Friday, February 27, 2009

It's Friday... and nothing planned!

Do you like the flowers? They were given to me by Wheelie on my birthday. Oddly enough, Pastor Larry mentioned yellow roses as a thank you to me for doing his layouts. He used to send me lots of JS candy hearts, etc.... that was fun, and another thing I miss about JS being gone.

Another (former) JS'er is so sweet to me! There was this game going around about six people. The first 6 people who commented in your journal were to receive a gift from you, which could be something you bought, made, or written.... whatever. Anyway, I was one of Xanadu's six... and today I recieved a package from her! THANK YOU!! It's something she made herself and VERY hard to explain or photgraph! lol

Nothing much going on in my world now at the moment. Is that good? lol Work is quiet at the moment, too, but the season is just beginning. But I have enough other things to keep me busy.....

I wish all of you a great weekend!!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Those Crazy Germans!

Finally, carnival, or Fasching as it's called here, is over! Yesterday, as planned, I joined my daughter and her kids to watch their local parade. It was colorful as always with lots of clever costumes. Also, this made me think of Summerwind ....

These were my favorite costumes and I believe they won first prize...

Here's Regina and our gang...

Tamara was dressed as an Indian...

and Emely, together with a friend, wore marching girl costumes which I made about 25 years ago!

and I was dressed as a Chinese gal, here I'm dancing with Regina's hubby, Frank.

Speaking of dancing.... the Germans go CRAZY on carnival, with lots of dancing and drinking, as mentioned in my previous entry. To give you an impression.... here's a small film I made showing a typical way they party. Btw., one of those green "frogs" is Frank's mom!

ooops, video isn't loading. You can watch it and see more pictures here.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Yesterday I was surrounded by all my family! My son, Carsten, had invited us all over to his home for coffee, cake, and just a chance to be all together. This is just one of many photos taken...

All 4 grandkids together.... nice! But you can imagine the noise? LOL Happy noise, but still loud. I guess I'm getting old.... *sigh* *wink*

Today I'm off to join my daughter, Regina, and her clan to watch another carnival parade. The weather seems to be holding but we still have to dress warm. More pictures perhaps tomorrow....

Some of you may be wondering why you are not getting any comments... Bobby, Silentwisper, Junaderlust... just to name a few (darn who else did I try?)..... the captcha thingies aren't loading!! Turn off the captcha option and we can start commenting again!

Thank you ALL for the lovely birthday wishes!!

Well, I better get going... see ya all later!


Monday, February 23, 2009

Sharing this day with you...

Once upon a time a little baby was born in the State of Maryland, USA. It was documented with a little footprint....

and also a picture....

Fifty-Nine years later (that's 59!) that little baby is now a grandma of four little girls, the newest addition just a week old....

I wish to thank all of you who have sent birthday wishes to me either here, in emails, in Facebook, or REAL cards! Amoung the cards received....

from Xanadu

from Cheri, with lots of glitter lol

from my ex-sister-in-law and good friend, Petra

I also received my Secret Santa present from Summerwind...

I'm sure to have more pictures to share of the kids after the "party" this afternoon.

Thanks again for all the friendships I've made in this cyber world!!


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Carnival in Germany

Most of you have heard of carnival in Rio, or even the carnival in Venice, and of course Mardi Gras. What do these have in common? They all mean party time and fun.... before Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and fasting begins until Easter! During Lent, you are not supposed to have fun anymore, so during carnival people "let it all hang out", in every form of the term.

Different areas of Germany "celebrate" carnival in different ways, but it's generally a time of masquerade balls and other events, finishing off with parades, parties, and LOTS of drinking up until the Tuesday night before Ash Wednesday. In some cities, like Cologne, the people get really crazy. Germans have a reputation of being very stiff and having very little humor. Carnival season is the one time they can "be not themselves"!

But also, being German, the celebrations are quite "regulated". In Cologne they have what they call the "Dreigestirn" to reign over the festivities. They are 3 quite well-to-do men who have to pay quite a bit of money for the priviledge. One is the designated as prince, the other the farmer, and the third is the "virgin" (a man dressed as a woman). Here is a picture of this years Dreigestirn to give you an idea...

"Virgin", Prince, Farmer (Bauer)

In the town I once lived in, a "normal" Prince and Princess are pronounced. In some towns they were not to be a married couple (making the wives of some married princes get VERY jealous of the pretty princess at his side), yet in my town the couple could be married to each other. In 1982, my ex and I were the town's prince and princess!

Yep, that's me! Ah, those were the days..... it was a fun time. My birthday was on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, the same day as the big parade. What a birthday celebration that was! It snowed terribly and can you believe it? We have NO pictures of the float we rode on or anything!

Here we received the key to the city from the town mayor.

