Saturday, December 26, 2009

Pictures speak more then words....

As planned, I spent Christmas Eve until Christmas Day at Regina's. We went on christmas Eve with the kids to watch a very nice nativity play put on by local children. That's where I took the top picture.

As is the German tradition, we then came home and presents were opened. The kids were allowed to stay up later then usual, but then just crashed after all the excitement.

On the 25th we went for a walk... it had finally stopped raining (small patches of snow still were to be found here and there, but no white Christmas once again). Toward evening I drove home. Today, Saturday, is also a Christmas holiday so all stores continue to be closed, and tomorrow being Sunday they'll be closed, too. That makes 3 1/2 days in a row!

I arrived home to find the elevator broken again/still! I left my suitcase in my car and just carried up the necessary stuff (laptop, presents, leftovers...). There were two technicians trying to find the problem (on Christmas day!). I haven't checked if it's working, but I also haven't heard it so I think it's still kaputt. *sigh*

Today, besides working on my layout and the Christmas pictures, I've been spending the day catching up on some reading. Weather is nice outside (=cloudless) and I'm considering going for a walk... but that means climbing the 8 floors of stairs afterward. grrrrrrrr

Hope all of you are having a great Christmas!!


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Christmas plans....

... in case anyone is interested.

Tomorrow I drive to visit my daughter, Regina, and will spend Christmas Eve and Christmas day with her, her new boyfriend, his parents, and of course Tamara and Emely.

I baked a apple pie (from scratch!) to bring along. I packed all the presents today, I did most of my shopping yesterday. I'm one of those last minute people. I LOVE all the madhouse shopping. I went to two local shopping malls yesterday, hoping to see lots of Christmas decorations, hear lots of Christmas music, and get some real Christmas atmosphere. Somehow, it wasn't Christmasy.

I'm not much in a Christmas mood. Normally I'd have a tree up, but since I was on the cruise, and will then be at my daughter's, I didn't bother this year. Besides that, the elevator in my apartment house was broken the past two days so I wouldn't have been able to bring one up to my 8th floor anyway. And now all the lovely white snow has melted......

I managed to post the rest of photos of my trip. Anyone interested.... you know where to go!

In case I don't get to check in here the next days.... here's wishing all of you a Merry Christmas!!


P.S.I just remembered the New Years game I played every year.... hm, I wonder if I'll feel like doing it again (at KCL?). Last year the JS crash kind of messed everything up. Oh, well... I have another week to decide!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Trip impressions....

My cruise is over and I already miss it. It's not easy coming from temps of around 28° C (82° F) to -10° C (14° F) and snow!! brrrrr

I can't possibly post all my photos, but I know some of you will like this one:

That was the entryway to the disco. There was lots of action on the trip, dancing every night or enjoying fantastic shows! The performers were real professionals and it was also fun to watch them during their rehearsals.

The ship was new... having left the docks on Feb. 21, 2009. It's name: AidaLuna. It's matching sister ship, the AidaBella, happened to join us in Madeira and followed us all the way to La Palma. This picture of the Bella along side of us gives you an impression of what MY ship was like!

I may not get around to posting many pictures here, but you can view more once again at my homepage, which I'm still updating. I have more of Madeira, as well as Teneriffa and La Palma. Still Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, and Gran Canaria to go! lol


Friday, December 11, 2009

All packed......

In about 6 hours my son is stopping over to pick me up and take me to the airport. I'll also train him into how to take care (=feed) Shila. He'll stop by every day (I hope) to check on her and empty my mail box. That's a really GOOD aspect of living close by.

I'll spend about 3 hours at the airport until the flight leaves (3:00 am!). After arriving in Teneriffa I'll then transfer to the cruise ship... I CAN'T WAIT!

I have no idea if I'll have any (cheap) internet connection so you may not hear from me until after the 19th. How will you guys survive?

And I'm leaving just in time... SNOW is finally in the weather forcast and temps around freezing. So, for all you nostalgic fans... here's a picture of me in 1952 experiencing my FIRST snow!

Be good while I'm gone.... but if you can't be good, at least have fun!


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Family resemblance

Sunny mentioned in a comment in my last entry how I resembled my grandkids. Well, here is proof...

This is me, Christmas 1950..

and this is my oldest granddaughter, Tamara....

At KCL we once again are having the Secret Santa thing... I got my package sent off today, finally. Next Saturday I'm off on vacation... I can't wait!