Friday, January 30, 2009

Sometimes TV is good

Yep, sometimes there are some good shows on TV. Right now I'm watching a musical show called "The Ultimative Chart Show". Each time it comes on, they have a different theme and then a count down of the top 50 on that theme.

Today it's FLOWER POWER!!

That wa my time.... the late 60's! I graduated high school in 1968!!

Most of the songs are just short clips from "back then" with German VIP's/stars making comments about their memories of the particular song. The studio is also decorated for the time and they show products from then... fun stuff.

And.... they have some live guests.... singers that were popular then and are still active. No, not all 50, but an occassional surprise.

So far tonight, they had live, and on stage, the following performers singing their hits from the Flower Power era (1964-1976):

Albert Hammond



The Troggs

Wow! I love this show! What memories it brings back. Those old clips are sometimes so funny to watch.

And it's always amazing to see, and hear, how those stars from back then are today.



  1. OMG! I haven't thought of Melanie in forever. I guarantee I'll have Brand New Key stuck in my brain before bedtime. But it's OK, because I liked that song.

  2. Ditto what Mary said. That sone popped in my head as soon as I saw "Melanie" in your list. lol. Also, "They Call Me Mellow Yellow" --- wasn't that one of Donovan's hits? I used to sing that song until my mother was ready to duct tape my mouth shut. HA! Thanks for the memories. Hugs.

  3. It Never Rains In Southern California was one of my favourite songs from then. Al Hammond is still around?

  4. Mellow Yellow was one that got stuck in my head a lot!