Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Yesterday I was surrounded by all my family! My son, Carsten, had invited us all over to his home for coffee, cake, and just a chance to be all together. This is just one of many photos taken...

All 4 grandkids together.... nice! But you can imagine the noise? LOL Happy noise, but still loud. I guess I'm getting old.... *sigh* *wink*

Today I'm off to join my daughter, Regina, and her clan to watch another carnival parade. The weather seems to be holding but we still have to dress warm. More pictures perhaps tomorrow....

Some of you may be wondering why you are not getting any comments... Bobby, Silentwisper, Junaderlust... just to name a few (darn who else did I try?)..... the captcha thingies aren't loading!! Turn off the captcha option and we can start commenting again!

Thank you ALL for the lovely birthday wishes!!

Well, I better get going... see ya all later!



  1. Belated, but a big "Happy Birthday, Dorrie!!!!!"

    Looks like it was fantastic. :)

  2. Yeah, tried to comment on Bobby's journal yesterday and that word/letter generator thing - wasn't generatin'!
    Sounds like you have fun yesterday!

  3. Glad you had a wonderful visit with your family yesterday. The birthday girl looks happy in that picture. Yeah, that would be quite noisy for me, too. lol. Hugs.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DORRIE! I'm sorry I missed the actual day... I am glad you had your family surrounding you. What a blessing :) I hope the whole day was perfection. Love you bunches **HUGS**

  5. blogger...ok.

    You look very happy!

  6. I love this happy photo of you and your 4 grand daughters!!!

    Okay I guess I'll have to go check what I have in my settings for comments,lol.

    I see alot I've been trying to comment on. The loading does'nt load. So end result: no comment.

    Just look at that facial expression on Emily. I think that's Emily, anyway,lol. All cuteos, for sure!

    Oh the glitches will be ok soon,lol. Gives us time to do other things.

  7. Oopps, a typo up there, sorry!

    Supposed to be: "cuties" not cuteos.