Today I watched the parade go past my window. It was drizzly and cold, but the streets were still lined with people, all dressed in fun costumes. Yes, I took pictures, but they're not uploaded yet. But I wanted to share a bit about Carnival in Germany, or "Fasching" as it's called in some parts, is all about. This coming Tuesday I'll probably be going to my former town, the same town my daughter lives in, to once again watch their parade. And, in spite of the many years that have gone by, I'm still greeted there as Princess Dorrie I.!


Saturday, February 21, 2009


Yep, that's what I've been doing to day... multi-tasking!

I actually managed to sleep in a bit later today, then I got up, turned on the computer, got the coffee going, did some blog reading while the coffee perked, then went to wash my hair.

I sipped my coffee while reading some more blogs and while letting my hair dry, then stripped the bed, put the sheets in the washing machine , and finally started on the layout for Pastor Larry's digging journal.

After that, I went off shopping, then fixed my lunch, then went and put fresh sheets on the bed. I then read today's newspaper and did some surfing on the internet.

It's carnival season in German, well all over the world actually, and tomorrow there will be a parade passing below my window. I may write a long entry all about carnival over here. I've written about it in past years on our dear JS, but I'm sure most of you don't remember.

I'm going to call my son now and see about stopping over for a visit.

See ya all later!


Friday, February 20, 2009

It has snowed again!

This is one of the weirdest winters! After weeks of dry, but cold, weather, it is finally snowing again. Last Monday it snowed, then melted by Tuesday. Yesterday we had clear blue skies. And now it has snowed again. I think I'll take the train. Sure, it could get stuck, too, but at least I don't risk getting fender benders in my car.

Today is Friday and I'll stay at work only half-day... I have about 12 hours of overtime so no problem with that. I then have off for 5 days.

Originally I thought of traveling somewhere, but it was difficult deciding and now it's too short notice, especially since arrangements would have to be made for Shila.

My ideas: a wellness weekend; a trip to Disney Paris; visit England (I thought of the days off too late to contact Susananne or Tris or Lone-Groover so I killed that idea pretty early... same as the idea of visiting Wizardress in Holland); and so on, and so on......

So, I plan to just be a bit lazy, do things I WANT to do like read a book, work on some layouts (go check my practice blog to see the one I've been working on for Pastor Larry), and maybe record some of my dance music finally. Sounds like a good plan... and maybe I'll stick to it.

Well, I'm still in my night gown, so I guess I better get ready.

Have a great Friday everyone!!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I lost a potatoe chip!

Yep, I'm nibbling on the contents of a bag of potatoe chips and I dropped one... and I can't find it!

I love potatoe chips... the normal, salty ones. Give me a bag and I'll gobble them down in no time. The same goes with salty popcorn. Why do I specify "salty" popcorn? Because most Germans prefer SWEET popcorn! YUCK!

Anyway, I'm back from dance class and need something to drink... a nice, cheap white wine watered down with mineral water. And a bag of potatoe chips.

Dance class was good tonight. I have the recordings on CD's. Tonight, after we did a new dance, I let the CD continue and some "oldies" came up.... difficult dances that I can't teach my group...yet. I danced them, letting the group watch. I needed that. A bit of exibitionism and also ... they're great, fun, and difficult dances!

Tomorrow is Thursday and my usual LONG day. Telephone duty at the office, then straight to the other dance class. Since the internet is being filtered, I don't dare visit my blog or other fun pages during working hours... DARN!!

Do go and vist the new site KCL (keepingconnectedlive). The original set-up is like Wordpress and/or the new JS, but it's being run by a former JS'er (EvilFury's hubby!) and he's doing a really good job with it! He is now adding friends only, members only, and private options!

The weather is COLD! It's now -5°C (23°F) outside and expected to get colder! brrrrr

OK, time to look for that missing potatoe chip and then get ready for bed... it's that time again!

Maybe I'll read a blog or two first... and search for that missing potatoe chip.....


Monday, February 16, 2009

Another week begins...

As I drove to work this morning, big fluffy snow flakes were falling and the ground was already covered in a number of inches of white stuff. The efficient local workers already had the main roads cleared so driving was no biggy. If I didn't have all the files and stuff to bring in to work with me, I would have taken the train.

Now, in the evening, it is raining again and most of the nice snow has melted. *pout*

The day at the office was pretty typical, but it had a highlight. One of the guys from yesterday's class sent me an email, telling me how good he thought my presentation was, how informative, how well done my powerpoint was... very readable and to the precise. He said he learned quite a bit he hadn't known before. Wow... that really makes me feel good! I needed that. Needless to say, I passed the email on to my boss....

