Saturday, February 7, 2009

Attention all Bikers! Plus, my new hair cut ;-)

Most of you know a certain webmaster, forum master, and very special person ......WHEELIE! Did you also know he's a biker? Yep, he owns a Harley...

Well, he now has a blogger blog, too and his first entry is a request to help a friend. You see, there was a great biker bar in the town near where he lives with lots of biker memorabilia. I never got to visit it... yet. Some days ago, the place burned down!

Go to Wheelie's blog and see the before and after pictures. Anyway, he is asking anyone and everyone to help his buddy get some new collectables.... ANY help is appreciated! These bikers have a close knit community of their own... almost like us (former) JS'ers!

I know you guys are all DYING to see my new hair cut!

I know, against the dark background it's a bit hard to see...

The kids are as cute as ever and soooo different in their characters... Tamara is quiet and reserved, it was difficult to even get her picture!

Emely is lively and full of energy.... here before her hair cut (we did NOT cut Tamara's!)

And here during...

Today's weather.... YUCKY!! Cold, rainy, just plain

That's all from my world today.... now go off to Wheelie's blog and if you know anyone who might be able to help, send him a pm via our forum.



  1. Many thanks for this post, I really appreciate it. BTW, this is an old picture from me on my former moped, the Suzuki Intruder ....
    Your hair looks great, :-), and the pictures of the kids are too cute.

  2. please see me next time you are in the USA...I owe you one portrait of you.

  3. LOVE your hair. It's so fitting for your face shape. You're such a cutie. :-) So sorry to har about the place burning down. How sad. Hugs.

  4. Wheelie looks great on his moped?????? ( wish mine was as big as that! )
    Your hair looks great Westy!!!

  5. Yeah, um, and next time you're in the U.S., could you bring one of your granddaughters along and let me have her? They're sooooo cute! I'm at the age (43) where I wonder what would be optimal: having one last child of my own, or waiting a few years for a grandbaby. Actually,the best thing would be if someone left an adorable tot on my front doorstep.

  6. Ohhhh, thanks for the kiddie pictures! They are way cute!!

    Love your new haircut tooo, and guess what!?? I just cut my own...and looks just like yours, but I have bangs.

    Okey dokey, will go over to your Wheelie's blog and add him too.

    Gotta get over to your forum too!!


  7. thank you everyone! Bursti, I wish I could swing it!

    ladies... thank you for the lovely comments... and no, Mary, you can't have one! They are all mine! *stomp feet* (but you could move over here and be our built-in babysitter heehee)

    Judy, I could NEVER cut my hair myself! And normally I do have bangs, but they now grew out far enough to do without....

    almost time for dreamland once again.... *sigh*

  8. That stinks about the biker bar! :-( Those are always so neat to go to!!! About getting stuff for the bar, might want to get ahold of Harley and tell them what happened, they might be willing to donate some things, even if it is just old ads or something, those are still cool. ;-) Ebay would be another place to check out too. I think still makes Harley things for the wall, but I am not sure how expensive they are. I will for sure keep my eyes open though!! Just so sad! I am suppose to be getting some free stickers from Harley, if they ever come, I will for sure send them your/Wheelie's way!!

    CUTE hair cut!!! I normally like longer hair, but this hair cut is super cute on you, and spunky! :-)

    Your grandkids are so cute! They are getting really big too!


  9. Love the haircut!!!! I am back over here. Nothing seem to be going on at JS2. I need you to add your name back to my list. I love your page. Enjoy the weekend.

  10. The hair looks great Westy.....This cut makes it look much fuller. Always love pics of the girls, thanks!

  11. love the new hair do hope things are going good in your world!

  12. Hair looks sharp - grandkids look too adorable, as per usual & wheelie looks tough!

  13. Seems like the whole world is raining! Nice hair cut!

  14. thanks to the rest of you!

    today I stayed home and did some laundry plus some long overdo computer stuff. But now... bed time! good night all!

  15. I missed these pictures! Your hair is adorable. The kids are adorable as always. I don't know how I missed this one **shrug**.. Hope you are having a good week so far.. I'm doing much better with getting around to people's blogs..