Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New apartment soon.... can't wait!

Last Thursday I checked out a possible new apartment, near where Regina lives. It's great, with a fireplace.... and I got it!

I will move into it end of June. Because of the 3 month notice I have to give to my present apartment managers (sent in the mail today), the official date to move in is July 1. But the owners of the new apartment will let me in as soon as they're out, and that should be latest mid June.

Here's an impression of the living area, the owner chatting with Regina, .....

She happens to also be an American, married to a German, and had trained to be a travel agent together with Regina! It ended up that we mutually liked each other so, if I wanted the apartment, I could have it. I did LOTS of financial calculations, weighed all the pros and cons, and I'm going for it! Contract will be signed tomorrow!

Anyway, as if I'm not busy enough already, the next 3 months will be hectic. Luckily I still have enough vacation days even after my 3 weeks off in May to take 2 weeks off around the end of June to move.....

Friday (Good Friday) is a holiday in Germany as is next Monday (Waster Monday) so I have a 4-day weekend ahead! Luckily the stores are open on Saturday, but closed on the other 3 days.... which means, of course, that the stores will be CROWDED! I got some shopping done today already.

Tomorrow, April Fool's day, is my dad's 87th birthday. Unfortunately he stopped blogging after JS died. My older brother is trying to save all his old entries in a new site.... The Boatswain. I also saved them here, but I plan to reorganise those pages.... some day.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Nostalgia... 1979

Tonight while watching TV I decided to do some more scanning of old photos (multi-tasking rules!). The pictures I scanned are so cute I just MUST share them with you.

In December 1979 I flew with my family to visit my folks. My mother-in-law (yes, the one I visited just two weeks ago) flew over with us. It was her first trip ever to the USA, in fact it was also her first trip ever in an airliner, in spite of her oldest son being an airline pilot.

Anyway, we took tons of pictures but these are some of the cutest:



Together with Anna-Marie, my older brother's daughter....

I love this picture!

and the whole gang (without my dad since he took the picture)...

Another long week ahead of me... *sigh*.... it's beginning to get boring! LOL


Sunday, March 14, 2010

I love ruins.....

and we have enough around here... yet I'm always finding new ones.

Yesterday morning I had that work related class to teach. The class took place at a town on the Neckar River, near the famous Heidelberg. Anyway, after class (which once again went very well), I noticed on my drive along the river a fortress ruin I had never noticed before, probably since the trees in front of it have no leaves at the moment. I decided to stop and take a closer look... I love ruins!

As you can see there is still snow on the ground and part of the paths were icy... but I walked up to it anyway.

This is a view of the road along the Neckar River that leads to and passes through Heidelberg....

After I dropped the business car off, I then drove to Regina's where I spent the afternoon and evening. I was quite tired when I arrived home, in fact I slept until 08:00 am this morning! So today a lazy day was planned, but I actually got lots of stuff done, too.

Time now to get to bed ... this week will probably be another busy one *sigh*


Friday, March 5, 2010

An update... will wonders never cease?

Yes, I've been boring lately..... no new entries. Sorry, I just haven't felt like writing. But I have been visiting journals and occassionally writing comments.

Last night was dance class again. Yes, that's the class I thought would get canceled for lack of members. Last week 3 new people signed up.... and yesterday TWO MORE! And we now have 3 men in the group! Soooo, looks like it won't get canceled after all! I had hoped for an extra night free, without the weekly long drive, but it's better when the group continues.

Tomorrow is another special day in the world of Westy. Check out this cute little kid....

and later this cute picture,

and this one, taken during a visit to Charleston, South Caroline....

well, this is him in 2010....

Tomorrow, March 6, this kid, my son, Carsten, will be 36 years old!! Gosh it's hard to believe.... *sigh*


P.S. tonight it's supposed to snow.... again...