Thursday, March 5, 2009

Updating a bit

Well, today is Thursday, my usual LONG day at work. Telephone duty, meaning longer working hours, plus dance class afterwards. I always drive the 45 km to class directly from the office. Since I can no longer get online to private sites at the office , I can't visit anyone or read your lovely comments until I get home around 9:00 p.m.

Today at the office I'm "celebrating" my birthday, and the birthday (today) of a collegue together. We ordered a platter of coldcuts, cheese, and rolls plus providing drinks for everyone. We are doing together since individually for 15 people would be too much.

Yesterday I was gone all day on a business trip, but nothing worth writing about. Luckily the weather was great... today it's supposed to start raining and get pretty stormy.

It is expected that the two missing men in Cologne are for sure under the rubble. Relatives and friends have been contacted and they are no where to be found so it doesn't look good. They have filled the hole in the ground with tons of cement (200 truck loads), which has not gotten hard enough to stabilize the ground and removal of the rubble can proceed. The loss of the valuable books and other archive material is reported at around €4 MILLION! Add to that the money lost in the planing and constructing of the subway, which will probably no longer get finished... well, it's mind boggling. One Euro today is equal to $ 1.26. I've been surfing some USA news sites and I am amazed that hardly any site is reporting about it. A man gets trampled by elephants... that I read, but this event in Cologne, nearly nothing!

Tomorrow is my son, Carsten's, birthday. I find it hard to believe he'll be 35! I've been invited over for coffee and cake in the afternoon.

Regina's girls have been asking to spend the night at my place, so she may bring them over tomorrow night for them to stay until Saturday... but with mommy, too. That should be fun! I have no idea when I'll find time to clean house until then, but I often work best under (time) pressure! LOL

Well, I better get ready to leave for work. I'll check on everyone this evening (my time).



  1. Right now, our news is more interested in the antics of the sicko who has 14 kids...eight in one bunch.

    I admit it -- "Octomom" (as she's called here) is fascinating, in a disgusting way. We just don't have time for "real" news!

  2. Scribby, our press has been reporting about her, too. I really think the doctors who made/let her get preggy should be made to pay some of the costs.

    It's raining in Cologne now, as forcast, making rescue efforts even more difficult :-(

  3. No sauerkraut? What kind of Germans are you working with?!

  4. How many birthdays do you have? I'm confused. If I missed it before, and I don't think so, happy birthday anyway. or unbirthday.
    That's sad about Cologne.

  5. You sound as hectic as my life seems to be. Octomum is getting aussie press too. I consider it aweful she wants to look like angelina jolie... and lives on welfare. Take care my friend. maggs

  6. Happy Birthday -
    I have read a few reports here about the Cologne tragic building destruction. It was in our local paper.

  7. I've been looking for news items (print, media) about Cologne, but nothing. This has got to be close to the 35W bridge collapse here a few years ago.

    On a brighter note, I have a lame joke, heard from a co-worker...
    Q: Did you know that Denny's Restaurant has a new breakfast item in honor of the Octuplets?
    A: It's 14 eggs and no sausage. (GROAN!!!) lol. Hugs.

  8. The sleepover sounds fun.
    Happy Birthday to your son.
    Hope you had a wonderful day Dorrie.

  9. Happy Birthday to you and your son. Hope you all have a great one.

    Did hear about the building falling down. I think I saw it on the internet news things.


  10. Happy Birthday to Carston. I hope y'all have a great weekend. *hugs*

  11. So sad for the men and their families!

  12. Ohhhh a slumber party!! Hope you have a grand weekend, Westy!

  13. Happy Birthday Carsten!

    (and groooaannnnn to the Denny's joke, X!!!) (hehee, made me laugh though, I love groaners!)

  14. wow! how great is that to return from such a long hard working day to find sooooo many lovely comments! {hugs}

    For those wondering about the birthday... mine was on the 23rd. We have 14 people in our department and if everyone had a little party, we would get much work done LOL Anyway, we double up and share costs... and since my birhtday and this co-workers were close together, we celebrated together. All clear? ;-)

    darn.. it's bed time again....

  15. If it's your birthday, shouldn't THEY be spending the money on YOU? That's what we do here. Order lunch in honor of the celebrant, but the celebrant doesn't have to pay for it. Different customs in different countries, I guess. Hugs.

  16. Leyly is my name and I love the Groaners cuz its obvious that the groaner is for the Eight SEts of Groans needed to Deliver Naturally, what a hard days work. Labor I mean. and You know ?! I think That archeaologist is my type of course, I love the love exhibited by those who dust off old bones and figure out what happened to the carcasses. I longed to be one when I was a toddler.

  17. Xanadu...over here, the birthday one has to pay EVERYTHING! sad, but true. Yes, I got a gift certificate, but the rest goes on the party is paid by the birthday baby.

    Anonymous... I believe you are my first SPMMER here.... let yourself known or you are to be killed, eh, deleted! grrrrrrrr

  18. Happy Birthday! I forgot you are a Pisces, too. I am turning 30 in 2 weeks YIKES!!!

  19. It doesn't seem possible that you could be the mother of a 35 year-old! Seriously. You were obviously a child bride!

    In other news: Let the natal day celebrations continue!!!



  20. *whew!* glad you cleared up your birthday day. LOL! That's a great idea you all have, celebrating all your's togetehr! :)

    And Happy Birthday to Carsten, one more time. :) You all look so happy. :)