Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Scribby!

Yep, one of our favorite bloggers is another year older today!

I had the priviledge of meeting him for the first time in 2005. Since then we've met a few more times during my trips back home. Lately he's been having a pretty hard time, but I hope things will change for the better VERY soon!


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Just call me Stupid... lol

As if I don't have enough action..... today I joined a line dance class!

The local dance club, which normally offers ball room dancing and is always winning all sorts of competitions, is now offering a class Sunday afternoons for American line dance. I took a trial lesson last week and decided to sign up for the class. It's kinda nice to be just one of the group and not the instructor, besides I need new material for my own classes. There will be days when I can't attend, but that's life.

I've been spending some time finally working on layouts at KCL. Matt, the admin (and former JS'er) has done an awesome job of making it possible to use our old JS templates. There are still some glitches... or better, I still have LOTS to learn!

My class yesterday went good once again. We had around 35 people attending. The local fire department did a demo with extinquishers which everyone appreciated. It's one of the things I try to have arranged at those classes since I feel it's very important to learn.

My daughter felt more "under-the-weather" then she thought she would, but is othewise doing fine.

This week I may not get much "work" done at the office since we have to clear out our offices until Wednesday for renovation. That means ALL files and desks and cabinets... everything... has to be removed. That should be fun. I'll try to leave my computer connected until the last minute, but it won't be easy. I'm taking Thursday and Friday off since I can't work anyway. I had hoped to take the train down to Friedrichshafen where one of the biggest aviation conventions in Europe is taking place.... it doesn't look like that'll be happening.

Well, that's all from my world at the moment. TV is boring tonight so I think I'll just try to finish reading the book I started.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The rest of the week...

For the rest of the week you may not hear much from me. Tomorrow, Thursday, is my usual BUSY week at work with telephone duty, eh service, eh .... Sammi, what other expression should I use? gee whiz......

At work my internet access is restricted... too many idjits visited "dubious" sites and now we are being "controlled" .....

After work I drive to where my dance class takes place. After that, I'll go to my daughter's place where I'll spend the night. I have Friday off... Regina has an appointment at the hospital and needs me to either watch her kids or hold her hand...

Friday evening is a membership meeting at my flying club. It won't be until after 9:00 p.m. until I get home Friday night (poor Shila).

Saturday morning I have a business class to teach which begins at 9:30 a.m. but I need at least an hour to get the car and drive there. This class will last until at least 3:00 p.m. I may not get home until after 5:00 p.m. due to other stops and returning the car.

Yes, I'm VERY busy, which is both good and bad.... the stress factor is not positive

I'm disappointed. No one commented on my Furies Sage mentioned in the last entry. Didn't you guys like it? If not, well..... *snif*

To add to the stress factor... in spite of having a good paying job, I sent off my resumé yesterday to a new job. I'm quite qualified, but it is a big risk! It's for an American company, but at their offices here, and close to where I live. Quiting a good paying and secure job for a new one is no easy decision, but as some of you know, things are VERY stressy at my present position.... sorry, no details here.... yet.

Dance class was good tonight, as usual. We now have spring break until April 22 giving me an extra free evening during the week. Btw., the new job is located in the same city as my dance classes......

Enough for now.... I'm tired and it's bed time


Monday, March 23, 2009

Thanks to my JS buddies....

Yep, I'm still missing JS... the ORIGINAL JS. I met a lot of nice people there, and some I still have contact with.

One of them, Fake-Brunette, sent me a very sweet gift for my birthday. I'm just now getting around to posting a picture of it.

Isn't it pretty?? The picture doesn't do it justice at all. Thank you sooooo much, Lesley!

Some weeks ago (January?), there was a game going on around here, that the first six people to comment in your journal were to receive a gift of some kind from you. The gift could be something you made, wrote, or anything else.

