Monday, March 23, 2009

Thanks to my JS buddies....

Yep, I'm still missing JS... the ORIGINAL JS. I met a lot of nice people there, and some I still have contact with.

One of them, Fake-Brunette, sent me a very sweet gift for my birthday. I'm just now getting around to posting a picture of it.

Isn't it pretty?? The picture doesn't do it justice at all. Thank you sooooo much, Lesley!

Some weeks ago (January?), there was a game going on around here, that the first six people to comment in your journal were to receive a gift of some kind from you. The gift could be something you made, wrote, or anything else.

The first six who commented in MY journal were:

Xanadu, SamanthaBaker, Maggi, Itiswell, Calire-Elisa, and Bobby (Fujufic)

Since all are former JS'ers, I decided to write them into a sequel of my JS Sage, "Legend of the Furies"! I started writing, but real life kept interrupting me so it's not really finished yet, but I decided to share it now anyway.

Since it would be too long to post here, PLEASE go visit and enjoy the continued tales of "Jayesse and the Legend of the Furies"!



  1. You will always be so important to the people of old JS..........thanks

  2. We all miss it Westy. This place needs a living room....but it works for now.

    Be Well,


  3. Beautiful gift from Fake Brunette. What a sweetie. I'm on my way to read the story! Hugs.

  4. that is so cool!

  5. Good stuff. I like the furies bit.

    I hope I'm no stranger but we will have to follow it and see.


    I can't finfd my passcode can you email it to me?

  6. hi all! sorry I didn't get back here sooner....

    so far only Bobby commented on the Legend.. *pout* oh, and Bobby.. I sent you an email about the password.

    off to bed now.... *yawn*

  7. it's snowing....

    nuff said...

    Dorrie at the office

  8. well, the snow turned into cold rain brrrrrrr and strong winds, too. No sign of spring.

    Off to dance class now....

  9. That is gorgeous...a gift in itself. This brought smiles to my day. Thank you.

  10. I'm so glad you like it Maggs... eh, WriterFury heehee

  11. glad you like the neckless
    I'm trying to do a load of things at once so not getting around like I should