As usual on Mondays I left the office early. I stopped by a clothes store to check on something for Regina. I forgot to mention, but last Friday on my day off I went shopping and got some really nice pants and a blazer marked really down! The velour blazer only cost €9, down from €39! And I got a pair of jeans which fit fantastic marked down from €39 to only €7! I wore the blazer for my classes and when I stopped by to see Regina and the girls on Saturday (the class took place in their town), she saw the blazer and just HAD to try it on... and wanted to keep it! lol So today I checked if they had another one and they did!

Sometimes you need to spoil yourself.

Next week I put in for vacation from Monday to Wednesday, giving me a 5 day weekend! Since Regina works in a travel agency, she was looking for a trip I could possibly take, perhaps a wellness weekend. But we didn't find anything fitting. So, I'll probably just stay home and do things here.

Maybe I'll join in some carnival activities. The main events ARE taking place next Monday and Tuesday after all. It's at times hard to believe that I was once a carnival fanatic! I know I've reported about the German carnival traditions in the old JS, and how back in 1982 I was the towns carnival princess! Mabe I'll make a repost....

Anyway.... I want to thank Judy and Xanadu for making me their blogger friend!

It's a little "game" going on where you are to pick 8 people and announce them your special friend. They are then supposed to post a similar entry and also select 8 friends. And then put this label in the sidebar...

Sorry, but I can't pick JUST 8! I'll add the logo to my sidebar later... I want to make some layout changes soon so I'll wait until I get that taken care of first. Call it blog housecleaning! lol

Last night I was in bed by 09:00 pm and I think I'm going to go off already now, at 09:30 pm. The TV program is once again lousy so that makes it easier.....

See y'all in the mornin'!


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Survived the weekend...

I'm finally home from the second class this weekend. Today there were 30 participants, yesterday 26. Both classes seemed to go well, as far as I can judge. Once again I got applaus, at both events, so I guess they all liked it.

I left the house to day with blue skies, no snow, but -8°C (17.6°F).

Yesterday morning I was presented with a winter wonderland. When I took the first picture it was still dark. This was at a traffic circle, or "round-about" as teh Brits say, near my apartment, taken from inside my car and without the flash...

Then a bit later, the sun was higher and the main street just looked so pretty!

I would have loved to take more pictures, but the prettiest areas had no place to park. I spent some time getting the frozen-on snow off the business car.

I'm still chilled through... I guess I'll take a nice hot bath even though it's not my usual bath time yet....

Now I have around 16 hours of overtime to take advantage of.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

One life arrives, another leaves...

In about an hour and a half I have to leave on a business trip once again (I'm avoiding the word "duty" so Sammi won't laugh at me again lol). I have another class to teach today AND tomorrow! Today's class is at the airfield where I learned to fly myself and in the town where my daughter lives, but I won't be able to visit since I'll be using the official car (an Audi A4...nice!).

Tomorrow's class is farther away. Since it decided to snow last night, I have to give myself a bit more time... class starts at 09:30 am and I always try to arrive by 09:00. That way I can set up the beamer and stuff, perhaps re-arrange seating, and whatever needs to be done. Besides, I'm a fanatic about being punctual!

Yesterday I heard the news that one of JS's former members, eo-per-nex, passed away. He was involved in a car accident the other day from which he didn't survive. He had also been a member of my forum, which was, unfortunaely, the only contact I had had with him. It seems he was suffering from depression and the car accident was actually no accident. So, those of you who pray, please add him to yours......

Well, I better get ready... I'm still sitting here in my pj's. Have a great weekend everyone!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

One day old.... and CUTE!! PICTURES!!

Seek and you shall receive! I have pictures to share of my one day old granddaughter!

Big sister Shiana is not sure yet about this new doll that MOVES!

Here are all the ladies together... Karens's mom, Karen,Shiana, me, and the new addition...

Oh, yeh... her name: Priyasha Fiona

And a head full of hair, just like Shiana had as a baby....

I'm sure there will be more pictures in days to come.... *wink*


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Some GOOD news for a change!

First of all, I'm in a rush... I just got back from dance class, which I cut off early. You see, I got a call from my daughter, telling me...

The BABY has arrived!!

Yep, my son and his wife now have their second daughter. They had planned to go to the hospital this morning and since he thought he'd being staying over, he asked me if I could spend the night with Shiana and Karen's mom. Sure, no problem, but after dance classe. Then he called around noon saying the baby didn't want to come yet and now they were sent home. OK...

And now the little one decided to come after all! So off I go. I will still have to go to work tomorrow, but I have Friday off. So don't expect me around here much. I actually can NOT blog any more from the office...

Second good news... my JS Secret Santa package finally arrived! Thank you Summerwind!! I haven't opened it yet... no time!

So, I'm off... see you around at some time...


