Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I lost a potatoe chip!

Yep, I'm nibbling on the contents of a bag of potatoe chips and I dropped one... and I can't find it!

I love potatoe chips... the normal, salty ones. Give me a bag and I'll gobble them down in no time. The same goes with salty popcorn. Why do I specify "salty" popcorn? Because most Germans prefer SWEET popcorn! YUCK!

Anyway, I'm back from dance class and need something to drink... a nice, cheap white wine watered down with mineral water. And a bag of potatoe chips.

Dance class was good tonight. I have the recordings on CD's. Tonight, after we did a new dance, I let the CD continue and some "oldies" came up.... difficult dances that I can't teach my group...yet. I danced them, letting the group watch. I needed that. A bit of exibitionism and also ... they're great, fun, and difficult dances!

Tomorrow is Thursday and my usual LONG day. Telephone duty at the office, then straight to the other dance class. Since the internet is being filtered, I don't dare visit my blog or other fun pages during working hours... DARN!!

Do go and vist the new site KCL (keepingconnectedlive). The original set-up is like Wordpress and/or the new JS, but it's being run by a former JS'er (EvilFury's hubby!) and he's doing a really good job with it! He is now adding friends only, members only, and private options!

The weather is COLD! It's now -5°C (23°F) outside and expected to get colder! brrrrr

OK, time to look for that missing potatoe chip and then get ready for bed... it's that time again!

Maybe I'll read a blog or two first... and search for that missing potatoe chip.....



  1. I just ate a very crumbly granola bar and am wearing a low cut shirt.

    It really is rather embarrassing.

  2. I managed to find the missing potatoe chip.... it is now digested ;-)

  3. The first place to look when you lose food is in your CLEAVAGE, silly girl. lol. You have the exact same temperature as we do right now. Now rest up for a busy Thursday! Hugs.

  4. Are you sure that Shiela didnt snatch the chip? Im glad you had a good night with your dance club. You needed that. (((hugs)))

  5. I can't stand sweet popcorn either!

    Lately I started putting pepper on it too, it actually tastes quite good!

  6. :D it seems I always find this missing morsel in my bra! Glad to know I'm not alone in this :)

  7. I bought sweet popcorn by mistake and no one will eat it! Have a good one, Dorrie.

  8. Xanadu... WHAT cleavage? lol

    Road... it was only hiding, I guess it didn't want to be eliminated

    Thank you all... I'm just back from my other dance class.. only 6 showed up. But it was fun anyway.

    Soon it'll be Friday and I'll have 5 days off in a row!! yooohoooo But now it's time to do some catching up...

  9. I love potato chips as well, though we call them potato crisps in the UK. What we call chips are what you call frits/fries (depending on what hat you have on Dorrie. LOL.). My favourite flavour is cheese and onion, but when I was in Germany I loved the paprika one.

    Well have a good 5 days off. :-)