Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sad news from my fav German city

A number of buildings have collapsed in my favorite city of Cologne. Cracks started appearing and most of the people left the buildings in time.... we hope.

You can read the news here:

It seems that under the ground they have been building a new subway/metro route, which could have been the cause for the buildings collapsing into a big hole. Sounds logical to me.

I have visited Cologne many times.... it's a fun and interesting city. I was just looking though my photos and I KNOW I have taken so many, but I can't find a decent one to share!

Anyway, the collapsed buildings, which included a historical library, a bakery, and some apartments, will disrupt the city quite a bit. And I'm thinking the work on the subway will be postponed, too.

So far no news of casualties, though around 9 people are unaccounted for. The people in the library and shops noticed cracks appearing in the walls and got out fast!

Now to go back and look for those pictures....


P.S. the building contained historical books and scriptures about the history of Cologne, some up to 2,000 yrs old! You might say it is a small version of the Library of Congress.... an extremely valuble loss!!

So far, no deaths to report, though there still could be people buried under the rubble.

Follow the above link for up-dates.


  1. You just never know from one moment to the next.

  2. That's terrible! I hope everyone is okay.

  3. How sad. I hope there are no deaths as a result of this. Cologne is indeed a beautiful place. Keep usposted. Hugs.

  4. It is from the digging absolutely....

  5. I love the cathedral there and hope it was not affected!

  6. We had an apartment block disappear into a tunnel when the Lane Cover tunnel was built, luckily with no injuries. The hotel collapse in Singapore in the 70's was for that reason also but there was massive loss of life in that one. We need to be so careful. Maggs.

  7. Oh Dorrie, my thoughts and best wishes for those good people. Cologne is definitely one of the cities I want to visit in my lifetime. Please keep us informed. {hugs}

  8. Been many years since Mom and I saw Cologne, but remember it well!

  9. I sure hope there were no casualties. The article says everyone got out of the archive building, anyway. No news about this here as yet, but I'm sure it will be covered.

  10. How terrible. I'm glad there are no casualties so far.
    Big hugs to you, Dorrie

  11. It gives me chills reading this. Let's hope everyone is okay and that they are able to salvage some of the documents.

    Scary stuff.

  12. Wow, scary! The loss of the buildings is very sad, but we can still hope that there will be no loss of life to add to them.