The first six who commented in MY journal were:

Xanadu, SamanthaBaker, Maggi, Itiswell, Calire-Elisa, and Bobby (Fujufic)

Since all are former JS'ers, I decided to write them into a sequel of my JS Sage, "Legend of the Furies"! I started writing, but real life kept interrupting me so it's not really finished yet, but I decided to share it now anyway.

Since it would be too long to post here, PLEASE go visit and enjoy the continued tales of "Jayesse and the Legend of the Furies"!


Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Kitchen... and other stuff

I got the extra shelves for the one cubboard at IKEA plus some other goodies, and arrived home with my daughter waiting for me with her girls at the near-by playground. She had called earlier, asking if she could stop by and leave the girls with me so she could do some shopping. Would I turn such a suggestion down?

Regina drove off and I stayed with the girls at the playground a bit, then we walked to my apartment. While the girls did some drawing, I started preparing lunch. Regina returned and we had dinner (actually in Germany have our "dinner" or warm meal at noon and in the evening a lighter, lunch-type meal, unless going out). The kids enjoyed playing with some magnets on my refridgerator....

After they left, I started getting my painting done in the kitchen... and I actually finished! It really wasn't much to do.

Here is what that corner of the kitchen looked like before installing the new cubboards...

Yes, it looks like a mess.
And these are the new cubboards.... no, knowing me, it won't stay this orderly for long LOL

The handles on the doors are still missing.......

While going through some of my files on my PC, I came across another story I had written and forgotten all about! I have now added it to my collection over on my Hummingbird journal.

I sure hope all of you are having a nice weekend.


The Sun is shining!

Yep, the sun is shining on this Saturday, but it's COLD outside, -5° C (23°F)!

My new kitchen cabinets are hanging, thanks to Wheelie I've started re-arranging my dishes, etc. and I think I'm going to really like how I did things. I still have to paint the walls around the cubboard... I had no time to do it BEFORE installing the cubboards, so I'll just have to tape and cover them and paint around them. The stuff that hung on the walls before left some ugly markings that need to be re-done. I'll do that hopefully today, maybe tomorrow.

I'm off to IKEA again later, then checking some stuff for work, and maybe do some other shopping stuff.

Not much else going on. I know, my entries haven't been very exciting lately. I'm sure that'll change once spring comes and I once again have things to take photos of. Of course, I could repeat things posted on our long lost JS, but I'll refrain myself.

Well, I better get going.... have a great weekend everyone!


Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's Thursday once again....

Which means, long work day, long drive to dance class, and no possibility to stop by around here until maybe 09:00 p.m..... it's now 6:15 am and I'm about to leave for work. But, I thought I'd take time to drop a note...

Not much going on in my world. My office room is getting renovated on April 1, no joke heehee. I have to clear out ALL my files, etc. before that. My room will be unusable for some days, if not a whole week! They want to do the floors, too. Yes, I'm lucky to have a little private cubby-hole all to myself, yet the walls haven't been painted in 13+ years and it's finally getting done, as well as some other rooms. During that time we won't get ANY work done. So I can either go on field trips (avoiding the word "duty, lol) or something. Two of those days I decided to take as vacation.....not yet sure what I'll do with those days though. There's a big aeronautical convention with air show I wanted to visit, but it's a 4.5 hour train ride from here.... the train ride to Wizardress is shorter! LOL

Be sure to stop over and read the little short story I wrote at my hummingbird's nest.

Too many of my favorite bloggers are either deleting or not up-dating. Some are over at facebook, but I just can't get myself to like that place.... too much little nothings. I really prefer to read entries about you guys' lives!

Ooooops, gotta get going! See ya!


