Friday, September 24, 2010

Flying "Home"

Next Wednesday I'm flying home to San Diego to see my folks. Both mom and dad aren't doing too well. I had originally planned to fly over in January, which would have suited me better, but things don't always go as planned. It's with lots of trepidation and yes, fear, that I fly over. My son, Carsten is following me over at the same time.

On a nicer note....

I never did post pictures of Tamara's first day of school. Yesterday Regina sent me this one which I definitely want to share with you all!

See that big "cone" Tamara is carrying? All kids get those... either home made or store bought, big or small depending on the parents. It gets filled with lots of goodies, usually sweets and/or school supplies, to "sweeten" up the first day of school and begin of one of life's more serious stages. More pictures can be viewed here (and I just realised, I never got around to commenting them.... I'm really getting sloppy! lol)

And here's a picture of Regina on HER first day of school!

Last night I went bowling with my co-workers. I haven't bowled in over 30 years and it was quite fun! I actually managed a couple of strikes, but generally I did terrible... *shame* But it was FUN!

I'll be busy the next days preparing for my trip. Weather has been fantastic the past days, but thunder storms, etc. are forcasted for the next days.

Keeping in touch!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

hm...what to post about

Anita (aka Summerwind) asked me in a comment in one of her entries about my retirement, just to get me to blog something. I know, I haven't been doing much writing lately.... not even commenting! oh, shame.... what's the (blogging) world coming to??

First.... I have been more then busy lately. Since a certain someone is off on a 3 week vacation to the USA, without me, I have let my days get filled up with duty, events, as well as family (=babysitting lol). I haven't been home hardly a single evening lately!

Last weekend I spent with fellow female pilots at a town not far from where I live. It's a group of great ladies, some I have known for many years. It was so nice to see them all again! And I discovered a different, and quite interesting, side of a town I had visited often, but never really knew. Just to give you an idea.... we all had dinner at a restaurant that has existed since 1661! (no typos there!).

Anyway.... about the blogging. Somehow the urge has disappeared. I used to enjoy sharing so much with all of you... especially pictures of my world. But now... I haven't even posted pictures of granddaughter Tamara's first day of school and telling you about their tradition here with the big cone. Well, if you follow this link you'll SEE what I'm talking about.

Retirement: yep, in 22 months I can retire! There was a deal up until last December that made it possible to retire up to 3 years early. It meant that, up until July 2010 I take a cut in my pay of about €400, but after July 2012 until I turn 65 in 2015 I continue to get this pay, yet stay at home! I jumped at the chance! I am so sick of the way my job is.... so much stupidity and dumbness! It's just no fun anymore.... (well, some of you know it hasn't been fun for some time, and in spite of new co-workers and boss, it has gotten only a little better).

I think all the frustration at work, with you-know-who, the move into a new apartment, etc. etc. has just made me a bit depressed. Normally blogging should help against that, but the few times I did write entries (or even wrote in facebook *puke*), I didn't get the feedback I used to get.... and I admit, I NEED feedback! I thrive on feedback. So, I started to think.... why bother at all..... :-(

It's 11:15 pm right now so no time to write anymore. All the JS talk has almost inspired me to re-write the "Legend of the Furies" in a more story-telling way and I think I'll try to do that... when I find time *sigh*. I even have a new title for it: "The Legend of Jayess"! :-)

So, that's enough for now.... time for some shut-eye....

Dorrie aka Westy

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Birthday mom!

Yes, today is my mom's 91st birthday!! Unfortunately, like last year, I am unable to spend the day with her...... one of the real BIG disadvantages of living so far apart.

Mom is in a care home now, after needing a hip operation. She's been in a home for over a year now anyway because her dement got so bad, my dad was no longer able to take care of her. He is also in the hospital.... he needed a by-pass and a new heart valve!! But, from what my brothers tell me, he's doing quite well and is extremely BORED!

This is a picture of my mom as a baby with her mom. I'm so glad I have these old pictures still.....

Some years ago she started writing her memories.... if anyone is interested, you can read them here.

This picture from 1950 is of her with me, the future coca cola addict! lol

And this is my mom in 2009, during my last visit home.

I miss you mom!!