Monday, February 23, 2009

Sharing this day with you...

Once upon a time a little baby was born in the State of Maryland, USA. It was documented with a little footprint....

and also a picture....

Fifty-Nine years later (that's 59!) that little baby is now a grandma of four little girls, the newest addition just a week old....

I wish to thank all of you who have sent birthday wishes to me either here, in emails, in Facebook, or REAL cards! Amoung the cards received....

from Xanadu

from Cheri, with lots of glitter lol

from my ex-sister-in-law and good friend, Petra

I also received my Secret Santa present from Summerwind...

I'm sure to have more pictures to share of the kids after the "party" this afternoon.

Thanks again for all the friendships I've made in this cyber world!!



  1. Happy, happy birthday Dorrie! I just had to stop by and wish you a very good day. Hope it's the best birthday ever. :)
    Big hugs!
    Oh and the pictures are adorable. :)

  2. Happy B'day - you look v similar to your fourth grandchild

  3. Happy Happy Birthday! Your SS gift is beautiful, and I'm grateful that YOU were born those years ago in Maryland.

    You have a birthday card on the way from me, but I mailed it a little late. :( I hope you get it today.


  4. Sorry I did'nt get you a birthday card mailed out sooner Dorrie.

    But Happy Birthday toooo youuuu ! May all you dreams and wishes come true. :)

    Your new little grand daughter looks so much like you!

    Beautiful birthday cards! Wow! You have a beautiful picture of Carter, the horse!!

    ((hugs)) and love and since the card is late, hope you will forgive me.

  5. Happy Birthday!!! Hope this is a wonderful birthday for you! You haven't changed at ALL from your baby pix. LOL! Hugs.

  6. Happy Birthday to our Dear Dorrie!!! Have a fantabulous day! WOOHOOO!!!
    (later on today - well, tonight for you - there will be a little something special on my page... darn time zones, hehee!)

  7. Happy birthday Dorrie. Have a great family party. Looking forward to the updaye. :-)

  8. Happy birthday, Dorrie. You are one of the loveliest women I know!

  9. Happy Birthday! Cool that you have an ex sis-in-law named don't hear that too often. One of my sisters is also named Petra.

  10. WOW! Glad I rolled by. I wanna wish you a very Happy, Soul-fulfilling & Blessed Natal Day, Westy! 59 looks very good on you!

    Snatch JOY!

    One Love.


  11. You are EXACTLY one year older than my Dad! He is currently walking around say "I'm now fifty-eight! ain't it great?!" (he's from Georgia, we excuse the "ain't")

  12. thank you ALL for the lovely wishes! I just got back from the "party" and yes, lots of picturs were taken... it may take a day or two before I get them up, though lol

  13. She is lovely AND she looks like her granny.. Happy birthday, my friend.

  14. Well, dang. You are probably in bed by now, but if not, Happy Birthday, Dorrie!

  15. Happy birthday!
    I hope you got the ink off of your feet.

  16. Happy Birthday Dorrie. I hope you have a good one. ((((hugs)))