Wednesday, October 7, 2009

well, look at me.....

I'm actually posting here again. Well, just for a short update....

I haven't been feeling much like posting anywhere lately. Maybe I'm having a slight non-blogging phase. Yay, right... Westy not blogging!

Work is going ok. Tonight and tomorrow I have dance class and I'm taking them easy. My dancers are great... they have perfect understanding that I have to take things slow and are happy doing slower, easy dances.

Lately I don't really have that much to write about. Weather has not been nice enough for finding photo motives and I haven't even been interested in that! Oh, dear... I'm slipping. LOL

I did finally break down and buy a new laptop.... and I got the MacBook! What a difference to Windows. I'm waiting to get my office programs installed, then I'll be busy, busy getting used to it.

To end this post, here's my newest favorite picture taken recently with my 2 youngest grandbabies, Priyasha and Shiana.



  1. Dorrie I am posting here again as well. Something is not the same over there.

  2. I am happy to see you posting here. I'll be honest, I always come here first!!! And this photo is wonderful. Always makes me smile.

  3. Cool!. I may eventually add a Mac to my stable of PCs, tell us how you like it, eh?

    I'm forcing myself to blog at this very instant :-)

  4. Can't get on to the regular site for some reason - will keep trying...

  5. big hug, I'm making jewelry hope you had a great dance evening (fb)

  6. Great looking kids! bet yo are proud of them huh?

  7. There is a lot of mac-snobbery in the world. I use both mac and pc and like them both. But the mac screens are nicer.

  8. thanks everyone for visiting and commenting.

    Unfortunately I've been too busy to even turn on my Mac... maybe Sunday *sigh*

  9. Hi Dorrie !!! I'm glad you posted here toooo !!

    Sorry I'm a day late getting here! Yesterday had me getting a total "JERKwad" out of my life !!

    I think it's just your awful p-monia that has slowed down your blogging. When I'm really bad sick and even after I got well, my body and mind and brains did'nt co-ordinate very well, lol!!

    It's good, actually, that you are busy :) Glad you are doing the slow stuff in your dance classes!!!

    Hey! I absolutely loveesss your dance with Shiana on the YOUTUBE !!! AWESOME !

    Great you have your Mac-screen! :) I have troubles with my hands typing on a laptop.

    Oh my ... this picture is happyness :) You all look so cozy and cute!

    Have a super weekend!!

  10. I hope you enjoy your Mac. I know you will. I decided not to get one, because I really want a 17 inch screen and the prices are the same whether you buy them in Euros or dollars, and Marcel kind of said that it was ridiculous to pay 2500 euro for a laptop, so I decided against it. I'm waiting for Windows 7 to come out and I'm going to get a Toshiba. I only need it for work, and since my other computer is great, I'll probably wait and get a Mac PC next time I get a PC instead.


  11. I have lots to blog about but no time to do it. Work and real life commitments keep me far too busy.