Saturday, February 27, 2010

My birthday party with the kiddies

After a short stop at home after work, I then drove to Regina's where the party continued, this time with cake (which my daughter baked herself) and coffee.

Later, Carsten arrived with his family. Except for when I picked them up at the airport on the 15th, I hadn't seen Karen and the kids since November 2009!

Carsten and Shiana...

Little Priyasha...

It wasn't easy trying to get a group picture of me with all 4 grandkids... one of them was always acting up! lol

I had brought the balloons from the office, and Priyasha really liked them!

Carsten drove his family home, then we met up again with Regina and her friend, Sven, for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants. It was definitely a fun day!


P.S. yes, I know Priiyasha should not have played like that with the balloon.... but it was cute. Next time I'll take it away from her.

Monday, February 22, 2010

In just a few hours... my time....

I will be entering the next decade of my life. Yes, DECADE!! Multiply 10 x 6 ....

I remember when I used to think 30 was OLD... or even 20! Now I have kids over 30, and I myself turn 60!

Yes... tomorrow/today... Feb. 23... I turn SIXTY!!

Damn I feel old all of a sudden......

Tomorrow morning I'll be passing around goodies to my co-workers for breakfast (I can't avoid it this year lol).

After that I'll go to Regina's where I'll be together with ALL my kids and grandkids! Then later I'm invited to dinner with my kids to a favorite restaurant of mine for dinner.

So, if all goes well, it should be a fun day. I just wanted to "warn" everyone in case you don't see me around here......

Luckily my cold has gotten a LOT better!! Still a stubborn cough, but no more snifles. If the cough persists, I'll go see my doc on Wednesday. I took Wednesday to Friday off! YAY!

Now I plan to take a nice hot bath and then disappear to bed! An "old" girl needs her beauty sleep even more then before. heehee

Taken, October 2009 in my office:


Thursday, February 11, 2010

A day of sadness....

One of the dearest people in the world... a former JS'er.... a former blogger'er... is suffering a GREAT loss!

I almost mentioned her recently in an entry but thought better of it... I knew she didn't blog because her thoughts were elsewhere.... watching over her husband and best friend as he lay in the hospital, fighting a VERY big battle.

Today he lost that battle.....

Betty's (likeisaid) husband, Paul, died today.

I met them both on my trip to Dallas back in 2008, the same trip on which I met Lowandslow, Kelly, Gillardia, and Dr.Strangelove.

Paul, it was a pleasure getting to meet you!! And even though our visit was short, it was long enough to let me see WHY you were Betty's favorite person!

He is a very big loss for Betty. The only comfort is the fact that he no longer suffers any pain. And now perhaps he can watch over her.......

Love you Betty!