Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I miss Shila.....

On Januar 15, 2013, my lovely kitty, Shila, died in her sleep. She had been ill for some days and since she was nearly 18 yrs old we expected that it wouldn't be long. She was the best cat anyone could wish for .... I was always amazed at how clever she was and you could look her in the eye and tell she could THINK, just like humans.

I miss her approaching me when I come home. And when I think about her last days, I start crying as if she was a child I had lost (ok, in some ways she was ... pets can definitely become adapted family members, and are often emotionally closer then some family members). No, I won't get a new cat.... any cat would just get compaired to Shila and none can compare!

This is one of my favorite pictures of her, when she still had two eyes (we had to remove the left one in December 2012).

"Helping" me do a puzzle..... 2012

She died while sleeping in her favorite basket....

In other news..... 2012 was a year of so many changes that I need to write a dozen entries to get you guys up-dated! Maybe some day I'll get the blogging mood again. I just hope that 2013 will be a bit more relaxing..... but knowing my life, it won't be!