Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The rest of the week...

For the rest of the week you may not hear much from me. Tomorrow, Thursday, is my usual BUSY week at work with telephone duty, eh service, eh .... Sammi, what other expression should I use? gee whiz......

At work my internet access is restricted... too many idjits visited "dubious" sites and now we are being "controlled" .....

After work I drive to where my dance class takes place. After that, I'll go to my daughter's place where I'll spend the night. I have Friday off... Regina has an appointment at the hospital and needs me to either watch her kids or hold her hand...

Friday evening is a membership meeting at my flying club. It won't be until after 9:00 p.m. until I get home Friday night (poor Shila).

Saturday morning I have a business class to teach which begins at 9:30 a.m. but I need at least an hour to get the car and drive there. This class will last until at least 3:00 p.m. I may not get home until after 5:00 p.m. due to other stops and returning the car.

Yes, I'm VERY busy, which is both good and bad.... the stress factor is not positive

I'm disappointed. No one commented on my Furies Sage mentioned in the last entry. Didn't you guys like it? If not, well..... *snif*

To add to the stress factor... in spite of having a good paying job, I sent off my resumé yesterday to a new job. I'm quite qualified, but it is a big risk! It's for an American company, but at their offices here, and close to where I live. Quiting a good paying and secure job for a new one is no easy decision, but as some of you know, things are VERY stressy at my present position.... sorry, no details here.... yet.

Dance class was good tonight, as usual. We now have spring break until April 22 giving me an extra free evening during the week. Btw., the new job is located in the same city as my dance classes......

Enough for now.... I'm tired and it's bed time



  1. Sweet Dreams. I finally read your Flurry story. I like my avatar. Im sorry I havent read it yet. I have been busy with school work. Thanks for including me in your story. (((hugs)))

  2. I like you using the word "duty" it makes you sounds so foreign in a good way =)
    Will be going to my dance class on Friday =)
    Hope you hear something good with the American company.

  3. I read the Furies story, and loved it, but there was no place to leave a comment, so here it is--->GOOD JOB! Great story. Thank you so much.

    You DO have a busy schedule. Oh, and Sammi will get over it. LOL! Hugs.

  4. I have only quit one job to work another, but neither were much anyway :-) Good luck on the hunt for a new one, Dorrie.

  5. By the way, nice work on the Saga. Very elaborate and fun to read.

  6. You're always so busy, Dorrie. I envy you! One good thing about having a cat instead of a dog is that she has a litterbox (I assume) and you can leave food out for her and she won't eat it all at once. We have to get a dogsitter if we're gone all day, lol.
    I haven't read the Fury story. I'll have to check it out.
    Hope your job application turns out good.
    Have fun!

  7. I went back to look at the new story, and I dont see it???

  8. good mooooorning! short note before getting ready for work.

    Linda, the "to be continued..." doesn't lead anywhere, yet. Who knows if or when I'll continue it *wink*

    Cat has a bowl of food and water... it better last. And she better not puke anywhere! grrrrr

    I may be able to stop by at my daughter's, we shall see. I hope you miss me! heehee

  9. I did go visit the furies and commented but below your entry here.. It is an honour to be so immortalised.. *s*. Maggs

  10. I hope the job thing goes well. It's tough to change but if it turns out for the better, then good news. I hope that proves to be the case and that it works out for you.

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  12. Thought you almost had enough time in your job to get a pension! - Going off to a new job will mess that up, so I hope it would be worth it! ---- Your OLD(er) man -

  13. Hi Dorrie :) Hope you have a fun time at your dance class and also hope the coming days will be better for you. :) ((hugs))

  14. Hang in there Dorrie. I know those kinds of decisions are tough. Been down that road... *HUGS*


  15. hi all! reporting from my daughter's computer. Kids are all dressed for kindergarden but we still have 45 minutes until we walk there. Weather is yucky...cold and rainy.

    After I drop the kids off, I'll return here, then drive to the hospital and hopefully be able to bring Regina home... it's not anything "serious", but still she gets full anethesia (sp).

    Obviously I have no time to do any visiting...sorry.

    See y'all later!

  16. I didn't comment either since there was no place to leave one - it didn't even dawn on me to leave it here... d'oh! (insert forehead-smacking smiley here) That was awesome, I'm so happy to finally get my wings! And the ending... you CAN'T end it there, it HAS to be continued!
    And yes, I'm giggling, you know why! Actually, don't call it anything else - I like to get the giggles every time you mention it! :D

  17. hello all! back home just long enough to feed Shila and check emails (and here! lol)

    The furies story is not on a blog but in my homepage... I set it up there after the JS crash. But I may make a blog just for that! We shall see....

    So, time to get going again....

  18. I haven't much time these days to read/reply or write in anyone's journal, including my own! However, I do manage to occasionally slip in, and always am interested in what is happening in your world. How is Regina?
    {{hugs}}- Gina
    (ps) Good luck with your job application!!

  19. Hey Dorrie, I hope all is well with you and yours. It has been a while since I saw line dancing, that sound like it will be fun.