Saturday, October 17, 2009

Maybe a "flying" weekend

Most of you I believe know that I also work in the aviation business. I won't go into details, but it involves office as well as field duty. I got the job, among other things, because I fly myself, or at least I used to. In spite of holding an instructors certificate for single-engine planes, I have not been able to fly a single hour this year! Costs are skyrocketing, cutting down the number of students who sign up. And besides that, I just didn't have time! Or when I had time, there was unflyable weather or no airplane available.... or family issues/events.

Anyway, my certificate/licence needs renewing/validated by next Tuesday. The requirements here in Europe are different then in the States. In order to renew, I either need to have flown at least 12 hours in the past 12 months or have a check-ride with an examiner within 3 months before the expiration date (Oct. 20). Well, since July 20 I had so much field duty, then we had the most louse summer weatherwise, my attempt to plan an arrangement with my examiner kept getting pushed back. Then I got sick those 4 weeks in September, which meant I had to visit my flying doc again and get re-ok'd.

Up until Oct 20 I can choose my own examiner, after that the authority choses one for me! I tried to contact the examiner I normally fly with, but wouldn't you know it, he's on vacation in Florida (found out Thursday). So yesterday I called another one I know, and he agreed to fly with me TOMORROW! Yay! Now we only have to hope for good weather.... this morning it's pouring rain, some areas we've had snow. But the prospects for tomorrow look flyable. The airfield is located 80 km (50 miles) from here, but that's ok. I just hope it works out.

Today Regina may be stopping by with her kiddies. I guess I better start getting the house cleaned!


P.S. Since my vacation in September got canceled do to my bout with pneumonia, I need to reschedule it. I'm taking it in December, but I decided not to fly over to San Diego, and also a trip to Egypt and/or Jordania couldn't be arranged. But I still wanted to do something different and special. A short call to Regina (who works at a travel agency) and we found something. But I'm keeping it a secret for now.... let me just say that it involves something opposite of flying!


  1. Best wishes for good weather tomorrow!

  2. I hope you have great weather to fly.

    Hmmmm;) boat - train - hiking and biking????

  3. If you skipped some of that 7 day work week, maybe you could get a few more chances at flying :-)
    I hope you get in the air tomorrow, Dorrie.