Saturday, February 14, 2009

One life arrives, another leaves...

In about an hour and a half I have to leave on a business trip once again (I'm avoiding the word "duty" so Sammi won't laugh at me again lol). I have another class to teach today AND tomorrow! Today's class is at the airfield where I learned to fly myself and in the town where my daughter lives, but I won't be able to visit since I'll be using the official car (an Audi A4...nice!).

Tomorrow's class is farther away. Since it decided to snow last night, I have to give myself a bit more time... class starts at 09:30 am and I always try to arrive by 09:00. That way I can set up the beamer and stuff, perhaps re-arrange seating, and whatever needs to be done. Besides, I'm a fanatic about being punctual!

Yesterday I heard the news that one of JS's former members, eo-per-nex, passed away. He was involved in a car accident the other day from which he didn't survive. He had also been a member of my forum, which was, unfortunaely, the only contact I had had with him. It seems he was suffering from depression and the car accident was actually no accident. So, those of you who pray, please add him to yours......

Well, I better get ready... I'm still sitting here in my pj's. Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. That is just so sad. :-( I read him a few times on and off over at JS. I will for sure say a few extra prayers. Just so sad...

  2. I used to read him occasionally too. For someone to be so sad that they feel that is the only way out of it makes me want to cry. He will definitely be in my prayers.

    Travel safely, Dorrie.

  3. I read him occasionally in JS a few times as well. How sad that people feel death is the answer, because they are so depressed. I'll keep him in my thoughts and prayers. Hope your classes go well. Hugs.

  4. That is heartbreaking to hear. I remember reading him a few times myself as well.

    I'll definitely keep his loved ones in my prayers.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend *hugs*
    Happy Valentine's day!

  5. Wow - what tragic news. Depression - is so unbelievably overpowering and overwhelming. I went through it once after getting divorced for 8 months - definitely get some thoughts about death going through something like.
    Well, hope you have a great day and good people in your classes - and nice drive, too!

  6. Hope your evening went well, Dorrie. Have a great Sunday.

    Thanks for mentioning e-p-n.

  7. I don't think I ever read him but I recognize the name. It's hard to think that for some people life gets so hard that you want to remove yourself from this world. I hope he has found peace where ever he is now.

  8. I recognize the name, but that's about it. Hate to hear news like this.

    Hope your classes go well.

  9. I'm never quite sure where to read you or find you but somehow I get to one of your blogs. Glad you finally got the gift. My nephews gift was actually mailed out later because they just moved into a new house and didn't need another thing to pack! Hope all is going well out your way. Sounds like it!

  10. thank you all for the comments... I'm about ready to leave for the SECOND class! First one on Saturday went well enough. I had to clear the car of snow yesterday, but snow is all gone today!

    See y'all later!

  11. It's so sad about our old former JSer. I feel bad for those left behind. Especially the friends he mentioned in his last entry. So tragic. Hope you have a good day today Dorrie...