Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall impressions

Another busy day is over and I'm finally getting online. I had an outside business trip again today, then afterward had one of those "lovely" mammogram tests done (ouch), wrote up a note for the boss back at the office before finally driving home to find Wheelie waiting to take me out to dinner....yummy!

The weather finally presented us with some typical fall/autumn weather and I managed to take some colorful pictures.

These were taken at the workshop on Sunday...

And this one was taken today from my balcony.....

Shila's been a bit wild lately, but when she rests, she finds the darndest places. I caught her napping on my freshly washed clothes!

Tomorrow will be another long day. After work, the whole office is going out to dinner together and then to the theater. It should be fun. I had to cancel my dance class to go but they are all very understanding. So I won't get online until late tomorrow night (except my usual early morning fix).

Now to go off and do some catching up....


Sunday, October 18, 2009

I flew!

The weather was perfect (though cold). I arrived at the airfield, my examiner arrived soon afterward, and then the airplane, a Cessna 152, was available.

I had checked my certificate date earlier, just for safety.... ooops, it had already expired on Oct. 12! No problem since I haven't flown since and my check ride was all set up.

May I brag? Well, I will anyway.

Normally my 360° turns at 45° angle aren't too great... today they were super! I kept my speed, my height, my angle. YES! And the 3 landings.... couldn't have been better! And considering I haven't flown for a whole YEAR.....

I'm a happy camper today!

Now, about my vacation.....

A couple of you were VERY close to the truth....the opposite of a plane, a BOAT (no, not a submarine, Fin, though I do have a girlfriend in Hawaii who's a submarine captain!). My daughter, Regina, finally convinced me to take the plunge.... so, on December 12th, this is what I'll be boarding....

...for 7 days, around the Canary Islands!

Do I sound excited? You betcha!

Originally I had wanted a tour to Jordania to see the places Pastor Larry has been reporting about, but Regina is worried about the political tensions.... so I backed down (this time).

I know some of you are going through some tough times, financially and otherwise, and I almost feel guilty about reporting this. But I've been saving my pennies, plus the reimbursement from my canceled trip in September, and I have to take the opportunity when I can. Who knows what the future brings....


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Maybe a "flying" weekend

Most of you I believe know that I also work in the aviation business. I won't go into details, but it involves office as well as field duty. I got the job, among other things, because I fly myself, or at least I used to. In spite of holding an instructors certificate for single-engine planes, I have not been able to fly a single hour this year! Costs are skyrocketing, cutting down the number of students who sign up. And besides that, I just didn't have time! Or when I had time, there was unflyable weather or no airplane available.... or family issues/events.

Anyway, my certificate/licence needs renewing/validated by next Tuesday. The requirements here in Europe are different then in the States. In order to renew, I either need to have flown at least 12 hours in the past 12 months or have a check-ride with an examiner within 3 months before the expiration date (Oct. 20). Well, since July 20 I had so much field duty, then we had the most louse summer weatherwise, my attempt to plan an arrangement with my examiner kept getting pushed back. Then I got sick those 4 weeks in September, which meant I had to visit my flying doc again and get re-ok'd.

Up until Oct 20 I can choose my own examiner, after that the authority choses one for me! I tried to contact the examiner I normally fly with, but wouldn't you know it, he's on vacation in Florida (found out Thursday). So yesterday I called another one I know, and he agreed to fly with me TOMORROW! Yay! Now we only have to hope for good weather.... this morning it's pouring rain, some areas we've had snow. But the prospects for tomorrow look flyable. The airfield is located 80 km (50 miles) from here, but that's ok. I just hope it works out.

Today Regina may be stopping by with her kiddies. I guess I better start getting the house cleaned!


P.S. Since my vacation in September got canceled do to my bout with pneumonia, I need to reschedule it. I'm taking it in December, but I decided not to fly over to San Diego, and also a trip to Egypt and/or Jordania couldn't be arranged. But I still wanted to do something different and special. A short call to Regina (who works at a travel agency) and we found something. But I'm keeping it a secret for now.... let me just say that it involves something opposite of flying!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Tamara

I know there are some of you who are probably tired of reading about my grandkids. Well tough!

Today I'll be busy all day. First the office, then off to visit my daughter to celebrate Tamara's 6th birthday!!

Tamara was always a happy little thing.....

and she takes after her grandma (yes, the picture below is ME)

Today she's a precious young lady. She has many talents, yet is also quite a dreamer. Tomorrow after work I'll drive to help her celebrate her special day... here with mommy Regina:



Saturday, October 10, 2009

Shiana once again

I took these pictures on Thursday with Shiana. My son needed a babysitter desparately and, since I had dance class, I just took her along with me. Before the class, we stopped at one of my fav restraurants where we met another little baby and the two hit it off quite well, as you can see.....

The baby and his mom are also of Indian heritage, like Shiana. Notice the Henna paintings on the mom's hand?

I had a job related class today and it went well. There were 18 in attendance and they were quite interested.... we actually got some good discussions going.

It's been stormy all day. Pouring rain and winds.... no fun for driving but I survived once again.

Tomorrow I have no plans.... yay, I think. Maybe a MacBook play day?


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

well, look at me.....

I'm actually posting here again. Well, just for a short update....

I haven't been feeling much like posting anywhere lately. Maybe I'm having a slight non-blogging phase. Yay, right... Westy not blogging!

Work is going ok. Tonight and tomorrow I have dance class and I'm taking them easy. My dancers are great... they have perfect understanding that I have to take things slow and are happy doing slower, easy dances.

Lately I don't really have that much to write about. Weather has not been nice enough for finding photo motives and I haven't even been interested in that! Oh, dear... I'm slipping. LOL

I did finally break down and buy a new laptop.... and I got the MacBook! What a difference to Windows. I'm waiting to get my office programs installed, then I'll be busy, busy getting used to it.

To end this post, here's my newest favorite picture taken recently with my 2 youngest grandbabies, Priyasha and Shiana.