Well, I better get going.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Busy Saturday, Lazy Sunday ...Edit

Yesterday at around 10:30 am I went to pick up a company car for a duty trip. I was to meet a flying club's president to check out his airfield. Yep, that's what I do for a living, giving airfield owners a hard time

The drive was about 45 minutes and I arrived early since traffic was lighter then expected and the presi arrived shortly afterward. We went inside the clubhouse, had some coffee and talked over how the check was going to go. Another club member and head flight instructor showed up and together the 3 of us got out my measuring equipment and went about measuring the length and widthe of the runways as well as other parameters. This was necessary because the old maps from when the airfield was originally certified in no way showed the actual measurements. It turned out, the runway is much longer then assumed until now, as well as a few other minor discrepancies.

I also checked all the rescue equipment and it wasn't until about 3:00 pm before I left. But all-in-all, except for the measurments, they passed the check with flying colors (pun intended lol).

I don't know if you can see much on this photo, but this is the airfield.... a small glider field with a narrow (15 m) wide asphalt runway and a parallel grass runway to the north.

It's a former American military field but hasn't been used by the Americans in decades, only by glider club.

After dropping off the car, a lovely Audi A4, I then drove to IKEA to check out some new kitchen cabinets and possible closets for my guest room. My guest room is such a mess because I have a lot of "junk" on open shelves and I'd like to hide that stuff behind some closed doors!

Anyway, I bought two new cabinets for my kitchen (German homes do NOT have built in kitchens, you have to provide your own). I checked out some possible closets but have to take some measurements in the room first besides, no way would they fit in my car.
So, now I have some pieces of furniture, still packed in their boxes, that need to be assembled. Then I have to take down the stuff presently on the wall in the kitchen where the cabinets are to go. But not today..... today I plan to be lazy!


Edit: on my alternate journal I've posted a story I once wrote for the old JS writing contest.

Friday, March 13, 2009

On a more positive note....

Those of you who know me, know that I can't stay "un-smilie" for long. So, I'm trying to get back in the positive swing of things.

Last night was my dance class, the one with only 8 members and the fear of it getting canceled. Well, the school decided we could cut the number of classes from 12 to 10 so we can keep going. Then last night, TWO new ladies showed up for a trial lesson! And they did good.... we hope they come back.

Today is the fairwell party for "the Jerk". Next week is his last and after that, the atmosphere at work will hopefully get better. We shall see....

Tomorrow I have a duty (don't laugh, Sammi) trip. I invited my boss to join but I doubt he will.

I have a soar throat the past days and I'm hoping it doesn't get worse. If I call in sick at work, I also have to cancel dance classes, but of course, my health has priorities.

I need to once again pimp the blogging site keepconnectedlive (KCL). Matt is really doing an awesome job of making it more and more like our old JS. He is now adding stats/top ten; recent comments on the homepage; AND we can use our old JS templates to do layouts! I haven't had time to check that feature out yet, but I will soon! So please take time to try it. This place is nice, I admit, but I still miss a homepage and pm'ing possibilities.

So, I hope this entry makes up for the last sad ones I posted... but the shock of the shootings still hangs over the whole country here.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sorry, no smilies today...

Today I awake and I'm still in shock, as the whole country is. It's hard to smile or be happy when you see the results of yesterday's massacre.

You send your child to school, and they get shot... without warning... some had their pencils still in their hands.....

Teachers.... doing their job. One put herself in front of a student, catching the bullet and saving the girl.

A customer is at a car dealership to buy a car... gets shot, as does the sales man.

The big questions... why? could it have been avoided? were there signs? Will there be copy cats?.......

He was a loner, was harassed at school. His father owned weapons, legally, and they were not locked away, as the law requires.

Events like this make our own woes and problems seem so small, so unimportant, so minor.....


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Germany in shock... school massacre

What's the world coming to?

This morning I heard about the shooting in Alabama, and came home from work to hear about a school massacre which happened near Stuttgart here in Germany. You can read about it at CNN.

Seventeen students, teachers, passer-bys, auto salesmen, and the killer himself. His father was a member of a local shooting club, and there were many weapons in their home.


They don't know yet WHY....