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Germany... how I got to this place and stayed!

Some of you may remember the entries I started about how I came to be living in Germany. Many told me to be sure to save them.

Having my own homepage, I copied some of my old JS entries, before the big crash, and added them there... including the comments! Well, entries 1-4 got copied, entry 5, my civil wedding (mentioned a few entries back) didn't get copied in time.

On the left, you will find links to those entries. Like I said, 1-4 are direct copies from my JS journal, complete with the comments you guys made. Part 5 I had to do over. The next entry, Part 6, was going to be about my church wedding.... maybe I'll get around to writing that soon. After that I'll try to make entries about my life over here.

Part one begins with meeting my soon-to-become German hubby in 1968. Then parts 2-4 show some of my first impressions of life over here (1969-1970). Part 5, the civil wedding ceremony, was on Feb. 2, 1970. The church ceremony was back in El Cajon, California, on February 23, 1970.... part 6 whenever I get to it.

Today it's stormy outside! Rainy and cold on top of the strong winds. The temps are supposed to drop and we may actually get snow in my area.... northern Germany already had quite a bit.

This coming weekend I have TWO duty (don't laugh Sammy) classes to teach... one on Saturday and the other on Sunday. I'm taking off work on Friday to avoid getting over the legal limit for work days in a row.

I guess that's enough to bore you with for today. Have a good one everone!


Monday, February 9, 2009

Where I lay my head...

Becoming Kate started an interesting entry idea.... everyone is to post a picture of their bedroom/bed.... so here is mine...

As you can see, it just fits from wall-to-wall. The German's often have tiny bedrooms meant for the children. Since I don't need more room just for sleeping, I put my queen sized bed in there and use the larger bedroom as a combination work room, guest room, and dressing room.

German homes also don't have ANY closets... you have to install ones yourself, so mine is in that bigger room.

I don't always bother putting the pillows and the doll up there, unless I'm expecting visitors (rare enough occassion). The two animals on the table are stuffed but look quite real.

Behind the bed there is actually a door to the balcony. Since there is also a door from the guest room as well as the living room, it was no big deal to block it with my bed.

So that's it....MY place to dream...

They are predicting snow here...... I'll believe that when it happens. Strong winds are on the way, too... now THAT I believe.

I think I'll leave the TV off tonight .... Monday's always seems to have a crappy program.

I hope you're all having a good start into the new week!


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Attention all Bikers! Plus, my new hair cut ;-)

Most of you know a certain webmaster, forum master, and very special person ......WHEELIE! Did you also know he's a biker? Yep, he owns a Harley...

Well, he now has a blogger blog, too and his first entry is a request to help a friend. You see, there was a great biker bar in the town near where he lives with lots of biker memorabilia. I never got to visit it... yet. Some days ago, the place burned down!

Go to Wheelie's blog and see the before and after pictures. Anyway, he is asking anyone and everyone to help his buddy get some new collectables.... ANY help is appreciated! These bikers have a close knit community of their own... almost like us (former) JS'ers!

I know you guys are all DYING to see my new hair cut!

I know, against the dark background it's a bit hard to see...

The kids are as cute as ever and soooo different in their characters... Tamara is quiet and reserved, it was difficult to even get her picture!

Emely is lively and full of energy.... here before her hair cut (we did NOT cut Tamara's!)

And here during...

Today's weather.... YUCKY!! Cold, rainy, just plain

That's all from my world today.... now go off to Wheelie's blog and if you know anyone who might be able to help, send him a pm via our forum.


Friday, February 6, 2009

It's Friday once AGAIN!

Boy do the weeks go by fast! I can't believe it's already Friday once again.... gee whiz!

Oddly enough, my blogger journal wasn't blocked by the new filter at work, but since all site visits are now being monitored, I don't dare do any visiting.

Thank you all for the comments.... they are really, really appreciated!!

After work today, I drove to my daughter's. Her hairdresser friend planned to stop by so Regina arranged for a mass hair-cutting session. Emely got her hair cut as did one of her friends, her friends daughter, and ME! Pictures coming up soon, they need to be uploaded first. Regina got her hair freshly colored, without a cut.

I had to do some shoppping on the way home so I only got home about an hour ago.... and here I am, already reporting in to y'all!

Be sure to visit the new blogging site set up by Easysleeper. As I already mentioned, he's using the basic format/software that the new JS is using, but he is making lots of adjustments and, being an old JS'er, he knows what we like/want. Oh, and don't forget to tell him, Westy sent you!

Tomorrow I'm going to a pilots meeting... and for a change, it has nothing to do with my job! So, I'll be gone most of the day but I'm keeping Sunday free!

Nothing else to report... STILL no news of the new baby.

Well, I better get going and do some catching up on everyone...