Saturday, January 31, 2009

JS Member List

Yep, I did it again.... spent too much time trying to help all my JS friends.

Some weeks ago, I started trying to add everyone into an excel spread sheet... not just for your sake, but my own as well. I couldn't keep track of where everyone went to!

Now I'm sharing the sheet with all of you.... JS Membership New Blog List

It's in no way complete. Some new blog url's may already be obsolete, some people I didn't know and they may now have completely diffent names so it was hard to match. It was also TOO time consuming to go through all the threads of my forum. So PLEASE notify me of any changes to make.

Notify me preferably via pm in my JS Forum, if necessary as a comment here, or as pm at the new JS site.
Sometimes I ask myself why I bother .... it's not like I don't have a "real" life!

So, go check it out!


EDIT: P.S. my class went GREAT! There were 50 people there and I got big applaus at the end.... I needed that *wink*


  1. You just too good to everybody, that's your problem. lol. Everyone appreciates it, though. You're such a sweet lady. Hugs.

  2. WOW! You finished it, kinda.. lol I think it's awesome that you did this. I hope everyone else does too. I understand what you were saying in your last comment on my blog. It's important to find a balance somewhere. At least for me right now. I'm struggling with it. It is really hard :) Hope you had a good week and that your weekend is perfection. You seem to have balance in your life and I sure hope I can follow suit. Love to you Dorrie.

  3. WOW! is right! You are amazing! ((HUGS))

  4. sharing..this is so cool. Thanks for sharing! Amazing job...

  5. I have a lot of your missing ones linked on my page. Wow, good job! Hope you have a nice weekend Dorrie. *hugs*

  6. Oh, by the way. I can't get onto Doanli's age without freezing up. Is it just me?

  7. Sorry - Doanli's PAGE. I have to shut down every time I try to read her, and it's just been two days since that started happening.

  8. Westy, I saw your comment on my last entry. I tried downloading a Blogger template from one of those sites (I cant find it now) and ever since then, I can't work my blog how I used to. Needless to say I never could install the new template.

  9. Hi westy! Thanks for keeping us together. You already have mine, but here are 2 that I have that you don't:

    Benb -
    Lizardo -

  10. good morning! thanks for the additions. How could I have overseen BenB? I read him every day! lol I guess that's why... I simply didn't realise he was missing. I received some more corrections via my forum and I'll upload the changes soon.

    I'm up MUCH too early! and it's Sunday... too much on my mind I guess.

    Andi... without a pm system it's hard to notify anyone of problems... I'll contact you via my forum later... first I need my coffee! lol

  11. Whoah! You are awesome!! I know where EF is, but I don't want to publish it because I know some people are mean. I will send you a link via your forum.

    I do have one request..... would you mind taking my link off the list? There are a few people that I would prefer not know where I am blogging. If it is a pain, don't worry about it, I just thought I would ask.

    Thanks for making this list, must have taken forever!!!!

  12. no problem CG... no version will be uploaded immediately *wink*

  13. ooops, I meant NEW version is up! LOL I just noticed that....

    oh, and my class went GREAT!

  14. Awesome job,Dorrie :) You are amazing!

    As you do have a real life. I don't see how you can do all these wonderful things you do for us, what with time being such a precious commodity!

    I have found all my faves, thanks to your forum, which I "try" to go there frequently.

    I made a layout tips blog for here in Blogger, named "Messin Around" and have a step by step how to make a layout for blogspot.

    Most important is this: They need to have a 'Minima' template or change the present one to 'Minima.'

    It's easy.

    {hugs} and hope you are having a good Sunday. :)

  15. Dang, girl, you outdid yourself this time! That's a pretty big list of names and URL's.

  16. it's nice that you've applied yourself so diligently to keep it going, Westy. mad props to you!




  17. Schnikeys, this is huge! Awesome job... thank you! :)

  18. Cool list thanks for all the hard work.
    Pastor Larry

  19. there are still changes to be made... I need your help to find and make them!