Monday, January 12, 2009

NO MORE Journalspace!!

Our beloved "home",, has been SOLD... for $5600. And now, when you click on that address, you end up to a site full of advertisements!

Lucky to those of us who got the news and found my forum .. (a bit of self pimping here, ahem). Anyone now stopping by will be lost!

The demise of JS sorrowed me more then I ever expected it would. Most of us are finding new "homes", but it's just not the same.

I miss the JS homepage!!

I miss the recent comments!!

I miss the JS top ten! Blogger and Wordpress are just too big for any of us "normal bloggers" to ever hope to get on the "top blogs".

Many of you miss the possibility to pm... feel free to continue using my forum for that.

Speaking of my forum..... if you go to visit it you will notice some changes. Wheelie was finally able to set up an up-dated version, without losing ANY data (which he backs-up regularly... we also learned through past experience...ahem). We now hope that the security is better and I won't have to watch out for fakes.

The color scheme will be changing... the present one doesn't display different functions as nicely. But that's Wheelie's job and he does have a real-life day job.

Anyway.... I guess we can put journalspace forever in it's grave...


  1. Yup...JS allll gone!

    Felt kind of strange to delete it from my bookmarks, but between the "Dorrie Forum" and the various sites where many of us have settled -- some quite comfortably -- I think we'll all manage.

  2. You know, I read all the time how people tried other blog sites and just didn't get the community they found at JS. I never understood that because all four years of my blogging were done at JS. NOW, I too understand. I wish I'd know how great that JS homepage was and how singular a blogging experience we had there. I miss JS too.

  3. We have come together as a "community" at your forum, and mostly at Blogger. We almost seem closer now than we did before, because we took JS for granted as a stable platform for our online lives.

    Yet, here we are, still communicating.

  4. It's crazy from the highs and lows from JS. Even with all it's faults, it was a very unique experience unlike any other out there. The ability to combine some thing as broad as blogger or wordpress with a bit of the social networking from myspace or facebook together and still keep it small. It's gone now forever.

    Although in the cold dark empty space of blogger, there is a small candle light glowing brightly. The new community of the ex-JS. In a year or two newbee's will ask what was JS and it operated how?!?!

  5. I miss it too. I was there for 5 going on 6 years. I miss alot of things about JS.

  6. yes, JS has a community feeling unlike anywhere else.... it's really something else!

  7. I want to thank you and Wheelie from the bottom of my heart. Without you guys this whole experience would have been much, much tougher and who knows how we could have come through as strong as community as we still are. Here's to you two -- Hip-Hip-Hooray!

  8. I would really love for the main page of blogger to be just like Journalspace's. Is there a person we can contact to make suggestions?

    As for the site being down every month or so - I really won't miss that :)

  9. Dorrie, I’m sure you appreciate this, but for the benefit of those who don’t, the adverts on the Journalspace home page are only there while the new buyer decides what to do – you’ll see the ‘This page is parked FREE courtesy of’ (the domain name registrar).

    We still presumably don’t know the buyer and what they intend to do. If they’ve paid so much for a domain name like that, presumably they intend setting up a blogging site, and it will be interesting to see what it’ll be like.

    But as I commented a couple of times on your forum, I don’t understand how they can think the domain name itself can be worth so much. Let’s face it, a company’s name and the domain name of its website don’t have to be the same, and often aren’t. After all, many of us are at Blogger, but our actual journals are We still say we have our blogs at Blogger though.

  10. Wow, the final nail in the coffin, huh?

  11. Dorrie we all owe you so much thanks for all you have done for us and kept us in touch.
    Thank you

  12. I guess I am becoming more of an optimist every day because I am still holding out hope that one day something will come out that will bring us all back together again. Not expecting anything anytime soon but some day........

  13. thank you all! it is for YOU GUYS, the "former" JS community I do all this. I don't think I would do the same for blogger or wordpress.

    I have put more info in my forum... please continue to go there for up-dates and information. I will "try" to keep this place just for my normal entries. *wink*

  14. Thanks for the forum, Dorrie! I think we would have been lost without it.

    It'd be nice to have JS back someday, but Bobby might be right...on to the next deal.

  15. KUDOs to Wheelie for a super job done on revamping your fun forum!!!

    I too, miss the old JS Land. I loved the homepage and the comments updates so we could go read.

    But look here! Here we all are! (or most of us) we still are communicating, yay!

    We did'nt go away sad and bury our heads in the sand, nope, we did not!

    We are blogging and visiting and commenting, and trying out new things and making new friends, and finding old friends, and oh my!

    Time to shut up, Judy! hahaha!

    {{hugs}} Dorrie and thanks again to you and your guy for the forum!