Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Sun is shining!

Yep, the sun is shining on this Saturday, but it's COLD outside, -5° C (23°F)!

My new kitchen cabinets are hanging, thanks to Wheelie I've started re-arranging my dishes, etc. and I think I'm going to really like how I did things. I still have to paint the walls around the cubboard... I had no time to do it BEFORE installing the cubboards, so I'll just have to tape and cover them and paint around them. The stuff that hung on the walls before left some ugly markings that need to be re-done. I'll do that hopefully today, maybe tomorrow.

I'm off to IKEA again later, then checking some stuff for work, and maybe do some other shopping stuff.

Not much else going on. I know, my entries haven't been very exciting lately. I'm sure that'll change once spring comes and I once again have things to take photos of. Of course, I could repeat things posted on our long lost JS, but I'll refrain myself.

Well, I better get going.... have a great weekend everyone!



  1. Oooh you'll have to share photos when you get everything finished. How exciting! I love changing things around, and it sounds like your kitchen is going to look great.

    The sun is shining here too, and its gorgeous. Thankfully it's not as cold as it is there. Hope it warms up. BRRR.

    I'm waiting for Marcel to get up (he worked all night) and hope we'll have time to go hiking today in the sand dunes.


  2. Congrats on getting the cabinets hung... there is always some remodeling to do.

  3. Sun? I wondered who was hogging it!

    Ikea, another place I could stay and "browse" for days! What color are you painting?

  4. It still fascinates me that they build houses without cupboards over there. Ikea has some pretty cool looking stuff - are you going to post photos of your new cupboards?

  5. Ewww, Ikea :-) It was -8C when I woke at 7:30, but it has hit -3 at 10:00. Sunny and maybe 3C by the afternoon.

    I took photos all winter, Dorrie. What you talking about? :D

  6. Anxious to see pix of the 'finished product'. It's like a new start, kind of, isn't it? Enjoy your day, even though it's not all that warm. It's 37 here, supposedly warming up later, possibly to about 45. YAY! Hugs.

  7. well, the walls are painted and I'm waiting for them to dry.

    SD/DSOG, color is white since that's what the walls were before and this was just a sort of touch up.

    IKEA Germany is celebrating 30 years this year. I have 2 Billy book cases from way back then... they are STILL good in spite of 3-4 moves! Only problem with them, they are 90 cm wide and the ones today are 80 cm. There are some cool glass doors I'd love to get for them, but those extra 10 cm are too much *snif*

  8. So install a 10 cm "cheat strip" on one side of each cabinet :-)