Seven years ago we had a school massacre in Erfurt... also 17 students and teachers got killed. The memories of that killing are re-appearing. Killer was, like in today's case, a former student. In Erfurt the killer killed himself, in today's shooting the police shot him. He was 17 years old.


It's Wednesday... again

What a lame title! Sorry about that, but it's 6 am and in 30 min. I have to leave for work.

As most of you know, Wednesday means dance class... the BIG group that has 19 people signed in it. The Thursday class only has 8 people at the moment and will be cut to 10 instead of 12 evenings. Sure, it's a cut on my income there, but otherwise it would get canceled completely. I checked my files and I have been teaching dance at that school for 25 years! It would be a pity if it got canceled.....

Thanks for all the feedback on the last entry... I REALLY appreciate it! It's funny that a number of other people were writing similar entries.... could it be the season? the full moon? Ah, the moon... it's raise were shining through my bedroom window this morning and woke me up early.

Speaking of light... yesterday my only light in my bathroom died. It's a single halogen and I have no reserve. So I had to take a lamp from another room for the time being.... lousy lighting for sure. You see, my bathroom has NO windows! That was typical for multy-family homes built in the 70's over here. It's the only down thing about my apartment.

I mentioned in a comment in the last entry how I miss working and organising the forum. Now it's pretty dead I set up a poll. So far, only 3 votes (and one of those was my own). *sigh* I miss the action that was once a part of it.....

Yesterday it rained all day, with strong winds, and cool temps. NOT my type of weather!

Today I have a talk with my boss... yearly evaluation is what I guess you folks call it. Could be interesting. "The Jerk" has his farewell party on Friday...

Enough up-dating for now.... off to work I go.


Monday, March 9, 2009

About blogging and it's effects on us...

Before I started blogging I was addicted to conversations with people in foren. It was our dear fin who introduced this blogging thing to me, and as most of you know, I have been a very active and advid blogger. Since the JS crash, things have changed and part of the blogging experience has lost it's charm.... and not only for me, but for many others.

I have noticed a few of my favorite people disappearing. Not too long ago, I noticed that TuesdayPillow had deleted her journal, and today I discovered that TheLioness, Carla, has deleted hers. She at least still has her profile up, but her blog is gone. We have gone through so much together and I miss her clever and honest words.

I have gained a lot from blogging, both from reading and from the excercise of writing. I always wanted to write, but I never had the talent for words that some of you people have. Yet reading your entries has made my own writing better... at least I feel it has.

Some of you write daily.... I never did. I usually write once or twice a week, trying to put as much in one short entry so that my journal stays interesting. My main interest was in reading about what you all had to say.... and when people don't update, I worry (*wink* to Betty) or get sad. Many of you have become a part of my life.

And some of you I have had the priviledge of meeting in person. And it is some of those who are no longer updating.... and it feels to me like a family member having left me and makes me VERY sad.

I have also noticed many writing in facebook. Sorry, but I just can't get excited about posting there and I especially don't have time to accept all the plants and animals for my farm! LOL

Blogging is an egoistic excercise, too, and I'll be the first to admit that yes, I also blog for the feedback. I do get many comments, and I appreciate EVERY SINGLE ONE. Yet I'm missing some (former) regular readers.... and I ask myself if they care anymore.....

I still enjoy reading so many of you, but I may not be blogging as much myself. I do have things/ideas to write about, but my motivation is down.

I told myself the other day to try to stop commenting, just read and go on, like many others do. But I'm the #1 comment whore (though I think Xanadu beats my record LOL), and I can't help but comment, so you'll still see me around.

One thing that I have been thinking of lately was all the "good" in my life. Many of you often say in a comment, how "blessed" I am. Yes, I am blessed. My life has been full and exciting. My kids are healthy, my grandkids are healthy, I have a good paying job (yet very stressful)... I have little to complain about, especially when compared to what I often read here. It breaks my heart to read about some of the hardships some of you are going through.....

