Sunday, October 18, 2009

I flew!

The weather was perfect (though cold). I arrived at the airfield, my examiner arrived soon afterward, and then the airplane, a Cessna 152, was available.

I had checked my certificate date earlier, just for safety.... ooops, it had already expired on Oct. 12! No problem since I haven't flown since and my check ride was all set up.

May I brag? Well, I will anyway.

Normally my 360° turns at 45° angle aren't too great... today they were super! I kept my speed, my height, my angle. YES! And the 3 landings.... couldn't have been better! And considering I haven't flown for a whole YEAR.....

I'm a happy camper today!

Now, about my vacation.....

A couple of you were VERY close to the truth....the opposite of a plane, a BOAT (no, not a submarine, Fin, though I do have a girlfriend in Hawaii who's a submarine captain!). My daughter, Regina, finally convinced me to take the plunge.... so, on December 12th, this is what I'll be boarding....

...for 7 days, around the Canary Islands!

Do I sound excited? You betcha!

Originally I had wanted a tour to Jordania to see the places Pastor Larry has been reporting about, but Regina is worried about the political tensions.... so I backed down (this time).

I know some of you are going through some tough times, financially and otherwise, and I almost feel guilty about reporting this. But I've been saving my pennies, plus the reimbursement from my canceled trip in September, and I have to take the opportunity when I can. Who knows what the future brings....



  1. Congratulations on a job well done :)
    A cruise sounds wonderful.

  2. I'd love to fly! Congrats Dorrie, sounds like an awesome flight!

  3. Well done – when I hadn’t driven my car for over a year, I barely knew how to unlock the door, never mind do 360° turns at a 45° angle.

    I hope the holiday goes well. Have fun.

  4. You have earned that cruise many times over! Enjoy and don't forget your camera! ********** I guess I need to post this with no name since I missed signing up somewhere? duh??? Panzee

  5. thanks all! The ship is named AidaLuna and is the newest one in their fleet. And no way will I forget my camera! lol

  6. i love cruisin` and we're doing one in the spring for my 60th B-D. my significant other has been talking about getting her pilot's license. ....and "no", i have no interest in joining her for the lessons:)

  7. hi Ramsey! I originally wanted to go on this or a different trip for MY 60th next February, but I think this December suits better.

    Yay! Another woman pilot! yoohoo

  8. I went on a cruise in the summer... You will love it!