Friday, November 25, 2011

Poor Kitty

I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving! It's one of those American holidays not celebrate over here in Europe. I used get invited to the local American military base, which was always nice, but they have all been closed.... at least those in my area.

Yesterday was a yucky day. My kitty has been having eye trouble for the past weeks and I've been having to take her to the vet. On Tuesday the vet didn't like the looks of it, but just said to continue watching it, apply the medicine, and bring her in if it gets worse. Yesterday I came home from work and it looked BAD! I called the vet to see if I could bring her in, since they are normally closed on Wednesday. Yes, I could bring her. The vet, a different one this time, didn't like what she saw at all! She gave Shila eye drops, a shot, weighed her, and called a special animal eye clinic. Talked to the doc there and it was decided I didn't have to drive there, that my vet did everything so far possible and that for a 16 yr. old cat, the other clinic would probably not be worth the trouble and cost (about € 700!). Since blood work still had to be done, etc., we decided to leave Shila at the vet.   

So everyone, wish my kitty luck....

Edit: Friday.... we decided to have her eye removed yesterday (her left one).... she's too old to try any experiments that may or may not be affective at her age. I will pick her up in an hour. *sigh*


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Long time.....

gosh, it's been almost 2 months since my last entry. That is sooooo unlike me! But somehow I'm just not in the blogging mood anymore. There are a number of reasons for it, I guess.

1. real life busy.... as usual
2. I still miss JS. Yep, journalspace was real special. There was a lot more community feeling (here there is NONE). I've been trying the site "xanga", which has many of the JS features and more, but it's just not the same.... too big, lots of drama which even I, as a newbe there realise, and well, I just can't get that "home" feeling
3. I don't just write/blog for ME, if I did, I could write anywhere.... I write for the sharing, for the feedback, for the comments which I so enjoy getting. I write for the interaction between me and my friends across the globe, not just for family.
4. As most of you know, I did my darndest to keep the JS community together, helping others where I could,  doing layouts, giving advice, etc. I set up a static site, not as a blogging site but as a nostalgia site. On that site is a worked over list of members and their facebook names so that people can reconnect; I set up a list of JS authors with links to their available at Amazon;I added alist of couples who met on JS and are (as far as I know) still together. I asked via facebook and on the site itself feedback in form of corrections, additions, etc. What did I get? NOTHING! So why do I bother???

And then there is that other site that was set up by former JS'ers (I will mention no name, but most of you know which site I mean).  I am no longer able to read some of the entries.... I've been blocked by the one or other member and they are members that I NEVER said or did anything negative to! I sent messages to them, asking what was wrong, I sent friend requests..... and got absolutely NO response! And I'm off their friends list in facebook, too. And then I read comments from them in entries about me that make NO sense.... and it hurts!

Again.... why do I let it bother me? Why do I even CARE???

So, if I'm not around much.... I may stop all this internet interconnection completely, maybe read and comment at the one or other dear friend, but otherwise I'm curing myself of this addiction I think..... *sigh*

On a nicer note... my oldest granddaughter turned 8! Where has time flown?? We'bve been having an excellent fall, weatherwise (much better then the whole summer was) so she was able to have her party outdoors. Here are some pictures for your enjoyment (grandma's are permitted to brag, right?):

My daughter, Regina, holding one of two rabbits they now own...

My cat, Shila, has been having eye problems so I've been doing a number of visits to the vet... but it seems to be getting better.

Tamara opening her presents...

Her party was on the day before Halloween but Halloween is just now getting to be a big deal over hear so we didn't bother having the kids dress up.


and last but not least... all the girls:

It's Saturday morning but I have a work related class to teach this morning... with at least 40 people attending! (and Shila is hiding under the bed to avoid getting her eye drops... grrrrrrrr).


P.S. only 8 more months until retirement..... *grins*