Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Slumber Party

As planned, Tamara and Emely, together with mama Regina, spent the night at my place last night. We want them to get used to it for future necessities. Since all three of them had colds, they couldn't join in at Carsten's birthday party, not with a small baby around.

It went a lot better then expected. The girls slept together in in my full-sized guest bed, Regina slept in my pull-out living room couch.

But before putting them to bed, we let them watch one of their favorite DVD's...

After that I read them a story... that's is what grandma's do after all, right?

The next morning they played some games and drew some pictures... I have a special drawer full of kids stuff in the living room..

Regina then left for work, taking my car and leaving me with hers since it has the kids' car seats. I took the girls to a neighboring airfield and they were fascinated with all the planes. Can you believe it? I didn't take any pictures!

We then drove to Regina's office, then went to a local Burger King for lunch.

After the pouring rains yesterday, I was quite surprised that the weather today was clear blue skies and sunshine! But it was chilly and is supposed to turn yucky again in the next days.

That's all for now... hope you all have a great Sunday!



  1. Sweet sweet photos Dorrie, thanks for sharing.
    Looks like it was a fun slumber party!

  2. Grandchildren are such great fun, aren't they? Great pics. Ditto Maggs and Pastor Larry. :-)

  3. Ditto what Maggie, Pastor Larry and Dave said. lol. (It keeps growing, doesn't it?) Ha. Looks like Grandma HATES spoiling those kids, right? Glad you had a fun time with them. Hugs.

  4. Grandbabies look like such fun! I hope to have some someday :)

  5. Girls, girls everywhere!! Mums, daughters, and grand-daughters need time like that!

  6. I hope their colds go away soon!

  7. good morning and thank you ALL for the lovely comments! Yes, they keep getting cuter and cuter. I noticed this visit a change in Emely... she's lost the last "baby fat" and it made a difference.

    Today Wheelie is coming by to visit... we are "celebrating" 10 together.... uff. No "wedding bells" planned.... yet... so don't ask. heehee Both of us having been married before makes us hesitant, among other factors....

    OK, must get my coffee before I write too much nonsense lol

  8. Ah, yes! I don’t have grandchildren, but I’m reminded of having my two small nieces staying with me and my mother, and helping to look after them – though in my case it was as likely to be playing Tomb Raider (at their insistence) as anything else!