Sunday, February 15, 2009

Survived the weekend...

I'm finally home from the second class this weekend. Today there were 30 participants, yesterday 26. Both classes seemed to go well, as far as I can judge. Once again I got applaus, at both events, so I guess they all liked it.

I left the house to day with blue skies, no snow, but -8°C (17.6°F).

Yesterday morning I was presented with a winter wonderland. When I took the first picture it was still dark. This was at a traffic circle, or "round-about" as teh Brits say, near my apartment, taken from inside my car and without the flash...

Then a bit later, the sun was higher and the main street just looked so pretty!

I would have loved to take more pictures, but the prettiest areas had no place to park. I spent some time getting the frozen-on snow off the business car.

I'm still chilled through... I guess I'll take a nice hot bath even though it's not my usual bath time yet....

Now I have around 16 hours of overtime to take advantage of.



  1. I love the second photo, it would be fun to walk around in if one had a nice coat and gloves :P

  2. Roundabouts are becoming real common here. People don't seem to understand the simplicity of them, tho. The pictures are both beautiful. I like the early morning, when Jack Frost has painted the trees, and they look all sparkly. Hope you warmed up when you took your bath. lol. Happy Sunday. Hugs.

  3. PS: I did a new journal entry early this morning, and it still shows last night's entry as my most recent one over there ---> in your column of other blogs. Crazy! Hugs.

  4. Wow, those are so pretty!! I love fresh snow, but I don't like driving in it. Lol.

    We have lots of round abouts popping up here. Minnesotans are crazy drivers to begin with, adding those is a real treat! *sigh*

  5. I hate roundabouts! they would be a lot easier to get round if people didn't feel the need to make them look pretty with rocks and shrubs and trees on them!

    How the hell can I see what is coming round if you block my line of sight!!!

    I still have pics of the snow here the other week, I really need to get round to posting them.

  6. We have a new roundabout, but it's pretty easy to manuever. Have a good Sunday Dorrie!

  7. I like the first one, it's really great. Wondering, the trees in my area didn't look like that early in the morning, though we had the same temperaturs tonight.
    This traffic circle is a big one and you can see everything. In my town we have so tiny little ones that truckers can't use them because of the radius. I like them (as long as I can find my way out of it....)

  8. I love the roundabouts. I'd rather have them then traffic lights any day!

    I don't need to see who's coming... they have the right of way and when I do see them, that's soon enough. But it's interesting, Andy, that our automobile club had that same discussion some months ago. Until then, I had never thought about it. They had been discontinued completely in the 70's, being replaced with traffic lights. Now they have been "re-discovered" and are being built all over... and I'm glad!

    But I remember once, back in the 70's driving in a 2-lane circle. Luckily I was NOT in the inside lane because suddenly there was a TRACTOR driving the wrong direction in it! ooooops

  9. I get so fed up of roundabouts here in town, then we also have the "mini" roundabouts if you miss the big ones!!
    I love your snow photos though, am sorry ours has gone now :-(

  10. Very pretty- I wish we'd have a little more of the white stuff.

    I hope you've had a great weekend!

  11. I love the 2nd one, all white fresh and snowy. :) The 1st one I like the lighting. :) Good job!

    I might buy a new Digi with my *little* stimulous check...or an Ipod....or a new Mic for Singing in SingSnap!

    Glad you got (((Applauses!))) and your classes went well. :)



  12. Both photos make me wish for some cool weather. Teh round-a-bouts are soooo much better than traffic lights - except for when country folk come to town - and never having seen them before - they inevitably cause an accident

  13. There seem to be roundabouts at every intersection in the UK! It was really scary for me at first because not only do you have to deal with Drew maneuvering around them, we were going the wrong way on the wrong side of the road!!!! LOL

    By the time I left I was in pretty good shape with them, but I see their usefulness. They are more the exception than the rule here.

    Lovely photos!

  14. thank you all for the comments! I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures.

    *yawn*, it is once again Monday morning, my time. There is SNOW on the ground! Oh, dear, and I must take the car because I have all the stuff from the classes to bring in, like the beamer. Oh, well... I better get ready :-(

  15. That is just tooooo cold! Even for me! (Congrats on your award from Xanadu!)

  16. Those pictures are gorgeous! There is actually a roundabout in Phoenix if you can believe that!! I freak out whenever I have to go through it. It's close to my sister's house.

    Congrats on the applause! I hope you have an amazing week Dorrie..

  17. Lovely photos... and Congratulations on the birth of another healthy baby girl!
    {{hugs}}- Gina