Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Sunday I'll consider good...

Yes, the class I had to teach went good. About 25 people (all men! lol) showed up. The first 2 hours I had another instructor presenting stuff, then a break, then it was my turn. We finsihed around 2:00 pm. I think everyone enjoyed it. Luckily these classes are pretty much routine.

By the time I got home it was 4:00 pm. I spent the rest of the day being lazy. Now it's already time for bed once again! Tomorrow I have a meeting together with my boss and another co-worker.

I've noticed fewer people showing up or up-dating not only at the new JS but also here. That's a pity, but I can understand it... my motivation isn't what it once was either. I miss a few special people VERY MUCH (Betty!! just to name one).

I wish you all a great new week... the last week of January! Times is sure flying!



  1. I agree, about the lack of activity here. Sad. Glad your Sunday went well. Here's hoping the new week goes well, also. Hugs.

  2. I usually update every day, but I'm not the post whore I used to be :-)
    Have a good week, Dorrie!

  3. I actually feel better posting here. Maybe because it is about posting and not about who reads it or how many people read it like it had gotten to be on JS. If 2people read it, it doesn't bother me in the least. It's no longer a popularity contest and that is awesome. JS had become like high school.

  4. It took a lot of hours to get settled at Blogspot, so I think the drop off is natural. I feel comfortable here, and like tamale, I'm getting used to living without stats.

  5. I hope you have a good week too.

  6. I've been focusing on other writing projects lately. Blogging isn't the outlet it once was for me. I just like to keep in touch with people now wherever they are...

  7. Dorrie, what is a duty class? Sounds like civil defense or something?

  8. Can't believe it is the end of Jan already. Have a good week Westy!

  9. Time is passing quickly! Maybe we are just getting old, huh?! ;-)

    I miss my outlet of blogging, but I don't have the same urge to do it that I used to. The stats were never that big of a deal for me,but it was nice to know people had been there. Here, I never know, and unless I comment you don't know I've been to yours either.

    Well, nothing is perfect.

    Have a great week, too, sis!

  10. Yes there is the sense of loss for all of us that makes us sad. So much of what we enjoyed about JS is not here or there in one place. I miss it. I am discovering a few new readers but I miss seeing who has been reading me even if they don't comment.
    Well change is the only constant so we get use to it one way or the other.

  11. Tuesday morning here and I have a whole heap of work facing me at work plus two extra teens to get up and organised and out this morning. What can one say. My older kids say I am soft with Geni. People willd evelop their own rhythm and we will lose some, I think Dorrie. Sadly. Maggs

  12. thank you all for your comments. As usual, I never get around to answering each individually *shame*

    After the meeting, which went well, I came home. But there is so much little and big drama going on... *sigh*

    The rest of my week should be uneventful so I may not write much... I will read your journals though, IF you up-date lol!!

  13. Have a great week, Westy! hey...25 men were there?? oh my gosh! :)

    Yes, I miss our Betty too.

    As for me, I'm blogging away as much as possible, but today have been working on my Valentine designer cards, (it's relaxing and fun!)
    and made another blog here to practice in. I made a layout,background! EASY! :)

    and also answering three letters from friends, and went downtown on two errands, walking. Got out of breathe,lol. walked 15 blocks, total.

    I updated in JS2, too !