Monday, February 16, 2009

Another week begins...

As I drove to work this morning, big fluffy snow flakes were falling and the ground was already covered in a number of inches of white stuff. The efficient local workers already had the main roads cleared so driving was no biggy. If I didn't have all the files and stuff to bring in to work with me, I would have taken the train.

Now, in the evening, it is raining again and most of the nice snow has melted. *pout*

The day at the office was pretty typical, but it had a highlight. One of the guys from yesterday's class sent me an email, telling me how good he thought my presentation was, how informative, how well done my powerpoint was... very readable and to the precise. He said he learned quite a bit he hadn't known before. Wow... that really makes me feel good! I needed that. Needless to say, I passed the email on to my boss....

As usual on Mondays I left the office early. I stopped by a clothes store to check on something for Regina. I forgot to mention, but last Friday on my day off I went shopping and got some really nice pants and a blazer marked really down! The velour blazer only cost €9, down from €39! And I got a pair of jeans which fit fantastic marked down from €39 to only €7! I wore the blazer for my classes and when I stopped by to see Regina and the girls on Saturday (the class took place in their town), she saw the blazer and just HAD to try it on... and wanted to keep it! lol So today I checked if they had another one and they did!

Sometimes you need to spoil yourself.

Next week I put in for vacation from Monday to Wednesday, giving me a 5 day weekend! Since Regina works in a travel agency, she was looking for a trip I could possibly take, perhaps a wellness weekend. But we didn't find anything fitting. So, I'll probably just stay home and do things here.

Maybe I'll join in some carnival activities. The main events ARE taking place next Monday and Tuesday after all. It's at times hard to believe that I was once a carnival fanatic! I know I've reported about the German carnival traditions in the old JS, and how back in 1982 I was the towns carnival princess! Mabe I'll make a repost....

Anyway.... I want to thank Judy and Xanadu for making me their blogger friend!

It's a little "game" going on where you are to pick 8 people and announce them your special friend. They are then supposed to post a similar entry and also select 8 friends. And then put this label in the sidebar...

Sorry, but I can't pick JUST 8! I'll add the logo to my sidebar later... I want to make some layout changes soon so I'll wait until I get that taken care of first. Call it blog housecleaning! lol

Last night I was in bed by 09:00 pm and I think I'm going to go off already now, at 09:30 pm. The TV program is once again lousy so that makes it easier.....

See y'all in the mornin'!



  1. Excellent deals on the jeans and blazer! I love deals like that.

  2. Hey Dorrie, it's pouring rain here. You know us San Diegans....a little rain and we huddle up inside! Glad your presentations went so well...did you send a copy of that email to the jerk??? :)

    Hope your folks are doing well

  3. I love to see the fluffy snow...

    also love the trains.....oh I do need some new/used jeans.

    Glad you got your Friends Award. :) It's to choose blogs that you think are deserving of this pretty sweet award! :)

    And you are very deserving of it.



  4. I'm so glad you got that email... that's great, you really needed to hear that (and so did your boss, winkwink!)

  5. Right now as you are sleeping its 71 degrees and pretty nice out as the sun goes down. The first half of the day was yukky and overcast if it makes you feel any better hehehehe.

  6. Dorrie you will always be my bloger friend.

  7., how much were all those clothes in real money???

  8. I'm jealous re your 5 day break!

  9. How great that you got that E Mail, and that you let your boss see it, too. What a deal on the blazer/pants. Isn't if fun to shop when you find bargains like that? Enjoy your break from work, doing whattever makes you happy. Hugs.

  10. Burst, $1 is at the moment €1.26 so not quite 1:1 but close enough for government work. ;-) The rate changes almost daily which is why I didn't convert it... but I knew someone would ask! lol

    Thanks for the comments. I wonder what my boss will say about the email. The last one I got that was sent to both of us he never commented on.

    Kashew!! so glad to see you again!!

    Snow is completely gone now and it's raining *snif* I actually prefer snow to rain any day...

    well, time to catch up on a few of you before getting off to work!

  11. I'm one hit away from 2,000, according to my sitecounter, but pity I can't really tell who it'll be. I miss the old JS still :-(

  12. Congrats on the email...its nice to get praise like that! You deserve it.

    Thanks for being a big sis this week! ((HUGS))

    Have a great day!

  13. Blog counter?

    How do I implement one of those?

    I have no idea who is hitting my journal any longer....