)... please email me at rossandmirum@aol.com. I don't know your email address. I tried to find it but couldn't. Maybe you can tell me why I can't get in your forum.
    Hugs, Betty

  10. It was nice while it lasted, eh, Dorrie? It's -20C here at the moment.

    I always enjoy looking at your travelogues. I never go anywhere :-)

  11. I can only catch a hummingbird if it's at the feeder, otherwise, fagheddaboudit. I missed the JS hype - went there and found my user name was not there and had to re-register. I'm not overly impressed because it's just another Wordpress format - already got two of those.

  12. Wow. I have never heard of a zoo admission costing $35 (hell, the St. Louis zoo is free, or was a few years ago anyway).

    Nice pics! Have a safe trip back "home"!