Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It's been a while.....

...since I last posted and life has been a virtual roller coaster ride! Finally, my move out of my (perfect) apartment to my new home is cmpleted..... it was more then stressful! Imagine trying to merge two complete households without either willing or wanting to throw THEIR stuff out! It ended up that most of my stuff is stored in a huge factory which my new boy friend's son owns..... and by chance located just 100 meters from my old apartment! Fate? hmmmmm

There were moments when I wished I hadn't taken this step, but in spite of his age, R. is fun, funny, and tells me daily how glad he is to have found me.... something I missed the past years. And it's so nice not being alone at night and having someone to cuddle in the mornings. But there were days when his age showed (did I mention he's 82?).... shall I say STUBBORN!? :-)

He is accepted by my kids (VERY important!), and I'm accepted by his (he has 3 sons, 1 daughter, 9 grandchildren, and 1 great grandson). It's nice to be able to visit family events as a couple and not as a single.....

Before you-know-who I had a 7 yr. relationship with a great guy, Tommy. We separated because of my move closer to where my job was, and 110 km far away. And due to other reasons, we split, yet I never forgot him. I had been trying to find out if he still lived in our apartment or moved and whether he had a new partner (fearing he may, I didn't dare call at his place). I searched for hints in the internet, found his daughter in a German "facebook" but didn't dare contact him. I thought maybe we could get together again if I ever split with you-know-who, but then came R. but I still didn't give up hope. And then I got a call in July from his best friend. I knew right away why he called......Tommy had died of multiple health reasons. I went to his funeral..... his sister gave a talk and mentioned me, though we never met. It seems that he didn't have a new relationship after me and his sister had tried hard to contact ME after his death! Luckily his friend called my former office and I happened to be there to return my keys when the call came (fate?). The worst emotion was seeing that small urn with his ashes and realising that that was all that was left of the person I once loved.... of the arms that once held me, the body I once held and loved. DAMN!  Too late...... Sometimes fate sucks....

My cat has adjusted well to her new home. She was always an indoor cat and for the first time discovered... GRASS! And she actually loves walking in the rain! She has her special patch of clover she lays in. And R. has become really attached to her. It's so cute to see the cat houses and feeding stations he has built for her! (because her food got eaten by porcupines, we had to make a raised food station). She eats more, has gained weight, and has a nice thick winter fur coat now.

I'm not as much online as I used to be anyway. Yay, the former blogging whore has mellowed. *sigh*

I do check my favorites regularly (=every day at least once) but don't comment often. I'm trying to keep up-dated with everyone but don't always manage.... sorry.

OK, that's enough for now. I'll post pics some day.... promise!