Monday, February 9, 2009

Where I lay my head...

Becoming Kate started an interesting entry idea.... everyone is to post a picture of their bedroom/bed.... so here is mine...

As you can see, it just fits from wall-to-wall. The German's often have tiny bedrooms meant for the children. Since I don't need more room just for sleeping, I put my queen sized bed in there and use the larger bedroom as a combination work room, guest room, and dressing room.

German homes also don't have ANY closets... you have to install ones yourself, so mine is in that bigger room.

I don't always bother putting the pillows and the doll up there, unless I'm expecting visitors (rare enough occassion). The two animals on the table are stuffed but look quite real.

Behind the bed there is actually a door to the balcony. Since there is also a door from the guest room as well as the living room, it was no big deal to block it with my bed.

So that's it....MY place to dream...

They are predicting snow here...... I'll believe that when it happens. Strong winds are on the way, too... now THAT I believe.

I think I'll leave the TV off tonight .... Monday's always seems to have a crappy program.

I hope you're all having a good start into the new week!



  1. It looks very cozy! My week is starting out MUCH better than last week :)

  2. I guess I'll have to take a pic of my room, but I need to clean up a bit first! I've neglected cleaning lately. Shame on me!


  3. Your room looks very cozy, and the little critters do, indeed, look real. Hugs.

  4. I love the bed! I probably would have kept the balcony doors open so that Bill could go out there and smoke a cigar, or maybe drink some wine just inside the doors.
    I can't wait to have a dressing room back.
    Have a good day Dorrie!

  5. Oh this is a great idea. I think I can post a pic of my bedroom...

  6. I remember the small bedrooms and living with no closets when I lived in Europe. My ex and I bought a wardrobe for our house in Belgium. I will have to post a picture of my bedroom.

  7. It does look like a great place to dream!

  8. I love it Dorrie! it looks so cosy..

  9. Yes, very cozy and snugly.

    With my hair color, I could just lie on your bed and be totally camouflaged! I'd be invisible. LOL

  10. I love your room. Love the warm colours.

  11. OK...better get a pic of my bedroom up before I pack it up. You're on. Your photo has me wanting to share too. How cool!

  12. Ohhhhh!!! I LOVE your bed :) Awesome. I still have to do this. I am trying to decide an angle. Our room is really big. Guess I should get on that... Very cozy looking bed.. I'd love to take a nap there...

    Have a good one Dorrie.

  13. mine is too messy to take a picture of :)

  14. Very cozy! I like your bed design!

    Oh my gosh, I've been so busy posting pictures on my new blog here, that I forgot to post my bedroom.

    I'll have to do that tomorrow night. :)

    Thanks also for the neat info!

  15. Oh my! Those two animals at the foot of your bed do look real! I thought they were, before I went back and read your entry again, lol.

  16. Very nice and cozy Westy, thanks for sharing!

  17. good morning! I'm just now awake from dreamland in that cosy I love all your comments.

    Kate, the door had to be blocked because the bed is right in front of it. The room is too small to put the bed any other way. On the opposite wall is the door from the hall so THAT can't be blocked! lol

    now to get my coffee. The full moon is shining once again through my window and I can see it from my desk... nice!