Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall impressions

Another busy day is over and I'm finally getting online. I had an outside business trip again today, then afterward had one of those "lovely" mammogram tests done (ouch), wrote up a note for the boss back at the office before finally driving home to find Wheelie waiting to take me out to dinner....yummy!

The weather finally presented us with some typical fall/autumn weather and I managed to take some colorful pictures.

These were taken at the workshop on Sunday...

And this one was taken today from my balcony.....

Shila's been a bit wild lately, but when she rests, she finds the darndest places. I caught her napping on my freshly washed clothes!

Tomorrow will be another long day. After work, the whole office is going out to dinner together and then to the theater. It should be fun. I had to cancel my dance class to go but they are all very understanding. So I won't get online until late tomorrow night (except my usual early morning fix).

Now to go off and do some catching up....



  1. That is such a pretty view from your balcony. You may have posted a similar picture before. And the cat...you cannot post in a blog without including the cat!!!

  2. You're a great Westy-Woman. The trees there look so much fuller & lovelier than here in my ville, where recent rains pretty much wiped all the beautiful colors away before their time.




  3. Nice neighborhood. :) Pretty leaves and oh that's so cute ..Shila snoozing on top of your laundry...maybe she likes the clean fresh smell!