Friday, February 27, 2009

It's Friday... and nothing planned!

Do you like the flowers? They were given to me by Wheelie on my birthday. Oddly enough, Pastor Larry mentioned yellow roses as a thank you to me for doing his layouts. He used to send me lots of JS candy hearts, etc.... that was fun, and another thing I miss about JS being gone.

Another (former) JS'er is so sweet to me! There was this game going around about six people. The first 6 people who commented in your journal were to receive a gift from you, which could be something you bought, made, or written.... whatever. Anyway, I was one of Xanadu's six... and today I recieved a package from her! THANK YOU!! It's something she made herself and VERY hard to explain or photgraph! lol

Nothing much going on in my world now at the moment. Is that good? lol Work is quiet at the moment, too, but the season is just beginning. But I have enough other things to keep me busy.....

I wish all of you a great weekend!!



  1. I thought I sent you a picture of my yellow roses in that email.
    If you did not get them I can resend it :-)

  2. nope, no picture was attached... that made me wonder WHAT you were talking about! LOL

  3. Beautiful flowers! I'm glad things are good at work, too. Have a nice weekend Dorrie! *hugs*

  4. They are lovely! and Happy Belated Birthday!! *smiling*
    {{hugs}}~ Gina

  5. Pretty flowers.

    Nice gesture for your birthday I will add.


  6. Glad your gift arrived OK. Have a great weekend. HUGS!

  7. Beautiful Beautiful!

    I am still trying to decide what I'm going to send you for that litlte game, but I will figure it out :)


  8. Just gorgeous! I love flowers so much. Mine are going crazy with this weather. I'm so happy spring is here. I hope you have an amazing weekend Dorrie. Sounds like it's starting off beautifully...

  9. I adore flowers but usually end up getting them for myself. Yellow roses show respect and friendship. I tend to go for the softer yellows and the deeper reds - odd huh? I got mine from Xanadu also but am working through what I will send to my six.. yahhhhhhhh huhh.. * sound of my brain ticking over******

  10. Very nice flowers - enjoy your weekend too!

  11. The flowers are awesome! I hope you have a great weekend!

  12. thank you all! I appreciate every comment.. you don't realise who much.

    Darn, the weekend is once again over... *sigh*

  13. I missed your birthday! When was it? I hope you had a great weekend. They sure do go by fast...


  14. Those are some very awesome gorgeous yellow roses!

    Hope you had a great weekend. Mine was oh just kind of 'relaxing.'

    Glad you got your Happy Birthday card from me!
    Have a great week. :)