Sunday, January 4, 2009

Finally, my blogging life gets back to normal....

My laptop is finally connected to the cyber world again. The past days I had lots of problems checking on my forum, let alone visiting journals or posting on my own. I was dependent on my mom's or my dad's computers and both were very inconvenient. My laptop, which I normally would use on a wireless connection, kept re-booting! If I left the wireless shut off, it was fine. But as soon as I turned on the wirless, it would re-boot, over and over.

Well, now we fixed it to a normal cable... and it WORKS!!! So now I can more easily do some catching up and posting.

I looks like this will be my primary journal. Most of my dearest JS'ers found their way here, and it seems easy enough to navigate. I may even get into doing layouts again and perhaps use my birdie journal for practice.

As already mentioned, my flight over was uneventful. Both flights were FULL, which really surprised me, being that it was January 1st. Before leaving Frankfurt the plane had to be de-iced, which shows how cold it was there.

When I got aboard the Lufthansa plane, a 747-400, I went to my allocated seat waaay in the back only to find a man sitting there already. His young son was in the seat next to his and his ticket showed that he did indeed belong there. So I informed the flight attendent and she gave a call to the gate to find out where I had been moved to. It took a while before the answer came back. Instead of row 55, I was now seated in row 14! The reason, the father wanted to sit next to his son, obviously. I had already checked in so they couldn't notify me of the change. They saw that I was a single person flying, and perhaps being a collector of flight miles didn't harm. Because row 14 was in business class!! Now, how cool is THAT?

So I obviously had a marvelous flight to Washington, Dulles. This was my first time there since the 1970's ... and it seems that nothing has changed since then! I found the Washington terminal old fashioned, dirty, crowded, and not a good representation for out countries capital. Those funny transfer buses reminden me a prisoner transports and that's almost how I felt! heehee

I caught my flight out ok and actually arrived early in San Diego.... I even had to wait for my brother to pick me up.

Btw... as is my habit when flying home, I waved to the various journalspacers that I know as I flew over their countries/states. LoupyLou, NiceFlyer, JustFly, Periwinkle, EvilFury, and the many others that I knew were below me. We had a fantastic view of New York city as we flew by there and I took some pictures. Due to my above mentioned lappy problems I haven't checked them yet. If they turned out, I'll post one for sure.

Enough rambling for now. I will write more as I get the chance.

Dorrie aka Westy


  1. We both got our laptops in perfect working order! Yay!! I wish there was a homepage here. I miss that a lot. Glad you had a safe trip Dorrie :)

  2. looking forward to the photto's.glad you had a safe trip

  3. How nice that you got upgraded to Business Class. How long will you be in the US? Looking forward to pix. Hugs.

  4. You are sure lucky to get moved up. I had that happen once and bot bumped to the upper deck of the 747 that was so cool. These people get treated a LOT better.
    It looks like the JS community is gathering around you here. :-) me included. Thanks Westy

  5. Glad you made it ok and got moved up - and what a relief to have your laptop problem fixed. Hope you have a great trip!

  6. Wow, upgraded to business class, that IS cool!

    Glad you got your laptop to work.

    This is also my primary blogging home, but some of our friends are also in WP so I've kept my blog going there too!


  7. Glad you got there safely. And could you do a favor for a Michigan native that has suffered through several winter storms already? Enjoy that Cali sunshine.

  8. I once messed up the wireless on my laptop, and never bothered to fix it for three years. I plugged in some Cat5 and pronounced it fixed :-) I finally did get it wireless, though, after I moved in here.

  9. Glad your computer is hooked up okay now. Glad you'll be staying here too. I'm too lazy to try out another site. I already had a journal here so I just updated it rather than trying somewhere new.


  10. thanks everyone for showing up here and commenting.

    I have been having a heck of a time catching up on everyone... since they're spread all around different spots it's very time consuming.

    Too many are using facebook, which I find almost a waste of time, except for short messages.

    I haven't even had time to check the livejournal account I started or any of the others... so I guess here I stay!!

  11. I agree, Dulles is the pits. The sooner I can get out of there the better. DFW opened a new international terminal a couple of years ago that makes a GREAT first impression. Amazing what a couple of BILLION dollars s will do, huh? :)


  12. Glad to find you and I want to say a big thank you for your forum that has helped so many of us locate everyone from JS. You are a real sweetheart!

  13. Hi Westy, it sounds like a nice flight. I'm glad you got your laptop fixed. I've missed you!

  14. I do like the colors of this layout, very cool and soft... :)

  15. Hi Dorrie, hope you are enjoying your time with your parents..take care xxx

  16. I tried to wave, but am not sure you saw me. LOL

  17. Great to have you home Westy! Glad you had a good flight. I haven't flown since the early 90's and even though I love to fly, I can't say I miss it with everything I've heard about all the security and hassles at airports these days.

    Enjoy your stay. :)

  18. I hope you have a good visit with your folks despite your mothers Alzheimers. (((hugs)))