Where is this entry going? I don't know. No, I don't intend to delete... not yet anyway. I usually try to keep my entries up-beat, to be entertaining.... I want to spread smiles.

I just read an entry by someone that really brought tears to my eyes. I think I'm going curl up in my bed and read a book... I have many crying out to me to read. Yep, that's what I'm going to do.

But you know, I won't be gone for long.... tomorrow morning I'll be around again looking for up-dates!

Dorrie / Westy

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Cologne Desaster... update

Maryjane asked in a comment, what the latest status is with the Cologne desaster. It seems the news isn't that important for the rest of the world... the Octomom seems much more interesting

Today they found the body of one of the missing men. The young man, 17, was found in the rubble BELOW the street level... his apartment had men located 10 m ABOVE. He had no chance for survival. He was probably sleeping at the time it happened, so he died never knowing what hit him. He was a bakers apprentice, came home from work at around 6 a.m. and went to bed to rest before meeting up with friends. They say he died immediately.

The other missing young man, 23, had called in sick. He was last seen at a local pharmacy. It is assumed he then went to bed to rest from his illness. He hasn't been found yet, but there is no hope left.

I find it amazing how little notice this event has found in the international press. I did find an English version of a German news magazine (somewhat like the American "News Week"), but it hasn't been updated. But it gives you at least a detailed version of the event and some photos. So check out the information at "Der Spiegel".

Today was once again rainy and cold. I spent most of the day just lazing around. I've been making plans for putting a couple of new cubboards in my kitchen and fixing up the mess in my guest room. I think I finally came up with an idea how to do that! Am I already getting the "spring cleaning" bug? It never arrived last year! lol

I'm now watching a special on TV about the Egyptian "Sphinx"! Very interesting.


Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Slumber Party

As planned, Tamara and Emely, together with mama Regina, spent the night at my place last night. We want them to get used to it for future necessities. Since all three of them had colds, they couldn't join in at Carsten's birthday party, not with a small baby around.

It went a lot better then expected. The girls slept together in in my full-sized guest bed, Regina slept in my pull-out living room couch.

But before putting them to bed, we let them watch one of their favorite DVD's...

After that I read them a story... that's is what grandma's do after all, right?

The next morning they played some games and drew some pictures... I have a special drawer full of kids stuff in the living room..

Regina then left for work, taking my car and leaving me with hers since it has the kids' car seats. I took the girls to a neighboring airfield and they were fascinated with all the planes. Can you believe it? I didn't take any pictures!

We then drove to Regina's office, then went to a local Burger King for lunch.

After the pouring rains yesterday, I was quite surprised that the weather today was clear blue skies and sunshine! But it was chilly and is supposed to turn yucky again in the next days.

That's all for now... hope you all have a great Sunday!


Friday, March 6, 2009

Another Birthday....

Yep, my son turned 35 today. I find it hard to believe. This was him, 1974...

And now? He's all grown up and has two kids of his own. *sigh* I somehow feel old...

This afternoon I visited him for a birthday party. He really looks like a happy and proud daddy...

And me a proud grandma....

Shiana made sure he cut the cake properly... in the background is his dad....

My daughter and her girls didn't attend because they all have colds and didn't want to pass on any germs to the baby. But they are now here, visiting me. The girls are already fast asleep. Tomorrow I'll upload some pictures of their visit.

It's been raining non-stop all day... not good for the rescue workers in Cologne. The two missing men have not been found and are probably still under the rubble... all hope is gone for a rescue. Some of the neighboring houses are being torn down before they crash themselves. A school next to the hole will probably also have to be demolished. The rain is making the ground stay dangerously soft. One of the residents was in Australia and saw a picture of his blue cubboard and television on a TV there... his apartment no longer exists. The remaining walls, including the TV and cubboard, have been torn down. All the misplaced residents are now living in hotel rooms and have been given money for compensation. But nothing can replace the loss of belongings, documents, and memorabilia..... not to mention the loss of life. It was only luck that most of the people got out in time....


