Saturday, January 17, 2009

Baby it's COLD outside!

good morning everyone!! Thank you for the comments in my last entry. I actually slept through the night, though the 3rd night is usually the worst for jetlag. I was surprised when I woke up it was 07:30 am.

I have lots to do here, like go out shopping... but it's all ICE outside! Wheelie just warned me NOT to go out... there's ice-rain. Luckily there's a small grocery store walking distance from my apartment where I can pick up some necessities.

Regina brought my cat, Shila, back to me last night. I think Shila missed me pretty much, lol.

I have loads of wash to get started and also finish unpacking my suitcase.

I posted the last entry also in my new journalspace journal and added a picture. I still don't care for the Wordpress format and it's difficult to find MY favorite people without trying to find them in the memberlist.

This photo was taken after take-off in San Diego and shows Mission Bay, where I was able to meet up with Fitzgerald .

Somewhere in this mass of buildings, about in the middle of the picture below, my parents live. I tried to add an arrow but it was too small to see so I left it out... besides, I was too tired to mess around with it last night, heehee. Also, Kashew's home is also there somewhere. I also flew past John's town but the plane was already too high to pick it out.

I did try waving at a few of you on my way East.... did y'all see me? LOL

Well, this is NOT getting anything accomplished. Most of you are sleeping while I write this and will hopefully stop by when you wake up. Gosh I miss the old JS format!!



  1. In that one pic I can see my house, well not really but at least I can see my neighborhood. LOL.

    Glad to read that you made it back safe and sound and are now well rested. Too bad it gets cold there, but then again, you probably like it.

  2. thanks Fitz! And thanks again for all the help over at my forum... pity it's gotten so quiet there lately. I miss reading new stuff there. *snif*

    Glad we managed to meet up at least that one time.

  3. Welcome to the deep freeze - it was 83 is southern Calif. yesterday. Be careful out there.

  4. Mission Bay is an awesome place. Loved visiting there. You said there's a store within walking distance of where you live. Walking can be just as dangerous as driving. Please be careful and cautious. Don't want you to fall on that treacherous ice. Been there, done that. Welcome home. Hugs.

  5. Ice-rain?! That sounds painful and dangerous. I hope it either warms-up and rains, or cools-down and snows. Although I suppose that if it snows that will just mean a layer of snow on top of ice... which is not so great.
    Don't you just love winter? :(

  6. JS is going to have to wait, especially if it's still hard to navigate. I'll keep checking your forum for updates though.

  7. I just signed up for JS and I'm waiting for my password. I don't understand the format. I don't know how to find anyone.


  8. Sound like you had a great trip. Glad to see you arrived safely back home!

  9. Im glad you had a good trip. I havent flown in a long time. I am heading to DC in March, and my friend and I are driving her van. Road Trip! I cannot wait.

  10. lost the comment. If I hit enter instead of click the correct button, I lose.

    I'm glad to see you made it home safely and without delays. You even got there early. Not bad.