Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Cologne Desaster... update

Maryjane asked in a comment, what the latest status is with the Cologne desaster. It seems the news isn't that important for the rest of the world... the Octomom seems much more interesting

Today they found the body of one of the missing men. The young man, 17, was found in the rubble BELOW the street level... his apartment had men located 10 m ABOVE. He had no chance for survival. He was probably sleeping at the time it happened, so he died never knowing what hit him. He was a bakers apprentice, came home from work at around 6 a.m. and went to bed to rest before meeting up with friends. They say he died immediately.

The other missing young man, 23, had called in sick. He was last seen at a local pharmacy. It is assumed he then went to bed to rest from his illness. He hasn't been found yet, but there is no hope left.

I find it amazing how little notice this event has found in the international press. I did find an English version of a German news magazine (somewhat like the American "News Week"), but it hasn't been updated. But it gives you at least a detailed version of the event and some photos. So check out the information at "Der Spiegel".

Today was once again rainy and cold. I spent most of the day just lazing around. I've been making plans for putting a couple of new cubboards in my kitchen and fixing up the mess in my guest room. I think I finally came up with an idea how to do that! Am I already getting the "spring cleaning" bug? It never arrived last year! lol

I'm now watching a special on TV about the Egyptian "Sphinx"! Very interesting.



  1. That is horrible!!! I am so sick of hearing about OctoMom. *sigh*

    Want to send the Spring cleaning bug this way? ;-)

  2. I don't see the appeal of Octomom, but I'm not into celebrities anyway. Buildings are blowing up and collapsing all over the world, Dorrie. It happened in Montana two days in a row in towns only miles apart. No coverage here of either one that I've heard.

  3. It made the news here - but there is a cyclone coming towards the central coast and tens of thousands are being evacuated. I guess local news gets more viewers

  4. Still haven't seen anything on the News or in the papers here about that. The news they DO cover is repeated, and getting old. You'd have to be local to know what I'm talking about. We have two 'senators to be' from the election last NOVEMBER, who are battling about who will be the next Senator. One was ahead of the other by 225 votes. It has gone to court, now they're talking about holding another election. That's old news, and everyone is sick of hearing it.

    It's so sad to hear about the deaths there. 17 is WAY to young to die. Keep us up-dated on what's going on with that whole situation. Hugs.

  5. That’s the media for you. Now if the Octumom had been in the building at the time it would have been different.

  6. good morning!

    I know, Doug, that there are many similar things going on... people die on the highways all the time and that doesn't hit the headlines, either. But the loss of the archives, the valuable, irreplaceable documents is a big reason for reporting. Oh, well....

    Lerm, will the cyclone perhaps blow you to Kansas? lol I'll check our news and see if they report it... they did report daily about your fires.

    I hope you all have a great week!

  7. they just mentioned the cyclone in our news, including an aerial picture!! uff... looks bad!

  8. Sorry Dorrie, I generally don't watch a lot of news, not even my local city news. I don't read newspapers either. What news I do catch is usually on the homepage of my web browser and I try to ignore that as much as I can.

    There's just too much gloom and doom in this world for me, so the less I know, the better I feel. Ignorance is bliss.

    However, I am sorry for those unfortunate folks in Cologne. Life is too short as it is, so it's really tragic when it gets snuffed out even earlier by human error, crime or war.

  9. What I remember reading from the newspaper here in the Seattle area was the tragedy was all about lost pre-WWII artifacts. Guess I didn't realize anyone actually died (only read two were "missing"). Funny how adding a guy's profession and describing him as sleeping when disaster hit makes the story seem so much more ominous.

  10. I've been so oblivious to the outside world that I don't have any idea where this cyclone is/was...

  11. Brutal...This is horrible.