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Updating a bit

Well, today is Thursday, my usual LONG day at work. Telephone duty, meaning longer working hours, plus dance class afterwards. I always drive the 45 km to class directly from the office. Since I can no longer get online to private sites at the office , I can't visit anyone or read your lovely comments until I get home around 9:00 p.m.

Today at the office I'm "celebrating" my birthday, and the birthday (today) of a collegue together. We ordered a platter of coldcuts, cheese, and rolls plus providing drinks for everyone. We are doing together since individually for 15 people would be too much.

Yesterday I was gone all day on a business trip, but nothing worth writing about. Luckily the weather was great... today it's supposed to start raining and get pretty stormy.

It is expected that the two missing men in Cologne are for sure under the rubble. Relatives and friends have been contacted and they are no where to be found so it doesn't look good. They have filled the hole in the ground with tons of cement (200 truck loads), which has not gotten hard enough to stabilize the ground and removal of the rubble can proceed. The loss of the valuable books and other archive material is reported at around €4 MILLION! Add to that the money lost in the planing and constructing of the subway, which will probably no longer get finished... well, it's mind boggling. One Euro today is equal to $ 1.26. I've been surfing some USA news sites and I am amazed that hardly any site is reporting about it. A man gets trampled by elephants... that I read, but this event in Cologne, nearly nothing!

Tomorrow is my son, Carsten's, birthday. I find it hard to believe he'll be 35! I've been invited over for coffee and cake in the afternoon.

Regina's girls have been asking to spend the night at my place, so she may bring them over tomorrow night for them to stay until Saturday... but with mommy, too. That should be fun! I have no idea when I'll find time to clean house until then, but I often work best under (time) pressure! LOL

Well, I better get ready to leave for work. I'll check on everyone this evening (my time).


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

ooops ... my blog is now famous, or not?

I just checked the link to the CNN site for up-dates on the cave-in of the Cologne archive building. I went to the bottom and noticed a link to "blogs" and clicked on it..... and the first and only blog to show up was MINE!

Now, I don't know if it's showing up here because I linked it to the article, but it's still "scary" LOL

So, hello to everyone who finds their way to my world via the link!

In the meantime, they are still looking for people who may be trapped under the rubble, including people in a car that was driving along the road which passes by there. It is normally a busy street, and last week the carnival parade went along it! Can you imagine the desaster if it had crashed during the parade? A horrible thought.....

Rain is expected today so they are going to cover up the rubble in the hope of saving some of the precious documents... handwritten original documents! But the rubble is very unstable. They expect parts of the neighboring buildings which are still standing to perhaps still cave in. What a mess! You can keep updated by following the above link.

Well, I'm off to work now. I have a business trip today, then dance classes. See ya all later!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sad news from my fav German city

A number of buildings have collapsed in my favorite city of Cologne. Cracks started appearing and most of the people left the buildings in time.... we hope.

You can read the news here:

It seems that under the ground they have been building a new subway/metro route, which could have been the cause for the buildings collapsing into a big hole. Sounds logical to me.

I have visited Cologne many times.... it's a fun and interesting city. I was just looking though my photos and I KNOW I have taken so many, but I can't find a decent one to share!

Anyway, the collapsed buildings, which included a historical library, a bakery, and some apartments, will disrupt the city quite a bit. And I'm thinking the work on the subway will be postponed, too.

So far no news of casualties, though around 9 people are unaccounted for. The people in the library and shops noticed cracks appearing in the walls and got out fast!

Now to go back and look for those pictures....


P.S. the building contained historical books and scriptures about the history of Cologne, some up to 2,000 yrs old! You might say it is a small version of the Library of Congress.... an extremely valuble loss!!

So far, no deaths to report, though there still could be people buried under the rubble.

Follow the above link for up-dates.