Saturday, October 10, 2009

Shiana once again

I took these pictures on Thursday with Shiana. My son needed a babysitter desparately and, since I had dance class, I just took her along with me. Before the class, we stopped at one of my fav restraurants where we met another little baby and the two hit it off quite well, as you can see.....

The baby and his mom are also of Indian heritage, like Shiana. Notice the Henna paintings on the mom's hand?

I had a job related class today and it went well. There were 18 in attendance and they were quite interested.... we actually got some good discussions going.

It's been stormy all day. Pouring rain and winds.... no fun for driving but I survived once again.

Tomorrow I have no plans.... yay, I think. Maybe a MacBook play day?



  1. They all look so beautiful!! Oh, and by the way...

    Shiana is going to make it big on Dancing With The Stars!!!

    I just betcha she will, if she gets the chance when she gets old enough!!

    Yes, I saw the henna painting right away! So pretty!

    Yay, I'm not late today with my comment, hehehe.

    Oh! One of my photos of Miami Beach made it into the 9th Edition of the Miami Guide!! :)

    It's over 90* here today!!

    Oh yes, indeedy...that's a great idea for your Sunday!! :)

    Have fun, Dorrie!

  2. She's growing so fast. She's really cute.

  3. You are so blessed!