Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Germany... how I got to this place and stayed!

Some of you may remember the entries I started about how I came to be living in Germany. Many told me to be sure to save them.

Having my own homepage, I copied some of my old JS entries, before the big crash, and added them there... including the comments! Well, entries 1-4 got copied, entry 5, my civil wedding (mentioned a few entries back) didn't get copied in time.

On the left, you will find links to those entries. Like I said, 1-4 are direct copies from my JS journal, complete with the comments you guys made. Part 5 I had to do over. The next entry, Part 6, was going to be about my church wedding.... maybe I'll get around to writing that soon. After that I'll try to make entries about my life over here.

Part one begins with meeting my soon-to-become German hubby in 1968. Then parts 2-4 show some of my first impressions of life over here (1969-1970). Part 5, the civil wedding ceremony, was on Feb. 2, 1970. The church ceremony was back in El Cajon, California, on February 23, 1970.... part 6 whenever I get to it.

Today it's stormy outside! Rainy and cold on top of the strong winds. The temps are supposed to drop and we may actually get snow in my area.... northern Germany already had quite a bit.

This coming weekend I have TWO duty (don't laugh Sammy) classes to teach... one on Saturday and the other on Sunday. I'm taking off work on Friday to avoid getting over the legal limit for work days in a row.

I guess that's enough to bore you with for today. Have a good one everone!



  1. I can't wait to finish reading those posts!! Thanks for posting them again! :-)

    Enjoy your day off! Hopefully you can get some relaxing in.

    We have been having rain too! Pretty strange for mid Feb! Most of the snow has melted, and the flood warnings south of us have already started. Crazy weather this year it seems!

  2. So glad you have those entries up again. That was great reading. It's raining here, but that's better than snow. They had the freeway shut down right across from where I live early this AM, because it was underwater. Yikes! Happy Tuesday. Hugs.

  3. Stopping by to say "Hi" back at'cha!

    I love reading your autobiographical stuff...*smiling*

    take care, and ttfn- Gina (db)

  4. Can we still get our old posts back from JAyess?

  5. I dunno how I missed them the first time but very interesting reading. You guys got engaged so quickly. My gosh. I loved the black wedding suit though -very chic. White is so overrated. lol.

  6. Hi there. Glad to know the postman came today!!

  7. Hi Dorrie :) Thanks for putting out your Germany posts here! I do remember them, but forget.....

    so now I'll be able to read them again, at my leisure. :)

    It's not rainy here today, it's sunny and hot.

    I have a couple stories I wrote and will be posting them here in Blogger and in KCL, too.

    Thanks, and *you* have a good one too!