Thursday, January 22, 2009

Busy day ahead

AS always on Thursdays, I'm going to have a busy day. First of all I have telephone duty, which means I have to stay at the office until 4:30 pm. Since I begin at 07:00, that makes a 9 hour day, with a half-hour lunch break.

After that it's off to my other dance class. I have to drive about 45 minutes to get there, and afterwards 45 minutes home again, and that in possible forcasted ice-rain! Hopefully not! Last night's dance class went great... 18 people, with 2 new ones.

Anyway, I won't be online much until late tonight.

Oooops, time to get going... streets are possibly already slick (it's -1°C outside).

Don't forget to go vote in my forum (in the JS chat section).



  1. I love Europe. A 9 hour day with a half hour lunch break would be a joy....

    ...okay, I will stop whining.

    Drive safe!

  2. Sounds like a busy day, alright! Please be careful driving on the slick roads. HUGS!

  3. Westy,

    I'm still very lost over at jayess. Do you think they can install the old architecture and run with it? I'm pretty sure that is what the old members really want.


  4. Back once again from dance class. More showed up then I expected (we were 8).

    Kona, a normal work day is 8 hours. And when you start getting MY age, it does seem loooong!

    The weather turned out blue where ANY clouds or ice-rain (now expected tonight). Those weather guessers really can't predict anymore....

    ok, off to catch up on some of you....