Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunshine Blog Award

Presented to me by LowandSlow  , a former Journalspace buddy and aviation enthusiast  

We even met in person back in 2008

The rules of the Sunshine Blog Award are simple…just answer the following

Favorite color: blue, like my eyes….

Favorite animal: cat, especially Shila 

Favorite number: 6 (son’s birthdate), 13 (daughter’s birthdate as well as her two daughters) and/or 23 (my birthdate)

Favorite non-alcoholic drink: CocaCola (only the original!); Bitter Lemon

Facebook or Twitter: facebook… I still haven’t figured out why twitter is so popular

My passion: once upon a time it was flying, then blogging, now ????

Favorite flower: bottle brush (see picture above with Shila) and bougainvillea  

Favorite movie: musicals, historical movies

Favorite painting: no real fav (and I simply HATE modern art), but I saw this at the Louvre in Paris and liked it (a girl friend managed to take the picture without us getting caught heehee)

And finally, nominate a few other blogs and include links to them

also former Journalspacers....

Dear Maggs  from Downunder (=Australia)
HarpO      who now lives in my (former) hometown and who I have also had the priviledge of meeting in person      

BlueMoaner    an excellent writer....

Sunny a very sweet lady from Floriday and great inspiration

Now it's your turn to present this "award" to some of your favorite bloggers.....

Dorrie aka "Westy"

P.S. maybe some day I'll catch the blogging bug again! :-)