Sunday, May 29, 2011

Job Perks... Schwerin, Germany

Last week I went on a 3 day business trip with my boss to the city of Schwerin, located way up north-east, a 6 hour train ride, part on the super fast German train going at times 249 km/h! (1 km = 0.62 mi/h). Our meeting was in the local castle... a beautiful building on an island on one of the many lakes located there. Schwerin is the smallest state capital in Germany.The state is one of the former East Germany states and the castle needed LOTS of work done on it. It is still being worked on.

On the second day, after the meeting, we were taken on a tour of the castle, including places normal tours don't go to... like the roof! Here are some of my best pictures:

Our meeting was on the 3rd floor... somewhere here:







It was a lovely trip and the city is worth another visit some day.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Old and New

As promised, here are some more pictures I took in Frankfurt. And as mentioned, I especially like the contrast between old and new.


This is the underground station where I got off the subway. The church on the left, Paul's, is famous for being the site of many important political decisions being made/signed.

Frankfurt has a huge cathedral... this shows some of the delicate workmanship.

and in front of the cathedral are remains from an old Roman settlement (maybe 2000 years old? I should google before I post heehee):

This is a view from those ruins toward the marketplace of the city hall. Notice the modern skyscraper in the background?

Another view of the marketplace...

and... once more the Paul's church with the skyscraper background....


Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Heli of an experience...

Ok, just trying to be cute (refering to my title).

The helicopter was already busy by the time I got off the train (at 7:30 am) and within a half hour it was all done. The Swiss helicopter company are real professionals and we have done lots of business with them over the years. It was hard to get some real good pictures, but I tried....

Lifting the weights on a 110 m robe out of a narrow side street....

and setting it down on the roof...

There were 4 lifts all together.

Since the weather was perfect and few people on the streets so early on a Saturday morning, I took a stroll to take some pictures. Coming next entry... more old/new contrasts...(I love Frankfurt).


Friday, May 20, 2011

Exciting Saturday ?

Tomorrow morning I'll have to get up early, even though it's a Saturday. I have to go to downtown Frankfurt to watch over an event my office gave permission to. Some of you know my job, or at least a bit. This thing tomorrow involves a huge, double rotar helicopter of Russian make, a Kamakov (?) which will be pulling up some heavy air conditioners to the roof of one of Frankfurt's skyscrapers! Now, I've been at a number of such jobs (including last Sunday) and usually they are very well organised. It's a job "perk" in some ways, but it is also quite a responsibility and often makes me nervous. Yes, I'll probably take some pictures...

The building they will be working near is a futuristic shopping mall. These pictures I took of the inside ...

and for those of you who haven't seen my Frankfurt pictures before, here's one showing the contrast old and new...

I hope you guys all have a much more relaxing weekend...


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Feeling Lost.....

... and not just in the blogging world. Lately I haven't been motivate to write or even read blogs. I check through facebook to see what people have jotted down, but in many cases it's just boring nonsense. Once in a while I'll leave a like or a comment..... feel honored! LOL

The internet in general bores me. I check a few of the flying foren I know but even they bore me. I used to enjoy doing layouts for people.... now there is no blogging home where I can do that. And of those who still write/blog,  I think only Pastor Larry still has the layouts I made for him, all others are either no longer there/deleted or have added one of the standard ones available.... even my own here is a standard one.

Another site I blogged on is going offline today. It was set up by two lovely ladies from JS and was just for ladies. I will miss it, even though there wasn't that much activity there.

I started a new blog at where one of JS's best writers, Wes, has been writing and getting lots of attention. But to attract readers I have to write more often. I just can't get the motivation *sigh*

Even at home I'm not motivated. Living alone, I do often have "dead" time, especially on weekends. But either I don't feel like getting something started, or I start and it doesn't go like it should. THAT is very demotivating! It starts with sewing dresses for the granddaughters to recording music for my dance class. *sigh*

I have gotten myself involved in 3 clubs in my hometown. I'm the type of person who needs the "pressure" of set times for stuff... and you can be sure I'm dependable. But when it's a question of "perhaps" doing something, more then likely I won't bother.

And then there's the disappointment with "friends" and family. I am tired of being the one to keep contact. I have gone out of my way to meet people.... even traveling to other countries to do so.  I love meeting people.

Why can't others contact ME for a change? It's especilly hurful when people who I thought were close don't even bother to read my blogs, or answer messages I sent... messages asking for explainations, or even small cries for help...... I feel ignored! I feel alone.....

I may delete this entry, but I needed to vent a bit......

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's day....

Everyone is writing something about their mom's for mother's day. I wasn't going to join in, butI changed my mind.

Some of you have read about my mom in the past. She's 91 now and living in a care home after her Alzheimer (or dmeenz, whatever) got so bad, my dad couldn't care for her anymore. I visited her last October and was shocked at how she looked.... much thinner then I have known her the past years and, of course, she didn't know me or my son, who was also visiting. No, I won't add I picture.... they are too sad looking.

Anyway..... I have lots of good memories about my mom. She provided me with a happy childhood. My dad was in the navy and it was her job to take care of me and my two brothers all alone when he was away.

Here are a few pictures of her through the years......

1920 as a child...

1950 with me.... introducing me to coke!

1951 with my dad and older brother, Bob....

at my wedding, 1970..

my visit in 2009, the last time I spent time with her at home... she rarily knew who I was..

I really wish she could have gotten to meet her great-granddaughters. She was a great mom and grandma.

Love ya, Mom!!