Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Back to normal

Back to normal.....my journal here.
The comments now work and I know the trick for fixing it in case it happens again to me or anyone else (thanks Alaskanwarrior!). As you can see, I've played around with the layout a bit. Not much.... yet. But you guys know me, soon I'll be busy being creative.

Back to normal... my work week.
So far it has been without any big problems, but Jerk T. was a jerk once again. If he keeps it up, he's going to be in for some big trouble. Luckily the big jerk, Jerk D., is retireing in less then 2 months!! yay!

Back to normal... my dance classes.
They start up tomorrow again. I really don't feel like doing them, but I know they will be fun (great people in them) and they are good excercise for me.

Back to normal... my cat.
She wasn't mad at me for leaving her for two weeks.

Back to normal... the weather.
It's been less cold the past days, and today the sun actually was shining, like in Washington, D.C., which I'm watching on German TV while I type.

Back to normal... my blogging.
Hopefully I'll start up-dating more regularly again. I'll try to do my best. I'm still jumping around between this one and the one in the "new" JS.

Back to normal... my time schedule.
I'm hungry. I had absolutely NO problem with jet lag! So I better go fix something. It's almost 06:00 pm my time... inauguration time USA. Poor time to be writing... you are ALL glued to the TV's, right?

Back to normal.... yep, everything's back to normal!



  1. It is so much easier for me to post and keep track here honestly....I am loyal to Jayess and will return when the bugs are worked out.

  2. Please tell some of the people who switch to JS to stop back here occasionally. I miss them. Glad everything is back to normal for you. I'm not watching the inauguration, because I'm at work. Besides, it'll be on TV for the next day, or 2... or 3 or 4. lol. Hugs.

  3. I really like Blogspot.
    Hope you have fun at your dance classes!

  4. Dorrie... were you having the comment problem where you couldn't click the post a comment link? I too am having this problem.

  5. darn I wish we had pm'ing here. Here's the tip:

    From the blogger dashboard,click Layout.Click Edit HTML,Click Download Full Template (just in case)and save a copy to your hard drive.
    and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and Click “Revert widget templates to default”
    that’s it.

  6. there is malicious coding issues for me at the new js
    glad you found me I only came back yesterday

  7. I'm not watching the inaug today..
    I didn't vote for the guy and I don't trust him.
    He's inexperienced and no military background.
    Just my 2c.

  8. Yay, it's working great, now, Dorrie! :)

    Getting back to normal is good, wish I was,lol!

    I'm *still* lovin' BlogSpot! :)

  9. Yay, I can post again!

    Glad most things are getting back to normal. Lol, don't worry Jerk 1 and Jerk 2 will get what they deserve! Are you going to get boss Jerk's job when he leaves?? :P

  10. Back to normal: And Westy-Woman remains Westy. And we wouldn't have it any other way!


  11. thank you all for the comments! {hugs}

    I wish I had time to answer each individually, but I work all day, and now have to prepare to leave for my dance class. But I still appreciate every single one!!

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  13. I am glad that things are getting back to normal for you and that Sheila isnt mad. Its also good to hear that the big jerk is retiring. Just hang in there, dear.

    Things are slowly starting to get back to normal for me. My parents are at home again, and dad is doing remarkablly well. We still have to drive them. I took them to dinner in my dads new car, and then to the store today.

    My mother is doing well too. Her Alzheimers seems to be at an even keel for the moment. Unless she gets worse, she doesnt have to go back to her neurologist until 2010.

  14. I read your story about your mom's Alzheimers on your wordpress blog. I found a note that my mother had wrote on a pad that she uses to write down her thoughts while she reads her Bible. The note said, Please Lord, let people see the real me through this mask I wear. (She was referring to the Alzheimers.) It made me realize that she is still there, and it was all I could to not to ball my eyes out.