Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happier entry... Emely turned 6!

A much happier event was last Monday. My granddaughter Emely turned 6! It was a happy day for sure!!

Unpacking her new bike...

and other stuff...

celebrating with friends...

the girls like having their faces painted, and this mom does a good job!

and then the kids painted idea!

It was a fun day for all!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

the crash... caution, graphic pictures

Yes, I need to blog, write, put down my feelings. I have tried updating my blog at blogger, but it's so anonymous there. I hate facebook... it's only good for keeping up on peeps but that's about it.

Lately life has been toooooo busy. Ok, that's normal in my world. But sometimes it turns into a roller coaster... like now.

Emely had her 6th birthday on Monday. I have some cute pictures to share, but I haven't even had time to upload them to my computer yet.

On Sunday evening there was that horrific crash of the blimp at one of my airfields. I know that even the US media has reported about it. The Australian pilot burned with his ship, after managing to save the lives of his 3 passengers.

On Saturday, the day before the crash, I had visited the airfield on a duty trip.... standard visit, but the blimp being there was one of the reason. I took a couple of pictures of it from the tower....

Normally I would have gone over and talked to the pilot, but I was had been visiting other fields before that and was tired so I decided to drive home.... I'm now glad I did. Because this is what happened on Sunday evening.

This was all that was left of it.... and yes, they did find remains of the pilot, but not much....

On Monday, which was a holiday here, I met the accident investigators and the crimal police in charge. They pretty much know in the mean time what caused it (hard landing, fuel excaping and igniting), but it'll be awhile before the final report is out.

This week is full of meetings, plus this coming weekend a big air show! aaaarrrrgggghhhhhhh I'm beginning to hate air shows!

Well.... 12.5 months until retirement! ;-)