Friday, February 6, 2009

It's Friday once AGAIN!

Boy do the weeks go by fast! I can't believe it's already Friday once again.... gee whiz!

Oddly enough, my blogger journal wasn't blocked by the new filter at work, but since all site visits are now being monitored, I don't dare do any visiting.

Thank you all for the comments.... they are really, really appreciated!!

After work today, I drove to my daughter's. Her hairdresser friend planned to stop by so Regina arranged for a mass hair-cutting session. Emely got her hair cut as did one of her friends, her friends daughter, and ME! Pictures coming up soon, they need to be uploaded first. Regina got her hair freshly colored, without a cut.

I had to do some shoppping on the way home so I only got home about an hour ago.... and here I am, already reporting in to y'all!

Be sure to visit the new blogging site set up by Easysleeper. As I already mentioned, he's using the basic format/software that the new JS is using, but he is making lots of adjustments and, being an old JS'er, he knows what we like/want. Oh, and don't forget to tell him, Westy sent you!

Tomorrow I'm going to a pilots meeting... and for a change, it has nothing to do with my job! So, I'll be gone most of the day but I'm keeping Sunday free!

Nothing else to report... STILL no news of the new baby.

Well, I better get going and do some catching up on everyone...



  1. Oh, a haircut! It's so relaxing. Have a good weekend Dorrie. *hugs*

  2. I just love having my hair shampooed by my hairstylist...:)

  3. I can't wait for the pictures and sorry you have been limited at work. Thinking of you. Sometimes the sites make my leaving com ments difficult.. but I always pop by!! Maggs

  4. Anxious to see the pix of the new hair colors and cuts. I got mine colored Tues., so I look human again. lol. Have a great weekend. HUGS!

  5. I too look fwd to the pics. I just had my own ears lowered - I hope yours went better than mine! Is it just me, or does your online clock have a spelling mistake?

  6. Im glad its Friday too. I have a friend coming over to work on a project for school. Then, I have other texts to read. Thats cool you guys got your hair cuts altogether. Im looking forward to the pictures. I hope you have a good weekend.(((hugs)))

  7. good morning all!

    ooops, Lem, you're right! *shame* I guess I was so glad to get it up and so I didn't notice... ah, you are SO observant!

  8. clock is fixed! lately I've been doing a lot of letter reversals... I hope that's not a sign of something *worry*

    that clock widget I think is the best thing ever! well, almost the best.....